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The sum of all conspiracies

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posted on May, 29 2010 @ 08:48 PM
This is not my first post. I do not know if anyone has posted this before. But anyone who cannot see where this world is going, is either deliberately in denial, or has not opened the eyes to see.

This is not a new theory. This is not my own theory. This is merely a conglomeration of theories into one massive plan for world domination.

After having watched the world's economies, religions and politics for some years now, I have come to the conclusion that those three topics are not three topics at all, but merely three parts of one topic. Where there is oppressive religion, there is oppressive politics and the economy is mostly held by those in power. Where there is freedom of religion, the markets are free and the politics are free – free to discuss, dismiss, even disdain up to a point. Sadly, this form of government has had a historical tendency of turning into a public cash cow and then collapsing into the aforementioned oppression – either under a militant religion demanding the death of all opposing religions; or either a socialist nation (read: Nazi) or a community driven nation (read: communism).

Where there is no religion, well, there is humanism which is the basis for communism and therefore, at most a very short span of “freedom” before the oppression comes.

Being free from any form of god/deity, that oppression must find a means of explanation for how mankind came to be on earth. This habitually turns to either “seeding” (aliens put mankind on earth) or evolution; or a combination of the two. The aliens had to come from somewhere also.

With mankind then considered to be the highest form of life on earth, it is merely a step up to consider the visitations of aliens, the Ascended Masters, to come and lead them into the final phase of evolution: godhood. As there is said to be no higher being than man, and evolution is said to be a continual occurrence, this makes sense.

However, there are always “splinter cells” that refuse to let go of their childhood indoctrinations. They cling to the belief in god/gods, and refuse to accept their own godhood, to the detriment of the enlightened ones, the “illuminati” who are ready to evolve past the physical and into the spiritual. They refuse to accept the teachings of the ascended masters and cling to their ancient manuscripts and religious writings.

They refuse to see that organised religion has been one of the greatest reasons for war world wide throughout history, each claiming that his/her religion is peaceful, and would be ideal for all to follow. The reason for wars, say they all, is that people disrespect others' religion and attempt to force their own down on others.

Now there is a logical solution: the high echelons of the different religions have come together in order to find the peaceful solution to this all: claiming all religions to worship one god under many different names, they found they key to “religious freedom” in which all may participate in his/her own choice of religion without disrespecting other religions. It is called the Emergent Church/Emergence Christianity, and all religions are invited to join. And they do. They all seek world peace.

But every religion has its “splinter cells” who refuse to accept even this humane answer to obtain world peace. And like a cancer eating at the body, they cling on and kill the body of the coming cosmic christ with their demand for independent, single-way/one god under one name, religion.

They cannot see that the one god of many names has recalled his blessing from the world in order to get people to return from their violent and bigoted ways to worship him as one brotherhood of man. This is the reason the world's economies fell; to reduce the bourgeoisie to the same level as the proletariat, that all may share in the goodness of this world.

It goes even further: The need for world peace has necessitated that all nations come together under one banner and stand together under one leader; the League of Nations did not work, and the United Nations is slowly but surely, losing its grip on the countries, as the two greatest powers in the world, United States of America and China both do pretty much as they please with no explanation.

The Great Democracy has turned into the Great Oppressor of both foreigners and now its own people; charity begins at home, yet the Federal Government (against which Thomas Jefferson warned very seriously) wishes to grant more freedom to illegal immigrants while slowly, surely pushing its heels down onto its own people. The first “leader” of the twentieth century to hope for full weapons legislation, was Adolph Hitler. Disarming the population always shall turn into arming depopulation.

China bought a great deal of dollars, with the result that their economy is now the strongest in the world, and the Federal States of America's is the weakest (according to the CIA factbook – Zimbabwe is not included, due to “human rights violations...”).

As the religions go, so go the economies. According to their current president, “America is no longer a Christian nation.” When the leaders turn their back on god, he turns his on them. And their freedoms slowly drift away.

