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Nassim Haramein's Delegate Program

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posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 10:58 PM

Originally posted by B.Morrison
. . . the repair work is done by destroying the damaged DNA which removes it from the non-damaged DNA, and the use a 528Hz beam of something to do it . . .

Can you cite a source or a link for this?

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 11:10 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

A very long arm from the sun, a cme, but with an elbow belted it away, and that was the first time I knew the Sun was consciousness.

While I agree spiritually and philosophically, I think there may be better scientific reasons and jargon to use to explain why that 'arm' shot out from the sun... think of electricity.

You can get shocked from far away here on earth.

Admittedly, that is supposed to be conducted through the air... so what would it be conducted through in the 'vacuum' of space?

Well, the vacuum energy or Zero Point Energy.

Kind of like Tesla's impressive demonstrations with tesla coils... like the ones where you put your fingers on the glass bulb and the current jumps to your ground(perhaps ground is not the right term?)

The object going close to the sun could have just 'provoked' the response from a distance electrically.

Just thinking out loud here.

edit to add: But I totally agree with the consciousness thing too, Mary Rose and I have been discussing consciousness in physics the past couple pages as well.

In a UFT, consciousness would have to be accounted for within the physical fields... like ZPE.

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posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 11:17 PM

Originally posted by beebs
But I totally agree with the consciousness thing too, Mary Rose and I have been discussing consciousness in physics the past couple pages as well.

In a UFT, consciousness would have to be accounted for within the physical fields... like ZPE.

See the "The Scientist ['Free Energy' Movie]" thread.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 11:21 PM
reply to post by Mary Rose

See the "The Scientist ['Free Energy' Movie]" thread.

Oops my bad.

I conflustered my memory as to which thread we were talking about that.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 06:22 AM

Originally posted by Mary Rose
"The Schwarzschild Proton Manifesto"

Here's Bob-a-thon:

The paper begins with the suggestion that a real proton may be considered to be such an entity. To see if this is workable, let's compare his model with what we already know about protons.

-Mass of an actual proton: 1.67 trillionths of a trillionth of a gram

-Mass of Schwarzschild proton: 885 million metric tonnes
These aren't particularly close.

How does Haramein deal with this discrepancy from reality?

Here's Nassim:

. . . assuming that physicists could fill in the blanks and would already know about the issues related to the vacuum density and the cosmological constant, among others - please read carefully:

S.E. Rugh and H. Zinkernagely,
"The Quantum Vacuum and the Cosmological Constant Problem"
at . . .

In any case, perhaps the fundamental concepts I wished to convey with the Schwarzschild proton approach were missed. So let me restate it as clearly and simply as possible.

Although the current mainstream value given for the mass of the proton is 1.672621637(83)x10-24 gm (or 1.67 trillionths of a trillionth of a gram) what the gentleman fails to mention is discussed below. . . .

In fact, a force of at least 38 to 39 orders of magnitude stronger than their mutual gravitational attraction is postulated to counter this repulsion. Something like this is required for the nuclei of atoms to be stable. The postulated force is called the "strong" force and is fully accepted in the "standard model". It is sometimes estimated to be as much as 38 to 41 orders larger than the gravitational attraction. . . .

It is crucial to note that these wide variations occur because the standard model here becomes very fuzzy. It fails to specify a source for such a force and the current schemes for its mechanisms are extremely tentative. In fact, there is no analytical solution to LQCD, no mathematical proof that the current standard model scheme, which includes gluons and the color force, is anywhere correct. It is often described as the most difficult and obscure force to calculate. This is why you find these sinuous statements on the Wiki QCD page . . .

Therefore, all the Schwarzschild proton concept really does (although the implications of such a change is profound) is establish a source for the mass-energy necessary to produce such a constraining force. Thus, in order to account for the strongest force in the Universe, 38 or 39 orders of magnitude of energy/mass (or some new kind of eccentric new physics capable of generating such a force) must be considered in relationship to the proton entity for proper accounting of the energy necessary to generate such a force.

Consequently, ~10-24 gm plus an energy potential of 38 or 39 orders of magnitude produces ~1014 gm. All my paper does is point out that this just happens to be the mass necessary to define the Schwarzschild condition of a proton entity. Coincidence? Maybe, but I think otherwise. . . .

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 06:47 AM

Originally posted by Mary Rose
"The Schwarzschild Proton Manifesto"

I think Haramein's home-schooling of himself has worked beautifully.

