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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 02:45 PM

Time is suppose to heal
When all it does is reveal
The scars of my confusions
And bruises from illusions

The truth remains ignored
Rusted shut is our hearts door
The caring always finish last
My spent tears drown out the past

Where is the light, where is the hope?
Where's the caress I need, to cope?
Where is the world had as a child?
That trusted voice now marred, defiled

Give it back, I want the love
Those words of joy we once spoke of
Give me something real and rare
That made us follow dreams we'd share

Its sad the moments I want to keep
Are the ones I have asleep
Where in my dreams the world is mine
To touch, to love, to intertwine

I lay myself now down to rest
In hopes tomorrow wont detest
The endless journey I will take
In search of life without heartache

Where is the light, where is the hope?
Where's your caress I need, to cope?
Where's the world we explored together
Where is your voice, soft as a feather

Please give it back, I need you now
Those words of joy, that childish vow
Give me back a piece to hold
To watch with me, the seasons fold

Give me one more day to be
Along side you for eternity
To mold our bodies into one
Where our love outshines the sun


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