But it does not end there. There seems to be a link between JFK, pope John Paul 1 and South African premier H.F. Verwoerd. All three of them wanted to change things in their countries: JFK, apparently mentioned that he hoped to remove the Federal Reserve from and return ownership of the dollar to, the U.S.A. Pope John Paul 1, wished to remove the ties of the Vatican with the Mafia. Dr. Verwoerd wished to instate self-ruling homelands for the African tribes, with no one race ruling over the others.

All three were killed shortly after. JFK would have dislocated the dollar from the international bankers; JP1 would have removed the Mafia's main means of money laundering – working through their contacts in the Vatican. Verwoerd would have had peace at a time when the bankers demanded turmoil (it has been said, that a vehicle belonging to a (financially) very high ranking South African was seen at Demetrios Tsafendas' house shortly before he murdered Dr. Verwoerd. Contrary to popular belief, it was the man who took over from the Doctor, who turned his ideas for freedom into the oppressive regime it became).

JFK died in 1963, and many say that he was the greatest leader (some say the last) that America had. Dr. Verwoerd died in 1966, and according to TIME magazine, he was “one of the ablest leaders Africa has ever produced.” JP1 would probably have been the first pope to deny the Mafia and Freemasons (said to be illegal in the Vatican) their safe haven.

Now the “splinter cells” necessitate the need for “sleeper cells” to walk among them and report back to the rulers about their doings. In democratic countries, they are called government spies. In communist countries, they are called good citizens. And since all governments want their citizens to be good, the democracies, when they fall, always fall into oppressive regimes.

Now there is said to be a move towards a One World Religion, a One World Government and a One World Currency. Depending on who is to believed, the currency has been ready for implementation in 1995 already, under the name “Phoenix.” This is very revealing, as there is ample evidence tat the current world-wide monetary problems are pre-planned.

For those who do not know what the phoenix is: a mythical bird that burns itself every five hundred years, and is reborn young, new, strong from its own ashes. So let the bankers burn the world's currencies, and have them reborn as either the Phoenix or Oro (as it was mentioned on Above Top Secret). Let the Priests destroy all religions and have them reborn into the One World Religion, lead by the most powerful religious leader in the world. Let the nations be burned down and be reborn as the Earth Federation, ruled by the One World Government, lead by the most powerful leader the world has ever had: the only man ever, to have been 666 – the man who rules over the men, who rule over the men.

But there is a slight twist in the counting there: Gaia, mother earth, is also numbered 666. So that might mean, that the Fatherhood of the Christian God is to be replaced by the Motherhood of Gaia, the earth goddess. Feminism is considered to be the highest form of physical evolution mankind can achieve, replacing the roles of men and women. And it would therefore make sense to have a feminine in control of the universe instead of a masculine. But she shall have her Masters, sent from the sky to return to earth to lead mankind on its greatest journey ever, into the great unknown, into the evolution from physical being into godhood – and all shall be one in the Divine Feminine.

The Roswell-incident is not a UFO-cover-up; Area 51 is not where spacecraft are “reverse engineered.” As someone I respect has said: “There is not a UFO being covered up; the UFO IS the cover-up.” Because, what few people knew up to now, is that the entire leadership of the United Nations are Luciferians. They have dedicated their lives to worship and serve Lucifer, the fallen arch-angel. To get rid of aliens, call on Jesus. There is enough evidence that His Name makes the aliens flee.

See, satan has no authority where Jesus is; that is why he was cast out of heaven at his rebellion. He cannot convince all that he does not exist, because some people, like myself, actually have had physical encounters with him. He cannot just go and play ghosting with people as he wishes, because there are people who are actually trained to exorcise devils. But UFOs and aliens – no-one would think that the grays are manifest spirits. That the reptilians are devils walking around (although the first time I knew of reptilians, it was while reading Star Wars: the Truce at Bakura). That the UFOs themselves (not those secret planes being tested at the SkunkWorks, but those “coming from outer space”) are spirits posing as machinery.

The entire Roswell/Area 51 part, is a cover-up for a New World Order, in which every individual shall take the “Luciferian Initiation” to declare his allegiance to satan, disguised as an angel of the light; All shall be required to go to church/temple/synagogue/mosque/coven on Saturday, the seventh day. Satan wants God's position, but God is not about to retire for the next eternity. So satan does the next best thing: he works according to God's rules and Law, but instates Interfaith to remove the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus Christ the Son of God is no longer allowed to be THE Saviour; He may be called A saviour, A way, A life, but his exclusivity is removed.