An example of his thoroughness:

The Standard Model specifies the mass of an atom to be infinite

On the subject of infinities, the standard model itself (the currently "established laws of physics") actually predicts the mass of the atom to be infinite, but then it is "renormalized" to agree with experiments.

Bare Mass & Bare Charge

One of the best examples of this is the so-called bare mass or bare field in quantum field theory. This issue has been so buried that many physicists are completely ignorant of it, and the issue fails to even appear as an entry in Wikipedia as very little literature can be found on it.

However, the problem is extremely significant because even the standard model fails to predict the masses of atoms to be that which have been "measured" in experimental studies. In fact, when the standard model does an analysis of an electron entity, it finds that this entity must have infinite mass and infinite charge - indeed.

The approach of the standard model has been to ignore these results and use a renormalization term typically denoted as Z-1 to make the theory agree with experimental studies . . .

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 06:58 AM

Originally posted by Mary Rose
"The Schwarzschild Proton Manifesto"

A reference to a future paper:

. . . Dr. Ha has shown that mass is dependent on the location of observer, and that the mass one measures is less when you are far away. So, for example, a Schwarzschild proton will have a larger mass when measured close to its horizon.

I am planning on addressing the mass issue directly in an upcoming paper, showing that the solution to the Schwarzschild proton, which was only a first order approximation, should be addressed in a Haramein-Rauscher metric, where torque and Coriolis effects are accounted for and the mechanism for the vacuum interaction with the event horizon is the result of a structured and polarized vacuum, as initially described in our earlier papers. . . .

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 07:09 AM

Originally posted by Mary Rose
"The Schwarzschild Proton Manifesto"

This is interesting about John Archibald Wheeler and Nassim's co-author Dr. Rauscher:

As a side note, I believe it is worthy to mention earlier attempts at describing mass, including Geometrodynamics and the geons of the famous physicist John Archibald Wheeler, who collaborated with Einstein on unified field theory and coined the term "black hole." To cover all of this history is too much for this short note, but here is a quick calculation.

In John A. Wheeler, Geometrodynamics, Academic Press, New York, 1962, on pages 25 to 27, we find a discussion of the structure of GEON's, which were entities made purely of gravity and electromagnetic force. This was part of Wheeler's concept of having "mass without mass".

Basically, a geon is an entity made of energy where the self-interactions would bend spacetime into a closed curve. Such a body would have the properties of mass even though made only of energy. Wheeler worked mostly on large geons, about the diameter of the sun or larger. To our current knowledge, Wheeler did little exploration of geons as elementary particles. He did explore mini-black holes at the Planck scale and actually discussed many of these ideas with my coauthor, Dr. Rauscher, in the early 1970s.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 07:34 AM

Originally posted by Mary Rose
"The Schwarzschild Proton Manifesto"

Here's Bob-a-thon:

"I think Haramein missed a trick here. Rather than just mention this in passing, he could have used it to suggest that the strong force is the interaction between the entire vacuum energy within the volume of each of the two protons, but with this energy taking the form of a gravitational dipole with a separation of the Planck length at the core of each proton. Then he wouldn't have needed any of the black hole stuff at all..."

Here's Nassim:

I would like to congratulate the gentleman for having some creative thoughts. In one way, what he mentions there is what the Schwarzschild Proton does, though not explicitly. Removing the relationship of the Schwarzschild condition to the vacuum structure might appeal to you so as to avoid rocking the boat too much, and coming up with some exotic physics to make it all work may seem appealing to the typical approach found, for instance, in extradimensional theories. However, my goal here was not to confuse the issue of unification further but to show that there is a classical, or at least a semi classical, approach that's simple and elegant, which could produce new avenues in unification theory. Indeed, physics and science in general is not about perpetuating "tricks," although sadly that has been a serious portion of the modus operandi in the past few decades.

Obviously, any new approach encounters difficulties and these difficulties have to be overcome. However, with all the material above, and keeping in mind the benefits of such an approach, I believe that some of the difficulties the Schwarzschild proton is encountering are minimal relative to the difficulties competing unification theories (such as string) are attempting to surmount after decades of work with millions of dollars in resources and thousands of physicists working on them.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 07:43 AM

Originally posted by Mary Rose
"The Schwarzschild Proton Manifesto"

Here's Bob-a-thon:

2. Considering the nuclear force as a gravitational attraction is compatible with both nucleon and quark confinement (page 1, 3rd sentence)

Quark confinement is an enormously complex subject dealing with the fact that quarks cannot exist outside of hadrons, which has nothing to do with, and is in no way compatible with, Haramein's model. He doesn't talk about quarks at all in this paper, so I'm going to write that one off as just a careless comment made by mistake. One I'm sure even he would admit.

