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XXXX have lost interest in public dialogue about XXXX says researcher. When it comes to XXXX policy

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posted on May, 29 2010 @ 10:56 PM
The title quote is a misrepresented interpretation of something I saw on my university homepage (

Albertans have lost interest in public dialogue about water, says researcher
- When it comes to water policy, public mistrust of government runs deep

I think this headline is funny. The ending surprises me since I expected the conclusion to be that we just don't care, can't be bothered, are more worried about something else. But it appears to say more specifically that in fact, something which is more significant, we don't merely mistrust current politicians, we mistrust the whole system. Essentially, we have lost faith in the institution.

Ha! That's news to me. There are still people showing up at elections and participating in the circus game called government. Every election cycle I see my acquaintances (admittedly fewer and fewer do) get wrapped up in the belief that the elected politician actually has the power and the will to address the individual concerns of their constituents. Unfortunately, most of us end up either submitting by giving up our voice in the form of meaningless and ineffectual political relief (voting, writing letters, protesting) or end up submitting by default when we sign out of the whole thing. Recently, I've been thinking that a third option might be coming into view.

I don't think this video has been linked to ATS before, I haven't seen it at least and a basic search revealed nothing. The first bit is concerned with some of the problems that are apparent to many of us that live in information ( politicians have lost their potency as a result of some fairly evil people at the top as well as a bloated system that resists change ). So the first bit will be review for most. The rest is pretty interesting, ideas referred to as the "common law court" and "liberty bell" system.

"Let me tell you what my most profound fear is, my most, deepest fear is that our government is not going to hear us, until we speak to them in their language, which is force."

"You're never where you want to be, until you want to be where you are."

Now, I think that responsibility has been turned into a dirty word, too much like work. But true freedom is best achieved by exercising some personal responsibility. Everyone feels better about their creations when they take ownership over them. Everything else is just submission to some other mans wishes, slave work if you will, I guess the question is, are you a slave? It appears as though I was, but perhaps in our society, the bonds of slavery are erased the moment you recognize their existence.

Watch the video and get back to me.

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 12:29 PM
seems this thread fell out of sight

One bump and then I have no choice but to let it die.

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 11:09 PM
Ok, flags and stars but no responses...

It really bothers me that I have lived so much of my life under the impression that I am free, but in reality my life force was actually sold away to banks as collateral on the national debt 80 years ago, before I was even alive to consent.

Every day I see people on ATS complain that the world is going to hell. And that feeling is not confined to the internet. Meanwhile, where the source can be directly linked to an illegal action by some party (murder, theft, fraud, etc), the population at large is unwilling or unable to discipline the people who are committing these actions.

I think the time has long passed to start calling a spade a spade. And if people in powerful places are not following the common laws (do not harm others, do not break your word), then it is time to call them what they are and handle them accordingly.

The power elite, in so far as they are operating outside the law and are unwilling or unable to repay the victims of their crimes, are outlaws. And inherit all the rights and privileges associated.

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