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Two more Census workers blow the whistle

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 12:38 PM

Census Workers Blow Whistle on Obama Admin. Faking Jobs

Well, it seems that the Census Bureau may be playing games.

Last week, one of the millions of workers hired by Census 2010 to parade around the country counting Americans blew the whistle on some statistical tricks.

The worker, Naomi Cohn, told The Post that she was hired and fired a number of times by Census. Each time she was hired back, it seems, Census was able to report the creation of a new job to the Labor Department.

Each month Census gives Labor a figure on the number of workers it has hired. That figure goes into the closely followed monthly employment report Labor provides. For the past two months the hiring by Census has made up a good portion of the new jobs.

Labor doesn't check the Census hiring figure or whether the jobs are actually new or recycled. It considers a new job to have been created if someone is hired to work at least one hour a month.

One hour! A month! So, if a worker is terminated after only one hour and another is hired in her place, then a second new job can apparently be reported to Labor .

We have already come to know how corrupt and devious this administration has been since it took office. Just like the previous administrations, more lip service was dished out those starving for our government fix its moral compass.

Does Washington D.C. even have a moral compass? Is it capable of having one?

This article outlines how this administration has been fudging the job growth numbers to show positive growth. Why would someone want to do that? During the same time, their were several bailout bills...I mean Jobs Bill making their way to the floor. These Jobs Bill only stood a chance of passing if the administration can show that new jobs were starting to be created because of the previous Job Bills.

Did anyone else get confused over the unemployment numbers being reported? Where every month it was being reported 35k new jobs created and 459k file for first time benefits.

Just more deception from more of the same.

Here's a note from a Census worker -- this one from Manhattan:

"John: I am on my fourth rehire with the 2010 Census.

"I have been hired, trained for a week, given a few hours of work, then laid off. So my unemployed self now counts for four new jobs.

And here's another:

"John: I worked for (Census) and I was paid $18.75 (an hour) just like Ms. Naomi Cohn from your article.

"I worked for about six weeks or so and I picked the hours I wanted to work. I was checking the work of others. While I was classifying addresses, another junior supervisor was checking my work.

"In short, we had a "checkers checking checkers" quality control. I was eventually let go and was told all the work was finished when, in fact, other people were being trained for the same assignment(s).

This is the transparency we were all promised, plenty of hope and change to see here.

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 12:58 PM
Amazing isnt it, what can be done with words and figures when youre the one controlling the figures and the words !
Anymore I'm just numb to the crimes and stupidity.
There is no longer any truth, just reality.

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 01:04 PM
I dont get the number fixing and games they're playing. Despite how they make figures appear the reality doesnt change any.

A transvestite may look female but you're still diddlin' a dude.

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 01:07 PM
I can clarify one aspect of this activity by the Census. The Census is broken up into numerous projects, each of which is presumably only supposed to last a couple of months. Each project differs from the last, with a new job title and a new set of job duties that previous projects didn't require. So every time a new project begins, a week or so of training is required to train the Census employees for the new duties required for that project.

Most of the Census workers do, indeed, get called back numerous times if they've proven their abilities in a previous assignment. It does often happen that upon completing only two or three days of training, the Census will cease your employment for any number of reasons such as that particular project being canceled.

I don't know if this is done for the reasons you have stated or if there's some other valid explanation for this recruiting policy. Interesting, though. I have to admit, their approach is a bit unorthodox and I've often found myself scratching my head trying to understand the logic sometimes.

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 01:11 PM
is anyone really suprised. the governement is always jockeying to make itself look like the they get more oloted congressional taxpayer money for the more people they hire. just another dirty but common trick

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 01:16 PM
If this is a deliberate effort to create inflated numbers, it should be taken into consideration that none of these Census jobs are long-term. They only last a few weeks and ultimately the employees are out of a job again, so the extent to which these jobs are benefiting our economy and employment stats is only temporary because ultimately we wind up at square one when the Census ends.

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 01:21 PM
reply to post by NightGypsy

No, these are government jobs. No production. No value to the economy.

Actually there is a value, a detrimental value. For every government job, there is the real economy has to pay for.

Let me see, the latest number has the REAL economy at 42% of the GDP. That means 42% of the economy is holding up 58% of the government economy.

Can anyone tell me why this does not work?

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 01:25 PM
Decennial Census jobs are temporary and that is the thing that Dept of Labor does not include in their report. The Census Bureau's hires does effect the overall labor statistics which the gov uses to bolster unemployment statistics to make people think the economy is improving, but what they don't mention is the jobs are very temporary and those people will be unemployed again in 6 months or less. Statistics are always manipulated one way or another and it is up to the people who use the data to know the behind the scenes detail of what those numbers mean. Basically the Census hires create a false support of unemployment stats...

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 01:25 PM
reply to post by NightGypsy

the only thing that should be taken into consideration is that the government is lying to us again and people feel the need to rationalize it. when the "new" government employment numbers are announced, you can bet your last dollar that these inflated and completely falsified numbers will be included into the aggregate. the administration is trying to make itself look strong and "for the people" by making American employment numbers look far, far better then they you agree with this strategy?

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 01:28 PM

"WASHINGTON — As census workers gear up to count us, they are counting themselves lucky to be employed.

This once-a-decade temporary work force is giving a timely boost to the battered job market. Census workers accounted for nearly a third of the jobs added in March, when hiring occurred at the fastest pace in three years.