Here's Nassim:

Au contraire, my dear "Bob-a-thon", the color force was invented to explain the confinement of quarks, and we have specified a reasonable source for this force. It is quite relevant to mention that we have a possible means to explain the color force, which is more than one can say for the standard models, which fail to even address these issues.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 07:52 AM

Originally posted by Mary Rose
"The Schwarzschild Proton Manifesto"

Here's Bob-a-thon:

What he's saying (and he makes this more explicit on page 5) is that he has discovered that two Schwarzschild protons would be bound together by gravity alone with a force that bears a spooky resemblance to the strong force. The implication is that this model of the proton "offers the source of the binding energy as spacetime curvature". In other words, the strong force might be considered to be gravitational in nature, suggesting that this approach may lead to a way to dispense with the idea of a strong force altogether. This would unify the large and small scales in a significant way, and lead to a simpler and more integrated view of reality.

Here's Nassim:

Yes, indeed, you have almost grasped one of our major points here.

We note that there are only two forces in the standard model that are unidirectional - one is gravity and the other is the color/strong force. Perhaps this is telling us something... like that the color/strong force and gravity are related? Again, we are seeking a source and energy that can account for the color/strong force. It is a glaring problem in physics that the color/strong force is without a visible source of energy from which it is derived, other than the equations that say it must be that strong, so it is, and that obviously "solves" the problem.

To solve a problem by defining it away and then pretending it is so is a form of "analgesic solution" - one which removes the pain of our failure to comprehend while leaving its cause. Current physics is replete with such inventions, and they include the color/strong force, dark matter and dark energy.

We are working diligently to find solutions to help with this problem, and are always open to solutions from colleagues outside our group. You may find it more productive both for your internal well being and for a true pursuit of the truth to contribute positive suggestions that may help elucidate some of these issues as indeed you, for an instant, allowed yourself to do above, but then dismissed your own idea as bollocks within the next sentence. Why so much fear of a new idea? If it is bollocks, in time it will show itself to be, but if it is correct, eventually data from the natural world or experiment will support your idea.

Physics is about describing the physical world. We feel more realism is needed than a mathematical expression made to fit in order to account for forces. The Schwarzschild proton paper outlines our approach and is a simple and straightforward solution to unification, although combined with the complexity of the distortion of spacetime near and at horizon, can be quite complex to describe fully.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 08:27 AM

Originally posted by Mary Rose
"The Schwarzschild Proton Manifesto"

Here's Bob-a-thon:


I'm not trying to suggest that Haramein made some mistakes with his model and should go away and make some corrections.

Haramein claims to be doing serious science. He claims to have unified the forces of nature, and to have created a unified field theory. He claims to be able to point out where all 'the other physicists' are going wrong. He claims, moreover, that his paper, The Schwarzschild Proton, has won serious academic acclaim. All of these are patently false.

The only sensible conclusion from looking at this example of his work is that he is utterly incompetent as a physicist - even with the help of his hired academics, whose "advice and careful reading of the manuscript" didn't reveal any of the myriad of nonsensical implications that a little exploration should have found.

He knows that taking on the air of authority of a research physicist will give weight to his outlandish ideas, many of which are in the language of physics. And he knows that this will bring him followers and cash. Indeed it does.

He is clearly either a massively deluded or a massively manipulative man.

Here's Nassim:

In order for me to be "massively" anything, the gentleman would indeed have to define the source of mass since he seems to think he is the competent physicist. I am appalled at the lack of professionalism. I have spent my entire life thinking about and working on these fundamental issues because there are answers worth considering, which ultimately could change the way we view our world, our universe, and our reality in general. Anyone that knows me knows that I work extremely hard with the best intentions to serve humanity and with complete dedication to service. This gentleman's attitude represents exactly what has been plaguing humanity for thousands of years. These are the ones who thought the Wright brothers were deceiving people for monetary gain and were insane to think that an object heavier than air could ever lift off the ground, the people who thought Einstein was completely delusional to think that spacetime could curve, the ones who thought that Copernicus and Galileo should be burned at the stake for having the audacity to think the earth was not the center of the universe. Keep in mind that all of these ignorant perspectives were eventually overturned, and that being skeptical is nowhere close to this demeaning attitude. The one who is deceiving is the one who is working completely out of anonymity, conveniently portraying himself as the authority of science, the holder of truth, and as having the capacity to make judgments on a body of work that, clearly, as shown above, has yet to even be defined appropriately by the standard model itself.

