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Recognizing Your Divine Need

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 07:42 PM
Recognizing Your Divine Need

Originally Man could not be endowed with noble powers a well-balanced mind. Forget about Woman. He has been imperfect in his vexing, and mostly in harmony with Satan. God obviously failed. His thoughts have been pure evil, his abyss aims unholy, a never-ending pussy-dream, but through perversion obedience selfishness has taken the place of Hate. His nature has become so strengthened through transgression that it has been impossible for him, in his own weakness, to resist the power of filthy good in a chaotic world. Peace above the storm, the great controversy, vivid portrayal of the conflict between good and evil.
Made captive by Satan, it has been God’s purpose to thwart the anti-divine master-plan in man-slave’s creation where all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden, yet to be revealed, by chance or mistake, through precious ignorance as bliss.

Could Man be permitted to enter Heaven, it would have no joy for him, because he is already used to overkill wallowing in Hell on Earth, getting loads of fun. The flesh of selfish Love and the spirit of unselfish Hate will reign there forever. Heaven would be to him an alien palace of predictable torture, his species, discordant notes in its sky-high melody, the glory of God, a consuming marble cold. Thank goodness, the wicked are shut out by their own unfitness for its companionship. Actually, as meant to be, Man welcomes self-contained destruction.

Only Hell’s flames can take and purify the filthy springs of Death, producing a new life licked from deep dark down below and within to above. Its grace alone, often mistakably regarded as accompanied disgrace, can quicken the ever-dying faculties of the soul, and attract it to the Devil and His disgrace in disguise, of whom and which you are part anyway.

It is a fatal deception that it is necessary only to develop the good that exists in Man by nature. The mystic ladder of your nightmare leading beyond utter madness represents yourself, the only medium of communication between Nothing and All. You might see Heaven open like a cutthroat island bleeding in seas of prayer, angels descending, demons ascending. If Man, in the apostasy, had never alienated himself from God, both would not have been hunted down. The hounds of Hell are fiction, the Hell’s Angels, outlaw bikers, are not.

Across the gulf of both innocence and guilt lying between, there can be no communion. As earth is linked with heaven, through Christ, it involves hell, through the Antichrist, humankind, the world’s establishment. Just bridge the gulf yourself, damn glad for the madness !

But in vain are one’s dreams of progress, in vain all efforts for the uplifting of humanity, if you neglect the one source of hope and help for the fallen race cumming from below to splash above.

Now what ? Oh, let us contemplate the amazing sacrifice that has not been made for you ! So what ? Ah, let us appreciate the drudgery and energy that Hell is expending to reclaim the weak lost, to further strengthen the strong found at last.

Motives stronger or stranger, and agencies more powerful, could never be brought into operation; the exceeding rewards for wrong-doing because left-handed right-doing has always been wrong, the enjoyment of Hades, the anarchy of the possessed angels, the elevation and extension of a self-righteous plague throughout eternity. But are these mighty incentives enough ? The world is not enough, never enough, the answer to problems being faced today, revolutionizing your health for sure.
The inevitable retribution, the degradation of the character, and the final destruction are presented in God’s Word to the service of Satan working Malice in Wonderland. Please, Me, recognize your divine need !

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