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The Alien Lie - A debunking

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posted on May, 29 2010 @ 05:12 PM
First let me state that this thread has NOTHING to do with the OP of

another thread that was recently placed in the hoax bin. The Op

reported and believed in the information that came out. Just as many

other forums, blogs, youtube, news sites, and twitter all did.

When that story broke, I (and many,many,others) would have jumped at

the chance to have posted it first. But after diligence from the

members of ATS, it was proven false. The OP should not be associated

with the hoax and was just the messenger, not the originator.

With that said, let this thread begin from the end of that thread.

That story was about an NASA astronomer receiving an alien UV signal

with a radio telescope.

After the story was debunked, it morphed into a real life tale of

intrigue and international criminal activities involving Alien

Recovery Hoaxes.

This story Involved a worldwide drama about an infamous hoaxer that

continues today. Countless hours of research and corresponence with

actual eyewitness accounts and documented proof were obtained by

members of ATS.

It read like a novel.

foreign intelligence, money, suspicious deaths, lies, websites,

books, aliens, and world military cover ups were just some of the


Others included a documented sex change of the hoaxer, secret

documents, passport clues, lawsuits, claims of disinformation and the

list goes on.

The documented infamous hoaxer is still young and active in trying to

fool the world. I hope this thread brings awareness and truth in that

people are out there with an agenda to depart you from your money.

They sell stories of lies to a believing public and laugh all the way

to the bank.


1989 and continues to this very day in many forms. We will be posting

documented and eyewitness proof of this scam that began with the

Kalahari UFO incident, to the Lesotho incident, and now, the NASA

signal incident. All dreamed up by James/Judy van Greunen.

Facts, official documents, interviews, and publications from renown

UFO investigators, organizations, and other reputable sources will be

on display throughout this thread.

The trail of these hoaxes is still hot and on going. The intent of

this thread is to display the proof gathered and to continue the

investigative resources in a hope of ending a conspiracy inside the

UFO community. This conspiracy is for monetary gains only and not the

truth that we all seek.

I invite the ATS'ers that worked so hard and contributed to the last

thread to re post your documents and stories to this new thread.

Thank you.

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 12:43 PM
Hi dcmb1490, it's good to see you have opened a thread about Dr Judy/ James Van Greunen. You beat me to it, I was writing something but I was too slow!

There is so much information and disinformation on this person that it's hard to know where to start. I would like to contribute to the thread by giving a kind of summary on how we discovered the true identity of 'Dr Judy'. I'm sure I will miss plenty out so hopefully the other members who were working on this will chip in.

I will try to summarise the story from the point where people initially became suspicious of 'Dr Judy Faltskog' and just a few minutes of googling uncovered an interesting history and links to a known hoaxer by the name of James/Jimmy Van Greunen. As I'm sure everyone knows, Wayne Herschel (self published author of 'The hidden records') announced on facebook to the world, that his 'friend' Dr Judy Faltskog was monitoring a possible alien signal in her capacity as a SETI/NASA scientist. Wayne Herschel's involvement would later be questioned as facts surrounding Dr Judy were revealed.

The Van Greunen/Faltskog connection

'Dr Judy Faltskog' linked herself to the name Van Greunen through messages left on a message board where she talked about being at school in South Africa in her 'Van greunen days' and mentioned her 'brother' James. Van Greunen is a german name and Judy seems to have links to South Africa, Sweden and Germany. On other personal web pages, Faltskog has also claimed to have been born in Sweden and a number of different countries are listed as where she resides. Either our friend 'Dr Judy' gets around a h*ll of alot or she is being slightly economical with the truth.

On one of Judy Faltskog's many personal web pages: she claims to have written a book about 'The Kalahari incident' and to have had a book written about her childhood abduction experiences. These books don't seem to exist anywhere. This is were the person calling herself 'Dr Judy Faltskog' has incriminated herself with the UFO hoaxer from South Africa by the name of 'James/Jimmy Van Greunen'.