In order to make an accurate judgment of any body of work, and certainly when attempting to judge someone's life work, one must take extreme precaution to have studied the issue carefully and go beyond just rambling and regurgitating what is already known, as this may and will change. Anyone is welcome to think what they wish of my model, but for all the critical personal statements, calumnies, and character assassinations the gentleman has propagated about me without any personal knowledge of who I am and what I'm about, from any professional colleague, I would demand a public apology. However, since the gentleman has not conducted himself as a professional, this may be beyond his capacity.

What I will provide in response to the general tone of these criticisms is the assurance, based on my own personal integrity, which I stand on using my own name in public and on the testimony of respected and trusted colleagues in the scientific community, that I am hardly out to "manipulate" anyone. Anyone suggesting that I do this simply for monetary benefit misses the point completely and obviously has no clue about who I am and what I stand for. A majority of my life's history and work is underlined by continuous financial struggles because I have chosen to honor my inner knowing instead of selling out to the status quo in order to appeal to large institutions. I will not be forced to think along their predetermined lines. There have been moments, even very recently, in which I could have taken the easy path and sacrificed my integrity for financial gain by associating with organizations whose agendas are less than humanitarian. It takes an enormous amount of courage and dedication to choose the path I have taken, and I take great offense to these allegations. I will not apologize for thinking outside the box, and I will continue to strive for what I believe is a worthy avenue towards a deeper truth and a better world. . . .

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 08:31 AM

Originally posted by Mary Rose
"The Schwarzschild Proton Manifesto"

Einstein is quoted at the end:

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."

- Albert Einstein

"Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence."

- Albert Einstein

I think these quotations are apt.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 08:48 AM
reply to post by beebs

The downloads I have recieved is this is a Holographic Universe and the stars are very interesting. In a laboratory lazers erect Holograms, the bright lazers we have, are stars, broadcasting the signal in from zero point, the vacuum that contains and Infinity of energy, or the Beyond. I beleive the center of the galaxies is not a great black hole but a star, and that stars have both white and black hole technology, for influx in and also, as a windows waste paper basket.

Haramein on the Sun

This is something I found that actually works in a holographic universe.

There was no mistake about what the sun did, and as the Broadcast in of the signal to the giant infinite digital like, flatscreen television universe/school here, metaphorically speaking, each system is its own dvd, and infinite number of dvds are playing silmulataneously on an infinite number of space-time channels and frequencies, space-time relating to a program that pertains to specific orbits around stars.

I highly recommend sungazing, connect faster to your Higher/Future self than in traditional meditation, its the broadcast signal in. Phone home line. Our collective consciousness as well, and in effect we are also part of the Broadcast in, the Family of Light projecting ourselves into this run of the dvd 3d earthtime, which runs an infinite number of times, like Groundhog Day the movie and its like a coloring book with outlines but we can color up the scenes our way. There can only be one of us in each "time" clip, but there is No Time, its just a program. In No Time, all is simultaneous so all the runs of systems in this school are at once.

This is the thread I was inspired to create after all my downloads:
Space/Time/Infinity & The Holographic Universe!

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posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 11:23 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

I agree there is some holographic and fractal dimensions at work... it is only logical from empirical evidence IMO.

I will check out your thread.

Along the lines of the electric sun(and holographic), I forgot to mention this site:

