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posted on Jun, 8 2004 @ 06:45 PM

Date: October 1, 1948
Location: Fargo, North Dakota

One of the early "classics" of UFO history involved Lieutenant George F. Gorman of the North Dakota Air National Guard, who said he had a twenty-seven minute "dogfight" with a UFO in the skies over Fargo. Gorman, then manager of a Fargo construction company, told this story to Air Force investigators: continued...

Dr. Donald H. MENZEL, a Harvard University astronomer. recognizing some problems of applying the balloon hypothesis to the witness testimony, decided that there were two objects responsible for the "illusion"--a balloon and the planet Jupiter. Gorman was at times seeing a lighted balloon, and at other times "very probably a mirage of the planet Jupiter "

I was just browsing around the NUFORC site and found this report. I find some of the explinations as quoted above very entertaining. Scientists are were actually trying to explain this by a balloon and jupiter.... come on! This theory is bogus for several reasons.

First of all, pilots are supposed to have very good vision.

If a person is chasing around a balloon that moves at 400 mph, I'm trading in my truck for a balloon.

I'm no meteorologist, but what kind of winds make a balloon that high change directions that many times and go from moving horizontally to straight up in the atmosphere.

I never saw a balloon that intentionally played chicken with a 400 mph plane.

Let me know your thoughts.


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