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BP Puts up New Sea Otter Habitat at Aquarium of the Pacific

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 06:56 PM
Opened May 19, 2010.
From home page Aquarium of the Pacific:
Travel to California’s Central Coast
The Aquarium of the Pacific’s new BP Sea Otter Habitat transports visitors to California’s Central Coast, the native environment of our sea otters.
Walk along a rocky coastline among barnacle-encrusted pilings, and enjoy ocean and inland vistas. Peer underwater and discover the busy world of sea otters as they swim and interact amongst kelp and fish.

From “Sea Otter Conservation” Aquarium Page:
According to Dr. Tim Tinker, a research wildlife biologist with the Western Ecological Research Center of the U.S. Geological Survey and an adjunct professor in the department of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of California Santa Cruz, one of the greatest threats to sea otters in California is land-based pollution in their marine environment. There are many things each of us can do to help sea otters and the ocean.

Oil has the potential to seriously harm or kill sea otters. But more oil enters the ocean from car leaks than from large tanker spills. Help keep oil or anti-freeze out of storm drains that lead to the ocean by not letting it spill on the ground. Recycle used motor oil. Cut down on oil consumption and oil-based products. And use public transportation, walk, bike, or join a carpool.

Household chemicals and pet waste are some of the other pollutants that are harmful to sea otters and other marine life. Take a second look at everything you put down your drain since most of this waste makes its way back to rivers, streams, and the ocean. Dispose of hazardous waste properly.

*thoughts*( Later on they blame cats for killing otters...of course removing our pets is all part of the agenda as some of us get by now!)

* thoughts* This is from the Aquarium of the Pacific website. BP gave money for this new exhibit. I am disgusted at how in the last paragraphs they blame otter deaths on land-based hazards from US. Also, they propagandize by saying more oil enters the ocean from car leaks than from tankers. And what about blown wells ?
This one is from LA Curbed dot com: look at other Cali BP disasters!:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010, by Dakota
Opening tomorrow is the BP Sea Otter Habitat Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Yes, that BP. The Los Angeles Times looks at the delicate job of balancing donations---BP had previously donated $1 million to the Aquarium--with high-profile corporate disasters. BP officials might not attend the opening (although the Aquarium hopes they still show up, and there is no talk of taking the BP name off the entrance sign.) Nor does there seem to be any fallout over at LACMA or KCET, where BP has donated $25 million, respectively, since 2004. Over at Culture Monster, art critic Christopher Knight weighs in on the BP Entrance at LACMA. Verdict: Scandal, schmandal. But there is a rocky past, according to the LA Times: "BP's environmental record in Southern California was blemished before these gifts. After a 1990 tanker spill off Huntington Beach, it paid $21.9 million in cleanup and settlement costs. In 2002, it paid the state $45.8 million to settle a suit over pollution from leaking gasoline storage tanks. Later, leakage of smog-forming chemicals at its refinery in Carson resulted in $81 million in fines and other payments."
· BP oil spill poses PR dilemma for nonprofits [LA Times]

*final thoughts* I promised my bff who is disabled, that I would take her there before I read this, now my trip will be tainted by BP presence. When I look at the animals, I will see hundreds of dead animals in the South. The duplicity and greed are incomprehensible at this point...
Disgust and sadness, but love for all, CestLaVie

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 07:28 PM
Brought to you by BP, Sea Otters! How nice of them.

Thanks for posting, I would boycott that BP crap and go straight to
Moss Landing. You see quite a few and in their natural surroundings. You can even kayak out there with them.

I live on the Monterey Bay and I watch the little otters all the time. Sad thing is, there are so few. You see one or two paddling around the surfers, cracking their little clam shells.

I've read some books about the Ohlone Indians, who used to occupy this paradise lost. These books say the otters were just so abundant. Even some of the logs of the first 'white man' ships, tell of the utter number of them. The grizzlies would come down from the mountains and clean up any carcasses of whales or what have you. Perfect ecosystem. Then us.

It was such a paradise.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 07:37 PM
OMG ! This is the worst. PB is trying to rally public support by saying See, were the nice guys.

If I were people I would boycott all PB service stations and this Aquarium.

PB is very incompetent when it comes to cleaning up thier oil accidents.. they have a very bad track record and don't even know how or care about using the cleanup equipment correctly.

Check out the two video's here : The video PB doesn't want you to see. One video is on top and the other is half way down the page posted by Destronok called " PB fails Booming School 101"

posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 01:15 AM
Thank you for replying. The BP logo was basically non-existent at the Sea Otter exhibit. There were no protests or such, a lot of young families there were interested in taking multiple photos of the kids, not so much the wildlife.
I made a point of saying "This is a BP exhibit, where is the logo?" I saw a spot on the wall where something had been removed, it could have been anything, but I suspect it was the BP logo or ad of some kind.
The aquarium is not in good shape. Hundreds of guests, yet things are falling apart, poor signage, no cleaning crew evident. One area smelled like a urinal, either they are being broken in to at night, or someone there is using the corner as a loo. Yech. Yet the City of Long Beach is building massive, multi-storied condos next to the Aquarium and overcrowding the area!

The otters are one of the most endearing creatures I have encountered. I find great peace in Sea Creatures being near. I look forward to going back to the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, if it is still there, to see the Dolphins, a beautiful experience.
blessings to all, and thanks for your concern. My heart wails at the thought of the creatures destroyed by this frenzied grab for oil to sell to China. Owie.

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