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Good News From Small Town Illinois. Any Green News from your local community?

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 08:33 PM
I recently retired out of the insanity of the hustle and bustle of the air force after over a decade and returned to live with my brother in Illinois, near where i grew up.

Havn't bought a house yet, bet we rent from a pretty nice gentleman.
A nice house on the edge of town, my brother and i rent. acres of woodland all around us, 7 other houses within a square mile.

The deer come by every evening and every morning. Sometimes Fido, a boston terrier, chases them in circles, the mom and 3 does. Hard to tell who is chasing who after awhile.

A family of Raccoons live in the garage. She moved in and had a litter in january, still cold and winter, and i didn't have it in me to evict her and her babies. Although picking up the trash they manage to get out of the cans is not too fun. Fido plays with them, too.

Three weeks ago i awoke late one afternoon to see 4 acres of trees, woodlands next to our house levelled (i rarely sleep, but when i do, it's difficult to wake me)

My brother and i weren't happy. No word from the landlord as to why, we just assumed he was going to be building a house.

We didn't talk to the landlord until a few days ago, due to a family emergency he had, and our conflicting schedules.

We were pleasently greatly surprised to learn he wanted to know if we could help plant new trees.

He is planting 4 acres worth of nothing but fruit bearing trees, and berry brushes and grape vines to help keep the deer out of his girlfriends garden.

we will soon be planting apple trees of various species and pair trees and other fruit bearing trees and bushes.

Do you have any good Green news from your local community?

please share.

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