Van Greunen and the Kalahari Hoax

James Van Greunen tried to pass himself off as a South African airforce Major or Captain (depending on the occasion) and tried to sell forged documents relating to a UFO crash in Kalahari that supposedly happened in 1989, the documents and 'Major Van Greunen surfaced in 1993. You can read about the Kalahari crash here on Wikapedia. A number of UFO researchers worked with him until uncovering his deception. In 1995 documents are 'leaked' again detailing another UFO crash in Lesotho Africa and once again researchers link these to James Van Greunen. At this stage many ATS members are thinking that 'Dr Judy Faltskog' definitely has a link to the serial South African born hoaxer James Van Greunen. As a result few are taking the claims published by Wayne Herschel on facebook seriously.

Judy's deep voice!

A blog radio interview found where 'Judy Faltskog' (interviewed by a friend) talked about her abduction experiences. I had listened to get clues on Faltskog's background and to see if there were any inconsistencies what she said about her self on the web.

The one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb to me was Dr Judy's voice. It was deep! I initially thought that this woman could be alot older than she said she was. There was also one other possibility that seemed too ridiculous to contemplate. Was Dr Judy a man? for some reason this stuck in my mind so I kept on digging.

After a few minutes googling I returned a thread from ATS on 'The Kalahari incident'. I was shocked to see that it was documented by UFO researchers that James Van Greunen had changed his sex!

German UFO researcher Michael Hesseman had this to say about Van Greunen:

"James van Greunen was in the military for only a few months, then discharged after they found out he suffers from epilepsy. James has a history as a young UFO enthusiast, alleged contactee and salesman of tickets for non-existent UFO conferences in South Africa. I sent a full report (including a copy of the tape) to Walt Andrus of MUFON and Prof. Jack Kasher. My conclusions were fully supported and confirmed by Cynthia Hind, MUFON's representative for the African Continent, one of the finest and most experienced UFO researchers on this planet.

From time to time I heard about van Greunen's latest adventures. He married his German fiancee, which was a case of bigamy, and fathered a child. He got into trouble with the German authorities after he applied for a job in Germany's "Bundeswehr" (Army), claiming he was a Captain of the SAAF Intelligence and producing a faked service record. He was sentenced for forgery of a document and using a fake rank. When his wife found out that he's a con man and bigamist, she threw him out.
A few months later, he called me and told me he was so frustrated that he had decided to undergo a sex change -- and became Judith Helena de Cadenet-van Greunen, a glamorous creature who later worked in a night club in Johannesburg."

More can be found at and this is discussed on ATS on this thread :

So it seems that after two failed attempts at profiting from fabricated UFO crash stories, James Van Greunen (who impersonated an airforce Major) has changed his identity and is possibly the Judy Faltskog (claimed Nasa scientist) who has leaked the detection of a possible alien signal on facebook of all places.

More digging by member dcmb1490 uncovered the name Oliver Gerschitz in connection to Dr Judy. Googling those names together brought up this german message board where there were some very interesting posts indeed.

Post continued.....

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posted on May, 31 2010 @ 12:55 PM
continued from previous post...

Members on this board were discussing a lecture given by Oliver Gerschitz. Gerschitz is linked to a controversial crowd in Germany that consists of authors and speakers who mix conspiracy topics with right wing extremist views. Apparently Judy Van Greuenen had turned up with Gerschitz and another controversial author Jan Udo Holey (pen name Jan Van Helsing), to talk about 'The Kalahari incident'. It seems at least one attendee was expecting to find a Major James Van Gruenen not Miss Judy Van Greunen! No surprise either to see that this person ordered merchandise from our friends and it never turned up.

I'm looking for Major Greune probably because I have a couple of days before I "The Aenstrianischen revelations" read, had a visual hallucination. Why is "woman" at the meeting with Greune Gerschitz and Holey is disengaged? Last year was Greune (as man) in guest. I have ordered the consignment, but never received, and now I find them on the page no more.

