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Let's chat about the new age.

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posted on May, 27 2010 @ 02:03 PM
Today marks the day I am awake.

You always think your awake, only to slightly open your eyes a bit more to see more light.

This time is different.

Lately, maybe in the past month or so; I have been feeling more alive.

I have been feeling one with all, and all one with me.

I have been hearing voices, of fellow humans, feeling the same way. Almost like thoughts are being thrown into my head, saying "Its time!"

Only to come onto ATS today, look though the threads, and fine many people feeling the same way.

I have been receiving very sudden, complimenting information on whats soon to come. Almost as if its a confidence booster, preparing the way for the knowing of change. Fear is obsolete now. Only happiness can come from what is to come. The destruction of the earth is only natural, and in no way bad or wrong.

Its nothing to worry about. Its something to embrace.

I feel as if purpose is coming for all who wish to take part, and not let the fear overcome them.

For some reason, Jesus keeps coming up. I'm in no way "religious", but lately i have been able to let go of my biases, and read all texts with an open mind.

The bible is interesting, and because of a recent post

You see there are three entities in the bible, God, Lord, and Lord God or Lord Jesus. All of which, are different entities.

Covered in riddles and tricky ways of putting words, you see the bible is filled with #$@# $#%# and only few words of wisdom and truth. If you know how to look for them, they pop out like the moon compared to a star.

When you read only those texts, you see a VERY clear message. Not from the creator, but from someone who achieved the release of the ego, and the ability to live a 4th density life in the 3rd dimension.

Following the words you will clearly see an easy path to achieving your greatest goals in the easiest way imaginable. It all comes to you. The opportunities, the signs, pop up everywhere.

At first the average person will say, "that's just a coincidence", but if you act upon it, more will come, and the more you see how reality works. The way you want it.

This way of living has been increasing for me. I do not work, i do not go to school, and i do not care.

I mountain bike, surf, skateboard, snowboard, i do anything that brings me joy. And for some reason, I am able to make a VERY comfortable living. I get random things to do, competitions to join, all very convenient for me, and get my living from there.

Do i consider it work? In no way. I would do it for free. But if i win, they insist on giving me money.

My name is Brandon, born sometime in the early 90's, and i do not own any identification. I got rid of anything to do with me being a "citizen" of "Canada" and never looked back. Of course, when I'm doing a comp, and they ask for ID and i say i do not own ID, its a little tricky to get in, but i always seem to because of some random guy agreeing with my views.

Do not worry about food, shelter, or water. That's a life not worth living. That's not how reality works, and i am one to prove that.

As i always say, freedom is not physical.

So, anyone else with similar experiences lately? I heard from about 12 so far, in the same mind set they, as i, obtained recently.

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 09:41 PM
Do you live with your parents and get food and shelter from them? Is that why you dont worry about it?

Any rational person would worry to some degree if they had no consistent, stable source of income.

You were born in the early 90's, so thats why i assume you live/rely on your parents.

What sort of competitions do you participate in? sports? like surfing/skateboarding (you say you like to do that) or are these computer game competitions (haha)?

How do you benefit from not having an ID? If you have some sort of philosophical stance on not having an ID, then i would argue it is somewhat hypocritical to use a computer and post online. You have a username (ID), an IP (another ID), and i'm sure there are others that i have forgotten about. Or is it some irrational political fear of "The powers that be" "owning" or "controlling" you?

Do not worry about food, shelter, or water. That's a life not worth living. That's not how reality works

A life without food, shelter, and water, is not a life. These are necessities. As in, you need them. Even Jesus ate and drank water. Hell, even gandhi (your user name) was concerned with eating, drinking, and and being sheltered.

You dont need a the newest cellphone or some fancy clothes, but you damn sure need to worry about the next meal, because without it, you will die.

Covered in riddles and tricky ways of putting words, you see the bible is filled with #$@# $#%# and only few words of wisdom and truth. If you know how to look for them, they pop out like the moon compared to a star.

Well then, please enlighten us. I also assume you mean every star except for the Sun, because it overwhelms the moon quite easily.

P.S. There is your, indicating possession, and you're, a contraction of two words: you are.

You seem to feel like you have all the answers. Either you are truly enlightened (not the feeling I get from reading your post) or you are lacking wisdom.