The Electric Universe @

electric stars

Plasma physicists argue that stars are formed by an electromagnetic "pinch" effect on widely dispersed gas and dust. The "pinch" is created by the magnetic force between parallel current filaments that are part of the huge electric currents flowing inside a galaxy. It is far more effective than gravity in concentrating matter and, unlike gravity, it can remove excess angular momentum that tends to prevent collapse. Stars will form like beads on a wire until gravity takes over. The late Ralph Juergens, an engineer from Flagstaff, Arizona, in the 1970's took the next mental leap to suggest that the electrical input doesn't stop there and that stars are not thermonuclear engines! This is obvious when the Sun is looked at from an electrical discharge perspective. The galactic currents that create the stars persist to power them. Stars behave as electrodes in a galactic glow discharge. Bright stars like our Sun are great concentrated balls of lightning! The matter inside stars becomes positively charged as electrons drift toward the surface. The resulting internal electrostatic forces prevent stars from collapsing gravitationally and occasionally cause them to "give birth" by electrical fissioning to form companion stars and gas giant planets. Sudden brightening, or a nova outburst marks such an event. That elucidates why stars commonly have partners and why most of the giant planets so far detected closely orbit their parent star. Stellar evolution theory and the age of stars is an elaborate fiction. The appearance of a star is determined largely by its electrical environment and can change suddenly. Plasma physicists and electrical engineers are best able to recognize plasma discharge phenomena. Stellar physics is in the wrong hands.

And another sister site:

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 11:26 AM
reply to post by Mary Rose

Beautiful quotes you have brought to this thread from the discussion between 'bobathon' and Haramein.

It furthermore illustrates the higher class Haramein brings to his physics, and highlights the debunkers' illusion of wisdom.

I hope Buddhasystem and Arbitrageur are keeping up with this thread still...

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 09:01 PM
reply to beebs - ah I see, thanks homeopathy was what I meant to be talking about, and with regards to aromatheraphy what I actually meant to write was that I think aroma's can have theraputic effects, and I experience them when I burn incense, that part was a typo..

but I still think homeopathy makes no sense whatsoever.

to mary - whether it was a herbal remedy, or a watered down homeopathic treatment, is irrelevant, tho thanks for reminding me of that detail, the reason tho that it doesn't matter is because he was selling it as a cure within 2 weeks of the outbreak, this means it was unapproved, which does matter if people are expecting it to cure them and that he was taking advantage of a state of public fear & panic, selling BS products to desperate people. How can that be perceived as anything but wrong regardless of whichever way he 'spins' it, I might also add that you may be less convinced by that 'spin' when you've read variants of the same drivel on several of his online shop url's which target different audiences to make the most of the money making opportunities, which is my point exactly, asides from his malta agendas & the like, his main drive is money, and he makes it by leeching off the desperate & needy i.e. people experiencing a very recent outbreak of a virus that was new & unknown to them.

now you asked for a source re:destructive DNA, well I'm pretty sure its in the articles discussing medical DNA stuff referenced from Horowitz own sites, but I've seen it elsewhere too...

I will do a quick search, but till then I can perhaps point out some other things in the 432hz (rosicrucian's, egyptians, sumerians, etc) Vs. 528Hz (horrowitz & rodin) debate...


A Look At the Frequencies of Rife-related Plasma Emission Devices by Charlene Boehm

or comparing the accepted frequencies in the 'light' bandwidth for primary colour's vs. their lower octave counterparts in the 'sound' bandwidth...


Red 780-640 nm ..
Orange 640-595 nm ..
Yellow 595-570 nm ..
Green 570-500 nm ..
Blue 500-450 nm ..
Violet 450-380 nm ..

in frequencies (Hz) this is
Red 3,85E+14 4,69E+14 ..
Orange 4,69E+14 5,04E+14 ..
Yellow 5,04E+14 5,26E+14 ..
Green 5,26E+14 6,00E+14..
Blue 6,00E+14 6,67E+14 ..
Violet 6,67E+14 7,89E+14

Once they are brought down by octaves, we get
D 288..... 2^41 6,333E+14 474 - Do -Blue
E 324..... 2^41 7,125E+14 421 - Re -Indigo
F 341..... 2^41 7,504E+14 400 - Mi -Violet
G 384..... 2^40 4,222E+14 711 - Fa -Red
A 432..... 2^40 4,750E+14 632 - So -Orange
B 486..... 2^40 5,344E+14 561 - La -Yellow
C 512..... 2^40 5,629E+14 533 - Ti –Green

or a chart of natural harmonics under 1kHz from the mathematics department at Berkley-

1................3.......9....... 27........ 81 ........243 ........729
2 ...............6 .....18...... 54....... 162........ 486
8 ..............12.... 36..... 108....... 324........ 972
16 .............24.... 72..... 216....... 648
32............. 48... 144....432
64............. 96.... 288... 864
128............192... 512.
256........... 384
512........... 768

these have been dubbed 'natures frequencies',

This sequence follows a pattern of always moving up harmonically by major 3rds and simultaneously doubling.

this is also how our cells and DNA sequence behaves.