ATS member Rich-England had the bright idea of contacting researcher Michael Hesemann to see if he could tell us anything about the Faltskog/Van Greunen link. It turned out that Mr Hesemann was more than happy to provide documentary evidence proving James Van Gruenen and Judy Van Gruenen are the same person. He went on to testify that from photographs posted on the web, 'Dr Judy Faltskog' started life as James Van Gruenen. Mr Hesemann has confirmed that 'Dr Judy' has never studied astrophysics or was even in the US when she claims to have studied at the university of California Berkeley. Michael Hesemann was able to copy passports from Jimmy/Judy when researching his/her claims;

Other documentation provided by Michael hesemann relates to Van Gruenen's sex change and legal status and legal action taken against him/her for using false titles.

The information from Mr Hesemann together with the work of ATS members was enough to consign the Judy Faltskog/Nasa Signal debacle to the hoax bin. So it seems Judy Faltskog is just the latest incarnation of a serial UFO hoaxer.

Now the only question remaining is what part did Wayne Herschel play in this hoax and how well does he known the person who started life as James Van Greunen?

posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 02:53 PM
Can one of the Mods please move this thread to the Aliens & UFOs Forum, since:

(a) The content of this thread is more relevant to that thread.

(b) Also, I think the detective work summarised in the posts above deserves the wider recognition/distribution it might get in the relevant Forum.

If anyone else wondered, like me, where to find the thread that was moved to the HOAX forum mentioned in the OP, it can be found HERE.

The detective work in the later pages of that thread (which I'd missed until this new thread was started, since I'd dismissed that thread as a hoax as at a relatively early stage), um, raises additional questions in relation to James van Greunen and the "Kalahari incident".

A brief summary of the general consensus about the "Kalahari incident", even before these additional issues, is offered on Wikipedia's page about UFO sightings in South Africa:

1989 Kalahari crash

According to supposed leaked documents an alien craft was shot down by South African aircraft, some 80 miles into Botswana, on 7 May. Two alien beings were claimed to have been captured on site. To date no primary witnesses have been traced, while the supporting documents, some obvious fakes, were all obtained from James van Greunen. Researcher Tony Dodd lent Van Greunen some credibility in Quest magazine, but other researchers were highly skeptical.[23][24][25][26]

The "Kalahari incident" is more significant than many of the UFO cases which have been discussed on ATS, in that it has been discussed in quite a few UFO books. The references to discussion of this incident in various UFO books that I've collated include the following (sorted in alphabetical order by book author):

  • 2 page discussion by Jerome Clark in his “The UFO Encyclopedia: 1st edition: Volume 1 – UFOs in the 1980s” (1990) at pages 69-70 of the Apogee hardback edition in an entry entitled “Crashes of UFOs”.

  • 2 page discussion by Jerome Clark in his “The UFO Encyclopedia: The Phenomenon from the Beginning - 2nd edition” (1998) in Volume 2:L-Z at pages 870-871 (in an entry entitled “South African Crash Hoax”) of the Omnigraphics hardback edition.

  • 40 page discussion by Tony Dodd in his “Alien Investigator” (1999) at pages 33-42 and 46-75 (in Chapter 2) of the Headline paperback edition.

  • 2 page discussion by Kevin Randle in his “A history of UFO crashes” (1995) at pages 211-212 (in Appendix A, “The UFO Crash Data Base”) of the Avon paperback edition.

  • 11 page discussion by Kevin Randle in his “Case MJ-12” (2002) at pages 276-286 (in the Appendix generally) of the Harper Torch paperback edition.

  • 4 page discussion by Jenny Randles in her “UFO Retrievals” (1995) at pages 151-154 (in Chapter 7) of the Blandford softback edition.

  • 3 page discussion by Nicholas Redfern in his “A Covert Agenda” (1997) at pages 248, 250-251 (in Chapter 17) of the Simon & Schuster hardback edition.