Anyways, I hope life works out for you. Do whatever makes you happy, but don't miss out on a lifetime of opportunities because you decided at a young age that it is better to skip out on school and getting a "real" job.

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 11:30 PM
reply to post by Gamecock

Mountain biking and skateboarding mostly. I have been in snowboarding competitions, but none that were serious and only gave me 500 at the most for winning.

I give all my money to my parents. I have my own apartment, due to my parents recently purchasing an apartment building. I work there, and get free rent. All very convenient, and recently happened.

Food is obtained by my friends fathers farm. All organic vegetables and meat.

Do i wake up and work 9 to 5? No. Do i worry about tomorrow? No.

I don't have a stable job. But by controlling the environment around you, you can make life work for you. Its not just something people say to make money.

A while ago, i got over 100 000 to split between my dad and i. Recently, a woman passed away i would talk to alot, mainly because he husband, also has passed away before her, was a physiologist. And she would lend me his books to read.

She left me land she had in B.C, up around the mountains. Its funny, because i always wanted to move there. It contains 10 acres and a cottage. Log cabin, which is my preference.

I was just looking for people that are going through similar things of manifestation and time manipulation. That's all. If you don't agree with me, or understand what i am saying, please don't troll.

My advice to you, would be to let go. Of silly belief systems you were taught you whole life, and start anew. See how it is to experience for yourself, and not through others perspective of how things work.

If there is one thing i have learned, its that the best way to learn is by experiencing it for yourself, not being told.

If i followed what everyone else was doing on a mountain bike, I wouldn't have the ideas for tricks i have right now. When doing something, do it differently in hope to find something great.

Don't get a job, a house, a car, and then call it quits. Keep going, set goals.

A few days ago, I told my dad i was going up to fort mcmurry with my cusin to work. He asked how i was getting there, i said biking. Its over 2200 km, and said i was crazy.

So, i decided i am going to bike across canada, 10 times. To show him specifically, how crazy i can be.

I set goals that to other people think are pointless and crazy. Other people set goals i think are pointless and crazy. See the conflict? Everyone thinks they are right. So instead of pushing your opinion, accept that other people have different opinions, and let it be.

I have never worried about a next meal. I mostly eat snacks of fruit and veggies, 6-9 times a day. Every now and then me and my buddy will make some hamburgers, purely from scratch and organics.

I do not claim i don't drink or eat. I claim i do not worry, and when ever i need it, its there.

Money is obsolete. That's what i wanted it to be, and that's how my life turned out. I don't own a car, nor do i own a licence. I do not have a bank account, and i rarely come in contact with money.

Its not about being self reliant, its about allowing yourself to be, and all that you rely on comes to you.

Try it, or hate it. Your choice. If you try, don't just go half way and give up. I started by giving everything i had away at age 16. Over 10 000 dollars of games, clothes, guitars, bikes, snowboards, ipods, everything.

It hurts, but the more you do it, the more your ego likes it.

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 11:37 PM
reply to post by gandhi

It seems to me to be, when you let go of everything, everything comes to you.

I share a mindset like this,

When something is "needed" it will be there, if not, then i don't need it. I to like you never worry, just live as is and what is needed comes or is already there.

posted on May, 28 2010 @ 12:10 AM
reply to post by onequestion

Ok. Let's put it to the test then

Let the OP 'give up' the comfortable situation his parents appear to have popped him in

let him give it all up and walk away from it

no home

no food


just walk away and sit on a park bench 1000 miles away from where he now lives

I want to see if he lands on his feet again

and want to see how long it takes him

Is the OP prepared to put his advice to the test in that way ?

posted on May, 28 2010 @ 12:22 AM
reply to post by Dock9

Hence biking across Canada 10 times. My main dream is to live in the wilderness, traveling from place to place with basic tools and a tent at the most. Living life at its simplest.

Survival is my foreground, being a Newfoundlander and all. Growing up, my friends and i would go into our back yards, which back there consisted of thousands of square kilometers of forest. We would hunt, gut and cook our meat at age 8 to 10. Always having a firm belief that you only take what you need. Mostly small animals, rabbit and a lot of fish.

Shelters take an hour or 2 to make, that's good enough to keep you warm for the night. That's all that's needed for the now, which is my perspective. not the future, if you worry about the future you are putting out a signal in which will be responded with that vibration.

