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Chinese Survey Ship Chases Off Japanese Coast Guard Ship

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posted on May, 29 2010 @ 06:00 PM
Tensions are escalating in the debate over Japan, and Chinese waters.
Perhaps this was a warning from China to Japan not to support a future alliance with Soul.
The Chinese vessel, the 1,690-ton Haijian 51, came to within about 1 km from the Japanese ship and demanded them to leave. While the Japanese peacefully turned around, the Chinese vessel followed them aggressively for over two and a half hours. This is the first time an incident has been instigated by a Chinease vessel. Last month, Chinese warships and submarines were spotted near Okinawa. There was also an incident involving Chinese navy helicopters buzzing Japanese ships.
Does this appear to be a direct message from China to Japan, to end it's alliance South Korean? Or is Peking just bullying around? d%3A+JapanProbe+%28Japan+Probe%29

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