  • 2 page discussion by Nicholas Redfern in his “Cosmic Crashes” (1999) at pages 191-192 (in Chapter 9) of the Simon & Schuster hardback edition.

  • 7 page discussion by Daniel M Salter in his “Life With a Cosmos Clearance” (2003) at pages 29-30, 32, 33-34, 35, 36 (in Chapter 3) of the Light Technology softcover edition.

All the best,


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posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 08:12 PM
reply to post by IsaacKoi

A really interesting read on the Kalihari incident is by South African researcher Cynthia Hind in her UFO AFRINEWS Publications from 1990 onward.


(Please note: these are scanned PDFs so you will need a PDF reader and be patient, they may take a bit to load. Also note that she refers to this as the Botswana Crash.)

May 1990 - No. 3 (p5-13)
Is her initial findings into the incident. A good detailed version of the "crash" and her first contact with James Van Greunen.

March 1991 - No. 4 (p20-29)
Further reporting and an interesting study of the "heiroglyphic" documents that Van Gruenen had produced.

January 1992 - No. 5 (p29-35)
Almost final report. Some great outlandish stories and a wrap-up by Michael Hesemann.

I can't find any other reports that Ms Hind did on Kalihari (other than a brief overview on the nature of hoaxers in Volume 19). When the Lesotho incident came across her desk in 1995 July 1996 - No. 14 (p3-7) she immediately recognised Van Gruenen's handiwork. Her last words that I can find in her Afrinews where she references him she states:

"Watch it James; you cannot get away with these hoaxes all the time. There's bound to be some retribution!"

I wonder, if she were alive today, what Cynthia Hind would say about these recent events in 2010!

- Regards, Hermit

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 02:41 AM
Oh, dear, you're asking for trouble on this site...

I seem to be irritating enough... I steer clear of the aliens forum.

But a crucial element to a vast amount of alien theories is the "Greys". I contend that any and all reports that involve "greys" are total made up hoax. That narrows the list of of potentially accurate alien stories of being true.

The main thing I always notice is some degree of military relation to any event, whether it be near a military base or exorcise, etc. Considering this reality, it seems obvious that the military has deliberately propagated these hoaxes for two reasons. First, to help motivate the 'need' for extensive military budgets, and second, to divert creative theoretical thinkers away from issues of substance,and into infinitely deep subjects of irrelevance.

From there I have an even more distinct perspective, not influenced by any other source: the military's quest to build AGI ('skynet') supercomputer networks and ultimately the "Technological Singularity", would be a direct threat to any alien overlords, meaning a military / leaders / etc in the know of being subservient to the aliens, wouldn't dare to have the balls to attempt it.

You picked the right place for this thread. If you posted it in the UFO forum it'd be buried after a couple days. I can't even remember the last time I looked in that forum.

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 06:14 AM

Originally posted by IsaacKoi
Can one of the Mods please move this thread to the Aliens & UFOs Forum, since:

(a) The content of this thread is more relevant to that thread.

(b) Also, I think the detective work summarised in the posts above deserves the wider recognition/distribution it might get in the relevant Forum.

[edit on 1-6-2010 by IsaacKoi]

I agree about moving this to aliens and UFO's. I also think the title of the thread should include the names of the hoaxer ie. something like 'Judy Faltskog /James Van Greunen, the serial UFO hoaxer' (dcmb, I pm'd you about it) . It would make it easier for people who might be researching this hoaxer in the future.

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 06:43 AM

Originally posted by Netties Hermit
A really interesting read on the Kalihari incident is by South African researcher Cynthia Hind in her UFO AFRINEWS Publications from 1990 onward.


Thanks for that link.

I've read one of her books and a summary of her research regarding James Van Greunen, but didn't know that PDFs of full editions of Afrinews were available online.