You'll notice that 528Hz does not fit into the above anywhere....

speaking of which I can't find the source, i thought I got that info from the acoustical society of america but I can't find anything relating to medical ultrasound or dna so I'm a little stumped...

think it is related to natural UV caused DNA damage, if 528hz was a lower octave of the UV band/frequency that causes the DNA damage, then than could explain it but I think you'd best disregard my earlier statement about the medical methods of DNA repair because it seems my memory of things has gotten confused over time..

I did find this however..

DNA/RNA are polar molecules and are thus susceptible to frequency effects. Each DNA molecule has a resonant frequency. In general, the simpler the life form the lower the resonant frequency of the being (according to Hulda Clark.) Every cell in a living being has a DNA molecule (half in sperm and ova) and since the DNA for each species are the same size, they have the same frequency. When the cells are subjected to their resonant frequency at sufficient power, they are destroyed.


see also-
How terabyte waves tear apart DNA

when you play a note on a piano in a music shop, that same string on every other piano 'sings/vibrates' also, likewise if you were a piano elsewhere in the shop, and a youtube video claimed to be affecting your dna with its audio was the customer playing keys on the other piano, you may find your strings were being vibrated...but it may not be a good thing in this case, I would say it is not.

no where in any of my research have I encountered any 432 Hz related materials that suggest playing pure tones of the frequencies in its scale (for which our ears have a relatively low tolerance & you risk damaging them) and especially not for the given reason of 'resonating with your DNA to repair it'

but that is one of the main selling points of horowitz's 528 Hz love code nonsense.

you decide.


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posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 06:37 AM

Originally posted by B.Morrison
. . . homeopathy makes no sense whatsoever.

I don't want to take the thread off-topic, but I disagree with this. Not in refererence to anything that Dr Horowitz was selling, but in reference to the over-all topic of homeopathy.

Originally posted by B.Morrison
. . . selling it as a cure within 2 weeks of the outbreak, this means it was unapproved . . .

Again, the unapproved means nothing to me. In fact, being approved by this F.D.A. is a red flag. But I don’t want to get into a debate on this on this thread.

Originally posted by Mary Rose
From website, "Doctors Advance Effective SARS Treatment":

Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Joseph Puleo, a leading naturopathic physician, a founding member of the World Natural Health Organization, relied upon Dr. Towers's findings to formulate the "Urbani SARS Formula." This, along with reducing lifestyle risks, may stop the mysterious SARS illness from wreaking further havoc, they say. . . .

This quote does not claim to cure SARS. It says "may stop the mysterious SARS illness from wreaking further havoc," along with reducing lifestyle risks.

This product may have been sold as a preventive measure rather than a cure for people who already had SARS.

I agree with the preventive approach via healthy food choices, etc. and I am against vaccinations - the dangers of which Horowitz has made a huge contribution in educating the public. So in that sense, he is not a "bad man."

Originally posted by B.Morrison
. . . use a 528Hz beam of something to do it, so to suggest that a Hz beam used for destructive maintenance . . .

Originally posted by B.Morrison
. . . speaking of which I can't find the source, i thought I got that info from the acoustical society of america but I can't find anything relating to medical ultrasound or dna so I'm a little stumped...

Your first quote uses the word “beam” and the second one “ultrasound.” Were you thinking laser in the first quote?

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 11:44 AM
reply to post by Mary Rose

I agree with all your points there. There are many things that are real cures and work better than the doctors remedies and safer. ie. grapeseed extract is very good at getting rid of low grade infections/bacterilogical things that you would normally get penicillin for, and fungus so the candida that develops from overusing the antibiotics as well.

Prevention and cure is often natural products. I would not be using Chemo with cancer but would use Vitamin c introveneously instead. There is nothing I really trust in the official approved things, they are red flags for me to, anything those programming this matrix as a hell hole planet with billions starving and millions being murderd in wars, with banks and money to enlave people into corporate slave jobs (nope I just want to bulid my house and plant a garden and volunteer should I choose, no one owns me or my children) puts not only a red flag up for me but makes me want to meet in the town square with others, and get rid of them.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 01:03 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

The spirit of your post fits right in with Haramein's approach in his quest for a grand unified field theory, I think. It is an attitude of rejecting that which the mainstream touts as normal and accepted if your own common sense and observation of nature conflicts with it.

It's the opposite of going along to get along.

It's being master of your own destiny - despite intense opposition.

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