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The Art of Science (a must see)

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posted on May, 28 2010 @ 01:34 PM

What can't science do these days? At the 2010 Art of Science exhibition, science and art merged to create some visual masterpieces. Here are just a few of science's works of art.

Art of Science Competition

The 2010 Art of Science competition was hosted by Princeton University and garnered over 115 submissions from undergraduates, faculty, research staff, graduate students, and alumni

1st Place: Xenon Plasma Accelerator

The first place finisher at this years competition is a picture of a Hall-effect thruster (plasma accelerator) plume. The Hall thruster, is a piece of electric propulsion technology that uses magnetic and electric fields to ionize and accelerate propellant.

2nd Place: Therapeutic Illumination

The second place finisher depicts the experimental investigations of David Nagib that employs energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs to excite colored photocatalysts.

3rd Place: Neutron Star

The third place exhibit shows the intricate patterns created by neutron stars when planets move as a result of gravitational forces

More exhibits: The Lithium Space Accelerator

This picture shows the Lithium Lorentz Force Accelerator in an experiment investigating the acceleration mechanisms of a thruster.

Viscous Flow

In this image, a sphere is submerged near the free surface of a tow-tank filled with silicon oil to create well-structured flow patterns.

Source: (There are 10 more. Please go to source to see the rest).

Pretty interesting stuff. There is one there called Plastic Transistors which is very interesting in it's concept.

I didn't know there was such an event but it makes sense-sure enough. I am very interested in what any ATS science folks think about this stuff. I so wish I was into this stuff when I was a kid.

One of my childhood frineds-the smartest one, was selected to attend PSU and got into a G.E. sponsor field that dealt with Polomar Sciences (in 1982) before it was hip. While he studied, we partied. He is now a big wig at the CIA..... hmmmm.

i hope you all enjoy and have a great weekend.

MOD: Please move to Science/Tech. I was working on something else and accidently put this one in here. Thank you.

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posted on May, 28 2010 @ 02:00 PM
Thank you MOD for moving this to the proper area. I owe you one (or more) Memory Shock.

I was looking at the other shot and it really got me thinking about so things. I will see if anyone else is thinking the same thing.


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