All the best,


posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 11:18 AM
Judy/James replies to ATS on Wayne Herschel's FB page:

Judy Fältskog
Judy Fältskog
Hi Wayne! My husband asked that you hold 5 on that for the moment. His NSA friends, Interpol and NetIntelligence have located most of those ATS psycho crazies (mostly British) and we are about to serve summons on all of them. Thank God I never saw for myself what they wrote about me. My husband said that the lawyers are absolutely confident of ... See Moretotal success.
Anyhow, as soon as that is done we would like to invite you to the opening ceremony of my latest aquisition, an Earth Station that we have bought and modified into a Radio Telescope. I own 4 Radio Telescopes now. Its got a 25 meter dish and loads of special electronics for continueing my research here in Chile. We will fly you and your wife (and kids) out to us. I would love to finally meet you! I think you will love it here in Chile a lot. Lots of interesting and friendly folks here. Not to mention all the UFO sightings. We guarantee your safety and all expenses are taken care of.
7 hours ago
-Wayne Herschel-
-Wayne Herschel-
Wow... I experienced some of the crazy demands when they bombarded me when i decided to face the skeptics on that ATS site and i counter demanded they reason probability it was what it was and if its real, then obviously any more news will be saved for an official announcement later or it will be covered up if we are not meant to know. Take it or ... See Moreleave it ... thats all they were getting.

If i didnt have so much on my plate with the film script on a documentary series i would be really keen. Perhaps you should be involved with the documentary footage. Write to me on that or call me. Any chance you will visit this newly developed Cape Radio telescope here?
6 hours ago
Judy Fältskog
Judy Fältskog
I will give you a call soon! Yes that will be great If we can work on the documentary together! Wow! I would love to see the RAO you have in Cape Town. Cause I am a Swedish Citizen I will probably need a Visa for South Africa, have to get that soon then!

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 10:24 PM
From Wayne's FB
His theory of the early solar system and the mole people.

-Wayne Herschel-

Perhaps on later visits from the sky subterranean tunnels make a lot of sense with safety ... not just the pyramids but the Giza housing mastabas which I believe were not more tombs but housing built this way to resist meteor fallout... especially at a time shortly after the loss of Mars and Atlantis when meteors were falling in masses from the debris of the planets that collided between Mars and Jupiter. (The general hypothesis in my book)
11 hours ago · 2 people
See new website still under construction below.

Oh lord, Wayne says we done lost Mars and Atlantis after planets collided and it reads like he says we had radioactive meteor fallout. The Egyptians went underground (aka the time machine) to survive.

I guess the aliens couldn't help because they were stuck on the back of the Sphinx without a ladder.

[edit on 24-8-2010 by dcmb1490]

posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 01:05 AM

Originally posted by dcmb1490
From Wayne's FB
His theory of the early solar system and the mole people.

What the Hell are mole people?

posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 04:40 AM

Originally posted by Marrr
What the Hell are mole people?

This is sheer speculation but could it be people with a lot of melatonin in their skin?

I'm taking it that the citation in question here also includes an editors note.

The part after the '11 hours ago · 2 people' seems to be the only mention of 'mole people' @ that previously mentioned website which keeps tabs on what Wayne is saying on his Facebook and comes after some lines which seem to separate the quote from the musings upon said quote.

This alien signal hoax website also has a run down of much of the affair if anyone wants to maintain the facts from the fiction here.


posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 04:45 AM
reply to post by m0r1arty

Boy you sure keep yourself abreast of the uhhh ... current situations concerning said hoaxer/s m0r1arty.

Well done and stay tuned for more updates.

[edit on 25/8/2010 by Netties Hermit]

posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 09:09 AM

Originally posted by Netties Hermit
Boy you sure keep yourself abreast of the uhhh ... current situations concerning said hoaxer/s m0r1arty.

Well done and stay tuned for more updates.

Thanks I do try to keep 'abreast' of the methods of liars and hoaxers.

It let's us find trends in their methods and allows us to intercept their actions before they make them.

For your information; The beat goes on... whilst the thread proper is under review.


posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 07:25 PM
I just found this thread after randomly running through replies to old posts on a lark.

This is amazing - and, could (should) easily be made into a movie

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