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Who Is Jesus' Father?

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posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 05:34 PM
It takes not a great mind to answer that God is the Father of Jesus. Tho, if we know not who God Is then how can we know who Jesus' Father Is and what did Jesus mean when He called out for His Father in AMEN,AMEN?

For surely, yahweh is not God but merely a titular for Lord as Genesis 2:4 clearly identifies and an attempt at combining truth with a lie for we know that God's First Name Is JA, thus the truth of Ya and the lie of hweh. Then we should ask if they say that yahweh is God, then why do they say and write Jehovah rather than JA-hoveh like YA-hweh? Is this a psychological distraction from JA to a more feminine name of Je or Hermaphrodite worship like Ishtar and yahweh? Yahweh as God exists only in the minds of those who believe in IT. For IT is a titular meaning "Vain Lord to become " (ie satan in disguise desiring to become God) as clearly Elohah/Elohim was the original name for the Hedonistic Hebrew's who also later adopted the Monotheist God(they worshipped other idols), as written in the entire first chapter of Genesis and meaning JA the most high or eternal. A name that also comes from the Babylonian or Sumerian Gods known as EA or AN who also was JA.

Just as the Egyptians, the best preservers of history and most advanced nation (Atlanteans), preserved Min or AMEN as their God while the Phoenicians had AEON.
The Dogon tribe who lives in Mali in ancient Mauretania and are related to the Egyptians, also attend AMMA as their main deity.

Whereas you can contemplate the different names of God known around the earth and realize the "A" (aw/au/ah) sound just as our countries names also identify.
A is JA is IA is YA is EA or JA,JAU,JAO,JOA or simply JON for our modern English like the ONLY man honorable and worthy of GOD's favor to baptise Jesus The Christ was JOHN. Coincidence that the Father and The Son are One and John should be chosen to baptise Jesus a Son of Jon? (not literally, but geneticaly, spiritualy and evolutionarily for sons become Fathers and from Father's they came in spirit and in physical.)

C. J. Ball writes that "the character Fig.#1-D, an 'high,' 'heaven,' anu, 'The God of Heaven,' which was read dingir in the sense of a god also meant Ia'u or Ya'u and Ia-a-ti or Ya-ti. The latter is the Assyrian first person pronoun . . . and may well be the prototype for the Semite first personal pronoun."27 He also suggests that Ia'u and Ya'u are the predecessors of the final form of the Hebrew JHVH.28

source; The Gentile Names of God by Gordon Holmes Fraser

The Amma cult: worships the highest creator god Amma. The celebration is once a year and consists of offering boiled millet on the conical altar of Amma, colouring it white. All other cults are directed to the god Amma. (notice no murderous flesh or blood sacrifice like yahweh?-Riv.)

So in truth we stand correct to say that Jesus' Father is JA or JON and based on the evidence I have supplied here and elsewhere, MN would be the only acceptable last name or addition to JA that we can append, thus JA MN or JA is acceptable for us to know who Jesus' Father is, but most importantly...

Who God our Father Creator IS....

For He left the miracle of His Name written in Two letters on Top of the Great Pyramid of Cairo and His image inside on the airshaft stoneplug that the ZAions (ZAHi Hawass) tried to erase with their upuat robot "acid cleaner".

As you can see yahweh is a truth mixed with a lie and but merely an axiom of the imaginary neural senses to lead you into slavery, corruption and hell.
Beware of the lies hidden in truth and the tricks of ZAion = NWO = ZMO = ZAionist Masonic Oligarchy who are condemned to the Pit of The Calling in Kenya where Za perished as "it's" fool-lowers also will.

Now if some of our oldest cultures like the Egyptians and the Sumerians recognize JA as in Min, Amen, Ea, or An, then what does that say for the 2000 year old lie of the unruly Atlanteans as the evil Phoenicians who originally recognized Aeon and later changed to yahweh?

God and Jesus' Father Is JA MN or simply JA, nothing more, nothing less.
JASA = Son of God.

Armored Rogue Knight
Garbed In White
The Circular Fortress
Guards his Might
His footsteps Tremble
The Grounds of TA
The Journey undertaken
For The Eye of Ra
The Winding Path
Alee of the Serpent
Hold fast our Walls
For the Apis Bull in presence
Gazes to the Holy Oracle
First Born is Come
First Born Undone

Turn to Face The Sun

(My poem about the Garden of Avila in Tansania)
Paulo J.Tx.Mn
March 29,2007.aD.

To Know Is Immortal.
Lux of Ipse

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 07:31 PM
Go to It describes, using lines from the bible, that david was his father.

posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 06:36 AM

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posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 07:56 PM

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posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 12:01 AM
reply to post by AeJor_Mn

This is interesting. Twice I have posted a link on the identity of Jesus' father. Twice ATS has deleted the post for going "off topic." So I will try a third time since it is absolutely ON topic. Clear as a bell.

posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 12:15 AM
reply to post by AeJor_Mn

well I might get blown out of the water for this one...but I think the Father might have been King Herod.

logically, why did he want to kill every first born boy in the kingdom?

Me thinks he was a naughty one that raped Mary cos being the King, he can have what he wanted...
The fact that she was pregnant and had 'never known a man' might indicate that she blocked out a traumatic event.

posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 12:32 AM
Mr Ofnazareth...obviously...

2nd lion


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