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Suggestion: Thread Headlines/Mini Updates

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posted on May, 28 2010 @ 02:22 PM
This is an idea I just had that will eliminate some of the issues with the "EDITING THREAD OPENING POSTS."

I feel that too many users often read only the first post or two in multi page threads, then jump to conclusions and post responses without reading the progression of a discussion and disrupting existing debates.

Other users also have trouble finding the time to read through extended threads where as a consensus has been reached that may lead to a different conclusion than the opening post. Such cases can lead to undesired miss-info and fear mongering, where the consensus has been established where such originally stated isn't the actual case.

Due to the limitations of having post editing time-frame, once the window is closed, the author can no longer correct an error and notify new readers of any changes.

So, if you understand what I'm talking about here with my jumbled explanations, I have a proposal.

On the first page of threads, make an optional 2 or 3 line headline space for the thread author to post any updates, as to possibly prevent people from getting mislead by old information.

This headline should also have buttons for the readers to "thumb-up" or veto the headline, that will show a consensus approval of the headline.

This way, there is still a thread editing time-frame, but there is a way for thread authors to post updates, so new readers won't be stuck reading old information. Authors can display very quick updates so people can quickly grasp what's going on.

Sorry if I repeated myself or if my explanations were too jumbled... I'm rather tired lol.

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