Over the next two months, another 600,000 to 700,000 census jobs will be added, putting $10 to $25 an hour into the pockets of some desperate job seekers.

Although these jobs will only last through mid-July, economists say they will provide a fortuitous stream of income to families and act as an employment bridge until summer, when more private employers are expected to ramp up hiring.

The census hiring also comes in a year when President Barack Obama's economic stimulus package will peter out. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that stimulus spending added more than 1 million jobs last year.

"It comes at a good time because you're transitioning from an economy that's slowly recovering to sustainable growth," said John Canally, an economist at Boston-based LPL Financial. "This is a good patchwork until then."

Still, the census paychecks won't have a meaningful impact on the overall economy.

The government has set aside $7.8 billion to conduct the census. That pales compared with last year's stimulus package of $862 billion.

Yet the impact of these jobs cannot be overstated for people who were out of work."

the whole system has been blinding the peolpe for years and people rationlize its actions. its like saying i love the person that has ripped my eyes out because now i dont have the burden of seeing for myslef

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 01:43 PM
You also have to understand that once an area is determined to be finished, the census worker for that area is then done with their job. That does not mean however that they could not be used for some other area of the over all census.

I do not see this as inflating the numbers. I see it as a business hiring and firing as it needs, and pulling the hires from the fires, because the fires already have at least some training and familiarity with the Census as a whole, which decreases training times in the end.

The new hires of the same position are most likely because they need to redo an area or the areas overlap, and you were finished while the neighboring area needed more help to finish. Hence why similar areas close to each other would seem to be hiring the same positions, while in fact its a position for another area.

Do not forget how big this task is, and how many people are currently working and doing something for the Census Bureau. Hiring and firing the same group of people is not that uncommon in business, especially in temporary (contract) based buysiness.

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 01:49 PM

Originally posted by xmaddness
You also have to understand that once an area is determined to be finished, the census worker for that area is then done with their job. That does not mean however that they could not be used for some other area of the over all census however.

In the article it has been mentioned that once a census worker completes its task, he is let go only to be hired again to be counted for labor statistics.

Also when a census worker completes their area, they are replaced by another who go and recheck their work & another to recheck their work. Kind of explains the threads about people being visited by more than one census worker, one individual reported being visited 4 times.

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 01:49 PM
I'm not surprised. I'll bet this is just a misdirection from the REAL hanky-panky that's going on at the census bureau.

I own a small business. We are required by law to go online and fill out a form on the Labor Dept (I think) website when we hire someone, but we are not required to report it when someone leaves or is fired. Why is that?

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 01:57 PM
My dad was telling me about a new law they had passed giving benefits to companies that hire people. He was all for the re-hire saying that the people laid off deserve it more than the people who haven't had the jobs in the first place...

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 02:30 PM
thats semi-diabolical. cant imagine what else is going on that we dont know about.

good find, star + flag.

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 04:34 PM
this is what u get when the whitehouse controls the census- it should have never been moved.

in fact this is why they moved it.

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 05:44 PM
reply to post by prionace glauca

Thank you for the heads up and a great find

I know corruption has always been a partner in DC, but this Harvard bunch is the worst. I would not put anything past them.

I'm beginning to think that Harvard itself is at the root of this and that Obama is just figure head for them in their attempt to rewrite America.

In addition to the obvious, I'm sure they figure they will pocket the votes of everyone they hire. $18.75 and hour to do an entry level brain-dead job like this and when we are so broke too? Vote buying is not cheap it would seem.

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 08:10 PM
Not really surprising at all.

I was also informed from a Census acquaintance working that they had meetings from 12:00-1:00 for like a week and got paid 8 hours each time for 1 hour of work. Ridiculous waste of money and this census is.

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 10:53 AM

This is a video from a census worker talking about this. Not sure if it was posted already or not.

posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 04:22 PM
This administration has no shame. IT is completely clueless as to how to handle virtually EVERY problem that this country has.
Let's look at their record:

1.)They have completely botched the economy. They claimed that if they stimulus bill passed, unemployment would not go over 8%. It has been around 10% the entire time, with the REAL unemployment number, U6, at around 17% with some states and cities over 25%.

2.) They have no plan to handle the oil spill, which is on day 47 and counting, and according to scientists now, it may continue FOR YEARS.

"It's huge. It's a big oil field," said Roger Anderson, an oil geophysicist at the Earth Institute of Columbia University. "If 20,000 barrels a day are escaping, it could stay there for years, then drop off. It could flow at a small rate for a very, very long time."

3.) Despite the promise to end the wars and bring home our troops, the Afghanistan war is heating up again with no end in sight.

4.)The administration has absolutely no policy concerning what is going on in Gaza and Israel, and can't even decide who is at fault.

5.)Despite claims that Obama would have the most transparent administration in history, it has been obvious to all but the die hard few liberals that this administration has involved more lobbyists, conducted more back-door meetings of Congress, and bribed more people NOT TO RUN, than any administration in recent history.

6.)Despite claims that they will clean up Wall Street, the current legislation does no such thing. It is the equivalent of a very gentle slap on the wrist. In addition, virtually all of the banksters that robbed Americans of the life-long savings and retirement accounts, are free, and continue to live high off the hog, and collect multi-million dollar bonuses at taxpayer expense.

Quite bluntly, I don't understand how the American public has put up with as much as they have, without taking more drastic action. Maybe the conspiracy enthusiasts are right- they're drugging the water supply with SOMA, ala Big Brother's 1984.

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