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the book of Enoch and Enochian magic?

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posted on Jun, 8 2004 @ 11:01 PM
just curious about enochian magic and its origin. hard to separate the good info from the bad on this subject. many sites on the internet on this but most are vague & dont agree on their issues. I have read what I could find from the book of Enoch. just wondering how Enochian magic, which always seems linked to evil, is named after a supposedly holy scripture? any takers???

posted on Jun, 8 2004 @ 11:21 PM
I'd sure like to see more on this too. As you point out, metalmessiah, it's hard to winnow through the vague and the contradictory sites. Surely someone here has an understanding of such apocryphal info.

posted on Jun, 9 2004 @ 12:07 AM
I read that book....took me a year or more.
Basic scientific understandings are a MUST when reading that book.

I never got that anything in it was of an EVIL origon.....thats news to me?

While reading the book of Enoch, sometimes colors would swirl before my eyes....seaming to radiate from the pages.
More PHYCHIC type experiances happened to me while reading that book than any other time.....seeing colors....seeing auras......becoming CLEARLY empathic......nothing seamed all came from the sorce of White Light......The book of Enoch taught me alot about self protection from Evil forces, so HOW can the book be an Evil one? I have read the ENTIRE book of Enoch and I scoff at those who would claim it comes from a dark force,
read it through and say that again......I dare ya!

Maybe people who are hard core Christian would THINK it is evil...because it emphatically states that there ARE Aliens who visit this IMPLIES that these Aliens could POSSIBLY be the origon of the biblical talks about the Nephilim as though they ARE Alien beings....not just some rank of Angel.
The book of Enoch gives clear dimentions of motherships, and talks about otherworldly power sorces.
It talks of the Biblical assention as a time in our future when Aliens will come and take the 'chosen' into motherships, to be saved.
I guess this would seam VERY Evil to people who cling to Christianity lore.

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posted on Jun, 9 2004 @ 12:44 AM
Well, I have come to the conclusion that the reason for the information being confusing and/or contradictory and many times incomplete comes down to a few possible reasons.

1.) To truly understand the full scope of such things requires a great deal of knowledge and understanding in multiple areas including Art, Science, Philosophy, Mathematics and Language just to name a few. Because of this, it is rare if not impossible for any One source to encompass the entire idea or teach it in such a manner.

2.) When contradictions between sources occur, it is either that one or both are simply wrong in what conclusions they've come to, or that intentional errors have been placed throughout so that 'The Answers' and the Power that comes with them are not used by those who are simply 'cheating' from others. While someone who has actually studied and applied themselves to a greater level would be able to tell what is 'Right' and what has been changed. (It is similar to someone who is a True Hacker vs. a Script Kiddie, for example.)

3.) All Magick in the sense that is being talked about here is all about the Same thing really. Whether it's 'Labeled' as 'Enochian Magic, Alchemy, Kabbala, Witchcraft, etc.' is really nothing more than a Sub-Classification really. The thing to understand is that ALL OF THEM are a 'Craft' or 'Blueprint' or 'How to Guide' to the Entire Universe and it's functions as well as how to Manipulate them. Once you've studied various versions and understood them even just part of them even, you will eventually realize what I mean by saying they are all about the same thing. The only difference is some teach it differently because of culture or whatever.

The best way to explain it is probably to compare it with Modern Day Science. (Although, this includes the idea of Unified Understanding of all Subjects into one, where Science of today resists including certain areas of knowledge into the Scientific Methodology.) Science of today is about finding 'Truth' in that it is about explaining How the Universe Works by establishing Laws and so forth. This means that No laws can conflict and remain true, while the eventual goal is to have a Unified Set of Laws (Truths) that explain it All. Or in other words a Single Truth broken into many categories, but all just one complete Set of Laws and Methods, which can also be a 'Craft'.

So, Science like Magick or Ancient Science, so to speak, is about the same 'Goal', where that goal is A Single Unified Truth of Everything and how it Works. Which also means if something is not of that Single Truth it is then False. There are no points for Second Place in other words. So some of the information that you come across, may be wrong even if it's close. The only way you'll ever Truly know which one is which is to KNOW the Right Answers from the Wrong ones already or at least a way of testing both in order to find the correct Info from the Bunk Info.

Hope that helps some.

Personally I have not looked into 'Enochian' methods and can not give any insight into how one might start to decrypt what it's saying or even if it's correct in it's methods. Although the very little bit I came across while searching for info, it seemed to have some similarities to The Emerald Tablets of Thoth & maybe something similar to the Book of Solomon and the way it is used/taught.

Here is something else I came across though that might be of interest to you. I cannot and do not in any way make any claim as to it's validity or what it says at this site. It is simply something I came across that has to do with Enochian Magic and Divination or something. At least that is what the site claims it to be. Like I said I am not familiar with that Specific Material.

Enochian Numerology

posted on Jun, 9 2004 @ 01:07 AM
thanks for the replies. river goddess, I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I agree with you in that what I took from the book of Enoch was no more evil than anything written in the Bible. from everything I have read Enochian magic is one of the black magics, pointed out in such rituals as the invocation of Lilith. this is where my confusion lies. from what you stated about how long it took you to read it I apparently have only scratched the surface. I found what appeared to be all 108 chapters online. it appears that some of the information you described was missing from their text. now I question everything I read from that site. just furthers the confusion of "what to trust on the internet". got any good links or other sources for the full text?

mOjOm, I was under the impression that the different magics were classified by their intent first and foremost. I have no experience practicing and just a little "study" time on the subject.

it definitely seemed like Enoch was given information from a higher power or being with superior intelligence. there would have been no way Enoch could have given such great detail as he did without alien or divine help.

posted on Jun, 9 2004 @ 01:45 AM

Originally posted by metalmessiah
mOjOm, I was under the impression that the different magics were classified by their intent first and foremost. I have no experience practicing and just a little "study" time on the subject.

it definitely seemed like Enoch was given information from a higher power or being with superior intelligence. there would have been no way Enoch could have given such great detail as he did without alien or divine help.

What do you mean by intent? Do you mean like White & Black Magick or Good and Evil Intent? If so, then that is nothing more that looking at different sides of the same coin. One heads, one Tails, but both are the Same Coin.

For example, while someone who uses A Crystal Ball for Scrying let's say, may have learned it from the teachings of some Wiccan or Pagan or Druid type teachings. While someone else using the method of Nostradamus learned Scrying by using a Bowl filled with Water. Then another person learned from an old Native American Mystic the method of Scrying by Looking deep into the Flames of a Campfire. Yet another person even learned how by use of Smoke or a Foggy Mirror.

The point being that they are all just different methods of doing the same thing with the same purpose. Healing Magick from a Voodoo Priest may be a different method or technique than a Native American Mystic healer but the idea is the same and usually as you will discover, the symbols, colors, etc. for many of the techniques are the same. Almost all of these teachings include the idea that such Magick can be used for Good or Bad, so those aren't separate things, just two different ways of using One thing.

Like how I can use a certain Herb to Heal or to Poison or just to spice up my food or perhaps for some incense. You see what I'm saying?

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