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N Korea, Iran , Pakistan, Syria, and so on

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posted on May, 29 2010 @ 06:02 AM
I have been doing a review of all thats going on across the globe as of this AM.

North Korea is saying WAR WAR WAR, Syria and friend states are massing weapons against Israel, US is talking retalitory strikes against Pakistan, Gulf Oil Spill is totally out of control, Iran has been in discussions for a closer ties with Russia on oil and nuclear reactors and too many more to mention.

I can't help seeing a very ugly pattern happening here. It seems that all of these will draw th US in some way or another.

Imagine if all at once N Korea starts an attack on South Korea ( They have already said they will, Syria and other Israel foes start actions against Israel (Always a 70>30 chance of this), Iran joins in with Israel offensive.

Meanwhile the US is spread so thinly that with all of the above happening at once they would be hard pressed to figure out where to go first.

In the background China and Russia sit back and watch it unfold.

Does anyone else have a very weary feeling about all thats happening now???


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