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Lets get this dog and pony show over with already

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 07:45 PM
Look, you might see this as a defeatist attitude, but lets get down to brass tacks here. What really is the worst that could happen if we just said screw it, take it, lets get on with it already.
I am talking about this one world government, new world order crap that has been stirring about since FDR first started talking about it publicly and echoed by Bush, Sr. If they want the freaking world, lets give it to them. Its not like they plan to kill everyone or enslave the human race.

Look, lets say it is in fact the mission of the Bilderburg group to take control of the world through domination of the financial system. Let them have it. The sooner they get it, the sooner we can get past it and on with life. As it stands, the road is paved with bumpy opposition and they have to create this ever changing state of the world financial market that just depresses the hell out of most people and makes life impossible for others. Give it to them. Let them come up with their single world currency, place in effect national officials to deciminate their desires, distribute wealth as they see fit, collect a measure of return from every country on the planet and be able to sit back on top of their mountains of gold and laugh at their success.

Lets Pro/Con this.

Pro: equal distribution of wealth brings third world nations up to a measure of equlity and a fair chance at a productive life
Con: wealthy nations balanced out with 3rd world nations, bringing their status and quality of life in line with what many consider an inferior nation

Pro: centralized world government puts limitations on global conflict through the use of a globalized judiciary
Con: centralized world government's potential abuse of power to rule the planet in a martial state, versus limited freedom state

Pro: unity of science and discovery among various nation states can lead to much faster and broader leaps in scientific advancement
Con: I really dont see a Con to shared discovery advances

Pro: shared medical research without the controversy over who owns this/that can lead to extreme solutions
Con: truly productive medical advances lead to longer, healthier lives which leads to population concerns

Pro: centralized government means fewer controversies within nation states, as they are now only figureheads, reciting the directives of the global leadership council
Con: directing every nation on Earth will lead to streamlining in areas that will not be favorable to long term productivity and happiness, as well as oversite of the smaller nations that may suffer in the short term from lack of leadership

I could keep going, but you see where this message is leading.

Personally, I am just tired of the Ups and Downs and Fearmongering Doom/Gloom that goes on every time someone sneezes. Get it on with and make it a publicly done issue and let everyone just get used to it and get on with their lives.
Currently, we are living like we are free in a nation that has stealthily removed almost every single freedom once promised. Why keep disguising it as "weez from da guv'ment, weez he'a ta hep".

I am sure more will be against than for this and plenty will say that I have just given up the fight. No, there is no fight. There is US v THEM in a showdown where we are bringing a stick to a nuke fight. Rather than continue to suffer in relative silence for years and generations, just move on to the next phase.

The alternative is less pleasant and leaves us all at odds with one another.

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 06:31 PM
reply to post by wheresthetruth

Theres no shorter way of saying it than this...

The worst that could happen is that you do not exist, here or after.

It is coming regardless of what me, you or anyone does but that does not mean that you cannot help others and live your life here for the time being.

Might not be what you are looking for but id be a fool and a liar if I said otherwise.

Give yourself some time to figure it out using logical reasoning. Even look at the world right now, you have one nation that unites to fight another nation, you have nations that unite to fight other united nations. If theres a one world government, what the heck is the world uniting for??

Who are we going to war with?

Cha ching.

See it yet? You will in time if you dont right now because it is only going to get more obvious.

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