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Australian baby lives after stroller hit by train

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 12:18 PM
we every one that is needs parenting classes .
Thye want to teach kids all about sex math science english almost none of the things that they will face in the real world.
do i think this mom is bad NO she is just not thinking of the possibility's that can and will happen if we are not watching.
Take my case first time father my boy was about 5 months old me and the wife were in a motel visiting relatives .
im sitting on the bed with my son laying in the middle of the bed. I hear someone out side look and see someone with car problems .Now me im a real fix it kind of guy off i go headed for the door.
never once thinking maybe a 5 month old could roll off a bed .
well let me tell you they can and he did spent the next 5 mints in panick mode as he puked from the fall.
now if only i had known a 5 month old could roll off a bed then this would have never happened . so moms talking not thinking about the fact a stroller can get away from you so easly . If she would have known just how easy this could happen again this would have never happened.
Now me im not one for handing down mistakes to my kids so I spend alot of time telling them the almost could have happend dont let it happen storys but what if theres one i dont know to warn them about? then what hope luck helps?

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