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It is YOU that is all about!

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posted on May, 29 2010 @ 06:31 PM
To begin with I will more or less just make clear that the things I wrote in this thread is my way of looking at things. You need to see it as an attempt to explain my reality to you, in such a easy and understandable way as possible. I will not try to claim anything just trying to put out a message into something.

When I hear someone say to me that it is actually you that is all about my reaction towards it is like "Well yeah I know, I think", because do we really understand the gratitude of the statement? Do we really see what actually is possible? Not you know, in 10 years or in 10 minutes or something, but right now. At this certain moment of time, at this certain moment of change. Because we really need to start seeing that time is irrelevant, the only thing we have to deal with is change, not you know 10 seconds ago, not some future thing but now, here. And change is in that matter extremely changeable, and change is the only thing that is happening. We dont know why, we dont know for what reason, but we can actually start to understand, and what is it that we should start understand? Ourself. And if that for some reason seems small we need to remember who the actual creator to it is, to our even existence, our mother, universe. And universe = infinity, do you think that the child of it has less infinity to work with? Of course not and as a playing tool to this we are given eternity through dreams, fantasy, imagination. And as a bonus feature we actually have immortality if we want it. How? Well duality, all and nothing at the same time, the opposite to love is no love, the opposite to fear is no fear, it is still existing but it is just no fear. This goes for this life and death thing also, as death is death life is life, as death contains no life, life contains no death. But to be able to even exist life need death as death needs life. All and nothing at the same time.

So now we are our own gods, and if that seems hard to deal with for some reason, you are universe, and universe is everything, not something, not parts, not bits. Everything! And I mean from here this society thing start to seem really ridiculous, it stars to get or it actually is so stupid, no logic, restraining, filled with so much fear, division, moral, arguing so our whole existence seem to have no reason to it at all. But of course our existence your existence has a very clear and specific meaning to it because its you, you know. And you are the one and only shaper of it, the only creator to it. You are so unique so personal, so characteristic so impossible, so filled with wonders. Why dont we treat ourself like that? For what reason are we judging, claiming, moralling, limiting ourself? What good do that actually do to our reality? Because again what is happening when we are judging? Well we are judging and the only reality we will throw that into is our own. We will inflict others reality's, we will take part in them but we will never create it. That is up to you. That is up to me. And now is the time for change, now we actually have the chance to do some actual change. And it wont be filled with pain, with violence, with death because you know what, its life that is knocking on our door, its love. It doesn't bring fear with it, no pain, no resistance no death. Because the only thing we need to be doing is what we want to be doing. Not your friends, you.

And how can this thing work out? Well when this economy thing collapse, it will become so natural to just you know, hey we have all the recourses we want to have, all the technology to provide the world with food, water, energy, somewhere to live and some sort of transportation system. We can build it now, but the problem is money. And when it collapse we will get a choice, because this is how life or this universe thing works out, it comes easy, smooth, and everything is ok, no need to worry. This thing will push you into it, we are already there.



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