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Interactive crop circle

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posted on May, 28 2010 @ 04:14 PM
There is something that may be very, very special about the crop circle on Wilton Windmill. Sure there is already a thread about it here.

But my point is to make emphasis on the Comments on the Crop Circle Connector site about this specific circle (watch for the 26/05/2010 UPDATE).

I think this idea is worth the discussion

It does not matter if the circle was done by Doug & Dave, Hoaxers & friends, or a real alien being.

This circle may be an attempt to establish a two way communication channel

The problem with coded messages, is to be certain of the code the sender is using. So, to send a very, very well know (and famous) equation with a little error, in ascii... well... sounds very, very lame... but from a practical point of view, it may be just what is need.

If we take the crop circle message to be: e^(hi)pi)1=0

All is needed is to change the last ')' to '+' (as noted in the comments). Notice this is particularly significant for two reasons:

a> In ASCii there is only one bit between ')' and '+'.
b> You have to ADD the bit. In a crop circle is pretty much next to impossible to quit something.

To add this bit to the crop circle could be a way to stablish that both parties agree on the protocol of communication (THAT IS VERY important, just look in the comments to all the possible interpretations!!)

Even if Doug and Dave are beyond this, IS still a game that is worth playing, because it opens the door for the future ability for the people to ask questions to the crop circle makers, being some circles real pieces of art, it must be a worthy chat.


Can some english gentleman or lady go and do what is need to add that missing bit????????????????



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