All in all, good attitude, and accept everything as good,and you should have a good life. Things will happen, as they always do, but its up to you to decide on weather you will react good or bad to the situation.

And remember, just because you know how it works, doesn't mean its not magic.

EDIT: sorry, Sit on a park bench?
ANOTHER EDIT: And when you say "on your feet" mean?
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posted on May, 28 2010 @ 03:25 PM
gandhi, your sittin on 100g's man. No wonder you don't have any worries. If you really believe in this manifestation/new age/universe will provide for you stuff, donate that money to charity, but keep $500 to yourself. Now, try to lead your lifestyle with $500 and no support cushion from mom and dad. Once you spent that $500, and your hungry, and cold, your going to need to get a job. Welcome to reality.

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posted on May, 29 2010 @ 03:14 AM
reply to post by doped00

None left. Most went to family, my parents kept a little, and 10 000 went to local charities for the homeless.

I guess i put myself in a bit of a selfish position. I do volunteer, help anyone i see that needs it, never insult anyone on any grounds, and i even avoid my opinion to keep someone from feeling bad.

If you treat life like something you have to work for, Guess what! You going to have to work for it.

If you treat like something that is purely meant to experience, and nothing else, Guess what! You only going to experience, and any work will seem like a gift.

Perspective is a strong thing if you are willing to let go of old belief systems.

Cold and hungry is not something i worry about. If i become homeless, i run for the hills. And will enjoy every moment of it.

Challenges? Yes. Impossible? No.

SO many times, people have told me my ways are impossible. I get my ways from prophets and wise men, who would rebel against authority in hopes to set an example and bring the world closer to equality.

That is needed now more than ever, and to most people it dose sound stupid, but Gandhi attempting to get rid of the British at first was pretty stupid and a long ball too. But if you look at it like that, it will never be within your reach.

posted on May, 29 2010 @ 11:20 AM
New ages are nothing new...

There is a cycle of our consciousness as a unit that steps back..takes a moment to look around itself...and tries to learn from the past failures and observe the achievements.

The universe has made a blueprint within life itself...for life to step back and observe, judge, measure, and weigh itself. There will be those that are here to hold the new vibration of love while others awaken the vibration within the vessels. There will still be those that seem clueless to any change at all and they are just as needed in it all.

My issue with this particular age upon us....

Many are ready to leave...seeking rest and fulfilling dreams of the self.
Missing the worth of 'being' for the Divine Will of All.

I would like to think this is the age we all understand the milestones we would achieve if we come together and live a life for each other...bringing fairness and equalness to all measures of the world.

But I think this will be just another stepping stone towards bringing the heavens to Earth...Im unsure there are enough to tip the scale this time.

Even many of the 'awakened' and enlightened....are still very caught in the path of 'self'. Not that it is wrong...or that another is more right. But to achieve what Earths highest prime being is...will take many on the path of living for others.

Frankly...the more I read of the nature of the ones that seem to be 'awakening' the more more I see why things like bringing the most prime image of Earth to Earth takes soooo long, thousands and thousands of years, thousands of cycles, observing, relearning, readjusting.

Not saying this is fact or right...just what I personally am observing.

There is reasons to work for what you get...such as food, water, heat, shelter. Even if its not through the system, lets say you build your own home out of what nature provides, lets say you hunt your feed, skin it, clean it, cook it, lets say you make your own cloths out of animals skin or sowing materials....there is still work.

Life is not made for us to just live in bliss....for a life of bliss teaches us nothing.

If all you do is enjoy life...then you are living off of someone that has worked hard or does work hard. If things were left to you...that is luck, and not everyone is that lucky. You should be thankful for that. Food just does not fall into the laps of all of those that are 'awake'. That is a lie.

I think many are afraid to have to work for what they receive.

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posted on May, 29 2010 @ 11:41 AM
reply to post by gandhi

I work there, and get free rent.

I think the point here is that YOU DO WORK...but that you dont mind the work you do.

Can everyone in your parents complex work for them and receive free rent? Can the farmer that you get food from provide enough food for everyone in the apr. complex? Do you offer anything back to the farmer that offers you food?

A life lived for others is a life worthwhile. In this thought....offerings are given and received.

Now saying there are not wise things in your posts...but you do work.

posted on May, 29 2010 @ 11:46 AM
The new age is same as the old age,

but it's newer.

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