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WANTED: A Call Out To Anyone Experiencing this phenomenon

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posted on May, 27 2010 @ 12:13 PM
Personally I think the stereotype about conspiracy theorists and “mental illness” has a grain of truth, and the posts on this thread confirm it to me. (I don't think there's anything wrong end with that, so please don't get the wrong of the stick.)

I wouldn't rule out your son being psychically gifted, as I understand it many early cultures believed that the “mentally ill” had supernatural powers.

Just remember in the land of the blind, the one eyed man would be considered mentally ill and hallucinating.

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posted on May, 28 2010 @ 06:01 AM
1 hour of meditation, remove all mercury dental work, switch to a vegan diet thats sodium free, live in the country away from any army bases. You can cure any mental disorder this way. Or you can take the lazy approach and listen to the bull# that doctors and teachers say. Personally I am a balance of both.

posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 11:23 PM
What is it: A person who has two souls or personalities. Each personality is equipped with its own attitudes. These spirits whip the mind and personality back and forth as they vie for power: such as pride versus inferiority. Earline called these whipsaw demons.

The separate personalities are closely interwoven so that it is impossible for the person who has them to understand and control them. The best explanation is found in Pigs in the Parlor. Saul was a good example of the schizophrenic personality.

Children often become double-minded when mother or father deal with them by manipulation instead of forthright. For instance, a parent sets a reasonable and fair rule. The child wants to break it. Sometimes the parent will try to coax or manipulate the child into obeying rather than dealing directly by spanking if it is needed (Amos 3:3 and Matt. 6:24).

Double-mindedness wears the person out, and frustrates and confuses him. Deciding, then antecedent stagnates a person. For example, Earline's mother was here for a while; she couldn't be content for desiring to go home. When at home, she was pressed to stay somewhere else besides her home. When away from home, great fears filled her about the house. She was miserable and made those around her miserable (James 1:5-8). Women especially have trouble with deciding and undeciding about a situation - back and forth. Is this true ladies?

Schizophrenia always begins with rejection. This rejection may be real or imagined. Often a child is rejected soon after conception. The reason for rejection doesn't matter. It could be unwanted, incest, rape, wrong sex, no more kids, hate parenthood, divorce, etc. We have seen cases where the rejection was not real but the demons had used some minor incident to tell them they were unwanted and that person accepted the demons lie. This is why parents need to talk over any situation with a child who seems troubled. Our daughter, Marie, felt like she was rejected after our son, Byron, died but we had not rejected Marie.

A schizo parent will usually have a schizo child or children. It's not inherited like blue eyes but is demonic. Demons like to cluster. Spiritually: like father - like son; like mother - like daughter.

A schizo parent has difficulty showing love. Since the mother is the most constant parent with the children and cannot feed love into them, they become targets for rejection demons. Because fathers are away most of the day they seem special to children. They can be hurt very easily if they feel father doesn't accept and show he loves them.

Many people don't understand who they are. One proof of the schizo personality is the constant question of Who am I? The identity of one's own self is confused or lost. Do you have this problem?

Rejection is a withdrawing-type of personality; likes to work alone, doesn't participate, unsure, etc. Rejection is inward and withdrawn before it is outward. Rejected people reject others before they can be rejected by them.

Rejection invites rebellion. For instance, a child or adult will fight for love and lash out at those starving him of love. Rebellion is the reaction to rejection.

Rebellion is aggressive, angry, bitter, resentful and retaliates. This personality is moody, stubborn and selfish. A little humor, I am Moody with a capital M but not moody with a little m.

Having rejection and rebellion in the same body is hard to bear. This personality switches back and forth in seconds.

Deliverance from the schizo personality takes time because the real self has often not developed very much at that point. If one is to be successful, he needs Jesus. Jesus will help the real person to develop. Obedience to Jesus' instructions are necessary. Bible study and prayer are needed. You can't just depend on casting out demons; you must discipline your life.

A schizo person is like a hurricane. If two schizo persons run into each other, there surely will be a storm.

If you are not schizo, you may be stunned after a stormy encounter with a schizo. Remain stable and calm; God will give you understanding.

When a schizo explodes, he opens the door to bitterness. Demons will convince him that it is all the other person's fault. Have you ever seen someone that can not accept blame for anything that is their fault?

Often this fantasy of innocence will open the door for lust. It may take the form of sensual love or worldly love. Love of world and fear of man may enter as this person is wed to the world for love. Thinking about having fine possessions will cause people to like them more. Or one may go into sexual fantasy until one acts them out in experience. We are told from Genesis to to Revelations how to use our mind, how to discipline it and what to set it on. The orders, if you want to call them that, are in Phil. 4:4-9. At the end of this verse (Amp.) we are commanded to fix our minds on them! When we entertain fantasy we invite demons to invade us.

Under the rejection spell comes infirmity and insecurity, deep depression, self accusation, and compulsion to confess sins. For example, a person enters into wrong doing and cannot keep from confession. He really wants to shock and hurt others so that he can get attention as a substitute for love.

Hard on the heels of these comes deception, self-seduction, delusion, fear and pride. Now we enter into the paranoid companion of schizophrenia.

On the rejection side are jealousy and envy usually of others who can give or receive love. On the rebellion side are distrust, suspicion and fears of all types of persecution.

Paranoid demons do not care how they hurt others but are super sensitive to their own hurts. Schizos cannot forgive so they keep bitterness alive.

Three main areas to conquer are rejection, rebellion and bitterness. As the person breaks old habits of reaction, he must begin to give and receive love, submit to valid authority, and readily forgive. Determination is required. This is basic deliverance, the Three R's. Generally, you get rejected, become bitter and rebel.

As you begin to see yourself grow, it gets very exciting. You can give love and not be hurt when it is not returned. You will understand because you have been there before.

Paranoia is conquered by faith and trust in God. You will do many new things because you are no longer torn between the rejection and rebellion personalities.

posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 11:30 PM
reply to post by paxnatus

I sometimes hear my name being called. Even when no one is there. I dont know what it means. I was a little weirded out at first, but it doesnt happen often, and I kind of think that it is just an auditory memory.

One reason I think that is I spent a summer answering phones for a charity, and after the summer was over, certain other sounds would make me think I heard a phone ringing. It wore off over time. I just assumed because the phones ran so constantly, and were accompanied by the stress of trying to get all the calls that it had become ingrained in my head temporarily.

Maybe some people just remember the sounds they have heard by hearing them again.

Edit to add;

And by the way, I have never been diagnosed with any form of mental illness. I never even considered that the sounds I was hearing could be anything similar to "hearing voices."

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