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Intelhub? Lets dig in!

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posted on May, 28 2010 @ 04:03 PM
So, has come out of nowhere? All of a sudden we have threads sprouting up left and right, we have bloggers using them as a source, and we don't know anything about them?

Their stories seem to have factual basis, yet they wreak of Sorcha Faal exaggeration.

Is this a credible site? Should we be frequenting it or discounting it entirely? Is it another Russia Today?

Here are some links to recent threads, and some links to TheIntelHub. I hope ATS can vet this one out, and I can either rest easy knowing it is pure speculation, or start panicking, buying bullets, and learning russian!
Foreign troops stationed every 500 miles?
Simmons Calls for Obama to Take over BP; Military to Nuke Oil Leak
The Russians and the UN are here
All Georgia Guard and Reserve troops imminent/mobilization
US Army moves to Defcon 2?
Person who filmed Polish President crash scene now dead?

Now here are some of the top headlines on TheIntelHub's site. Some are pretty mainstream stories and some are out there. I have noticed that they put disclaimers on a lot of their stories claiming that the sources are unverified and that they are not trying to stir any fear. The "Intel Hub Excusives" are the most outrageous and unverified of course. Still, some of them are popular topics on ATS, and some of them seem plausible.

Secretary Napolitano Announces DHS – Additional Deployments of Recovery Act-Funded Advanced Imaging Technology

MKULTRA, Mind Control and Super Soldiers

Oil Platforms Designed to Burn Forever

Everything seems to be brand new. They don't have much of an archive built up yet? Is this a brand new site? Can someone more savvy than me check out the ownership and history?

Thanks in advance for everyone's input!

posted on May, 28 2010 @ 04:27 PM
Being a full time internet marketer, I can almost assure you it is all the same person or people from that website driving traffic and making it "viral".

It's a dirty business, but someone's gotta do it!

Put your spam shields up, at least this guy is on the trickle system though and not making an outrageous off topic post in every single thread so people click it.


I had a PM asking about this so I'll explain further.

Say I make a blog trying to sell health food books, I'd go to all the health forums and post tons of threads linking to great health food recipes and stories on my site.

This way I gain traffic, and also Google and other search engines see this link, and if it's an authority website, like ATS is, it helps to make yours an authority website in their eyes too.

This way, now you get traffic from search engines and the threads you have across the great wide web.

I've seen this many times on here, even been guilty of it myself when I first started.

And that's internet marketing 101! lol

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