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ATS Live Show #8 - Rewind! Now available

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posted on May, 29 2010 @ 09:19 PM

Originally posted by CX
Another great show tonight, loved it all.

Thank you.


i second that.. it was entertaining, educational and enlightening
i love this show

posted on May, 29 2010 @ 09:24 PM
Excellent show.

Between Al Gore, Belching and the occasional Phone Call. This was one wacky evening for "sound effects."

Keep up the good work I'll see you next week.

[edit on 29-5-2010 by Studious]

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 12:49 AM
Enjoyed the show lots today. Great work.


posted on May, 30 2010 @ 04:13 AM
Musical Attribution for last nights show. (Artist/Title) as per Creative Commons requirements.

Disclaimer - Due to illness I may have accidentally introduced these tracks wrongly on the show. My bad. I think I was delirious. Food poisoning can do that to you...

Pornophonique - Sad Robot
ATS Member Pharaomoan - Hybrid
Tracing Arcs - Crytalk
Silence is Sexy - This Ain't Hollywood
Kellee Maize - Pulse
Intercontinental Music Lab - Dr Robotnik
Chronique - ASTRID
Buster Rogue - Broken
Seduced by Suicide - My Sweetest Choice
Koyaanis - Milk
Semper - If you're reading this
Flykiller - Fear
Fresh Body Shop - Voodoo Doll

The works of all these artists are very much appreciated, please take time out to look them up on Google and visit their sites etc

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 04:15 AM
reply to post by neformore

Is Karl next?

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