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Gulf Oil Spill Could Have Been Sealed In 8 Hours Anytime - Is This True?

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 12:47 PM
So I came across this article at of all places, and this guy claims to have a solution to the BP oil spill that could be implemented in 8 hours at any time:

The DEEPWATER HORIZON sinking caused twisted 21 inch riser piping to start leaking in three places at 5,000 feet in the Gulf Seabed. Sadly the proven methods to STOP THE LEAK still have not been used since 042010 until today at 052010 for reasons unknown. BP, Governor of Florida and Governor of LA were all given, along with the President, the Counter Pressure Plug information from a UK inventor Branko R. Babic as he invented same in 1991 for Kuwait Oil Fires above the ground and they will work underwater with ROV welding special thick steel tubes with washers to be welded to the interior while the tubes allow full flow of gas, oil, water through tubes into the gulf.

ROV's can be used to WELD UNDERWATER the 5 inch thick washers compressed with thick rubber washers against the inside pipe sealing off all leaking oil, gas and water while the straight through pipe could take the contents flowing through to the TOP of the sea into barges. Keep in mind the CPP with flow pipe has a BALL VALVE wheel operated to shut down the flow and BP could then try to seal the BOP stopping the leak entirely.

BP and Horizon personnel reviewing the messages since 041610 first started denying the idea had merit and they put a straw type pipe six inches inside with rubber flaps then started drawing OFF oil and gas from ONE LEAKING AREA but BP refused to consider the CPP Invention of Branko R. Babic or suggestion to use a "JET SWET' type invention to seal the big pipe and allow the small pipe to function until welded in place then the BALL VALVE WOULD SHUT DOWN THE WELL SO THEY COULD TRY TO USE THE BOP TO SEAL.


I have no idea if this is true or not or if this solution has been discussed already but I'd like to see what everyone thinks of this.

- coffeecups

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 01:20 PM
Seems credible to me. Tracked down his website:

These pix are from links his site:
Appears to be some big honking valves etc.

Nice find.

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