And every one who takes the initiation, shall receive a mark, a Personal Locator Device, in his/her forehead or right hand, where the body's bioelectricity has been proven to be the strongest and most effective. One World Currency would in time turn physical money obsolete, since the PLD contains one's bank account. Go to the store, take what you need and go. Tills are no longer needed, more people unemployed. At the bank the only people needed are system programmers, analysts and administrators, more unemployment. One shall never need to worry about losing direction, for the device has a built-in GPS. Your people will always know where you are. And they might even let your family know if something has happened. Yes, the family is about to go extinct. The media is very well used by the upper echelon, to prove the futility of marriage and staying married. Karl Marx, called the “father of the communism”, proposed that the family is the scourge of freedom, for that is where children are taught oppressive behaviour such as rules and timing. Hitler destroyed the family by sending the fathers away, then calling the children to him so he may be their “father figure.” When the family goes, so goes your freedom.
I do not know much about the the US-laws, but I am willing to take a guess that they are not much different from what we have here in South Africa. Here, we have FICA, the law that gives the government carte blanche to go into your finances at its leisure. RICA, allows the government to intercept any and all communications as and when it wants to. I have strong suspicion, that the next step is to instate a law concerning movement: because only a terrorist, would want to hide his finances from the government; only a terrorist, would have anything to hide when he or she speaks to another; and only a terrorist, would have a problem with the government knowing where he is at all times.

The Twin Towers needed to fall. Without that event, there would be no “War on Terror (-ism)”.The USA also would have had no reason to ship their forces to the Middle East. Saddam Hussein's “oppressive regime” was probably a good excuse, but not valid, to build their base in Iraq. Follow this link for why I say it was not a valid reason.

A New World Order. Ordered by the New Word. America is called the New World.

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 12:08 AM
Please elaborate on how exactly you have physically met Jesus Christ

[edit on 30-5-2010 by frozenspark]

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 12:31 AM

Originally posted by J.SmitBeing free from any form of god/deity, that oppression must find a means of explanation for how mankind came to be on earth. This habitually turns to either “seeding” (aliens put mankind on earth) or evolution; or a combination of the two. The aliens had to come from somewhere also.

Or of course the answer could be none of the above. i offer the alternative solution of panspermia. i myself do not put much weight in it as an alternative, but it is there, just hard to prove.

Of course your entire post/rant tends to remind me of the concept titled as The Unified Conspiracy Theory

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 01:12 PM
reply to post by frozenspark

Originally posted by J.Smit
See, satan has no authority where Jesus is; that is why he was cast out of heaven at his rebellion. He cannot convince all that he does not exist, because some people, like myself, actually have had physical encounters with him.

This concerns my previous encounters with satan. People who weren't either a true-to-God Christian or ex-satanist, will most likely not know what it means.

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by And Why

Thanks for pointing that out. I'll take a look at it.

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 01:31 PM
one can certainly make a case for a sort of unified conspiracy theory, in that the operation is satanic, and people are being manipulated towards a specific end.
we see a widespread movement towards a central government (in progress in Europe), which would lead to a single currency.
a de-emphasis on religion, and encouragement towards those still practicing faith to form interfaith links.
replacing of 'traditional' morality (generally Christian, at least in the western world) with a tolerant 'PC' attitude that emphasizes sexual freedom and deemphasizes personal responsibility

consider how two theories, Global Warming, and Evolution, are presented; any questioning of these brands one as being an antedeluvian ignoramus (despite healthy scientific evidence AGAINST both theories); while academics and scientists traditionally love to 'question everything', thou shalt NOT question evolution or global warming!

some widespread Christian teachings on prophecy suggest a large, powerful, multinational state will arise, attended to by a large, powerful, but phony religion. traditional moral codes will be abandoned; economic uncertainty will result in demands for solutions (regardless of consequences).
one can easily see how current events can be interpreted, as moving the pieces to reach this point.

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