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My real dreams of Lady Gaga (accused of being an Illuminati, lol)

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posted on May, 27 2010 @ 04:18 PM
I´m glad that Lady Gaga takes the stage by perfect storm without me. I´m just the man behind the love-you scenes.

Dreams has shaped my path.

One, I´m sitting in my spectacular garden under a palm tree ranch, pondering the hard truths of life. Suddenly you show up in front of me, saying "Can I join you ?". And I´m like uninterested, replying "Sure, why not !" Then freaked out, as my gated property has walls, I look at you in dismay, "Who on earth are you young lady ? Wow, you jump well. How did you get in ? But you are Lady Gaga !!!" I shouted, bombastically shocked. You said nothing but started to laugh. Then I woke up, fumbling my beautiful dark-skinned wife´s inner thigh. "Man !" I stuttered, exhaling, and went to sleep again, trying to re-live the dream of the dubbed Czech Hollywood Warrior Priest from Serious Entertainment ( and the sex goddess Lady Gaga, savoring every detail of it

Two, the following night, I went to a supermarket, constantly thinking of Lady Gaga, closing my eyes, I see Lady Gaga, shutting my ears, I hear Lady Gaga. I´m smiling this time, but I usually frown. I´m talking to myself, like "Have I gone insane or something ? Or is it that the world is totally crazy ? Damn, I forgot what I was going to buy !" Then you appear as a clerk with your mocking "Can I help you, sir ? " I stare at you, dumbfounded, and manage rather upset "Lady Gaga ? What are you doing in a Nicaraguan supermarket ?" And you look at me like you´re in love with me, and I melt the tough guy on the outside and hear your song Paparazzi in the background "I will follow you until you love me, your paparazzi...", and I´m so moved. Then I wake up, clearly disturbed, wiping a tear or two, mine, and whisper "Holy cow !". That´s it. I haven´t had a third one yet.

Here´s the third, a couple of days later. Clad in my pathetic underwear, gloomy, I´m on the beach shuffling away, kind of lost in a happy crowd. Then I catch a glimpse of you in Voo Doo ClickForDetails bikini, just like in my Voodoo video for you, smiling at me. I move my lips to breathe your name and start to run towards you, pushing through the crowd. But laughing at me, you start to run away from me. I´m out of breath, I stop, and whisper "You´re too fast, I´ll never catch you like this". You come to me, padding on my shoulder. And I, kind of melodramatically, ask you "Why are you running away from me?", to which you reply softly "I don´t know!" and demand from me "And why are you chasing me?" I´m scared to tell you, my voice trembling, the tough guy´s gone. Finally I manage "BECAUSE I KNOW, I´VE SEEN THE FUTURE!!!" And I wake up in cold sweat, it´s like 100 F.

To be continued ?

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 05:02 PM
You'd be suprised of mixed subliminal messages whilst you sleep at night. Many people are not aware that when they dream its a collection of re-collective memories both from past/present/future.

I'm speaking from experience as I do have very strong intuition and have already seen things/events of the world as we know it play out both the before/after-math how its effected people/families/businesses/civilisations you name it.

I know it may sound silly to most people but a dream like yours will have a meaning to it whether you realise it now or later.

You don't want to look at the dream on a big scale as you wouldn't really learn anything from that perspective. You want to record/write down what you have seen/experienced as soon as you awake and try and go into as much detail explaining what you have seen/heard/foreseen/experienced and so on.

You'll be suprised as it could be that seeing Lady ga ga as something else could be a way of closing in your attention into a meaning that doesn't really have anything to do with Lady gaga its just there to grab your attention.

If you can remember the rest of your dream more details the better and its a bonus to record your dreams as I try to do this daily because they do start to inter-link with events that do sooner or later play out in real-life. You'd have to experience it to believe it

Best Dreams!

Love & Light.

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 05:46 PM
You´re absolutely right, DC. I´m impressed, intrigued, freaked out by my real Lady Gaga dreams. I´m being honest and spontaneous. When I woke up in the morning, each time, I rushed to grab my diary and a pen like an idiot and wrote the dreams down hastily. I couldn´t get any more details. I share your views on dreams. I know they transcend in many ways. The most interesting, or outrageous, or important thing is that I sell whatever I write. Yet I feel Lady Gaga has revolutionized my cryptic hardcore occult existence, not just because mainstream pop culture fans or haters become interested in my books.

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