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Comparing Israeli and Nazi policy - anti-semitism?

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 10:59 AM
1) On 5 January 2009 the Israeli army rounded up around 65 Palestinians (including 11 women and 11 children under the age of 14) in Gaza, several of whom were waving white flags. After handcuffing the men and stripping them to their underwear, the soldiers marched their captives 2km north to al-Atatra and ordered them to climb into three pits, each three metres high and surrounded by barbed wire. The prisoners were forced to sit in stress positions, leaning forward with their heads down, and prohibited from talking to one another. On their first day they were denied food and water. On the second and third, each was given a sip of water and a single olive. On the fourth day the women and children were released and the men were transferred to military barracks.

Is it anti-semetic to compare that with Jews and gypsies thrown into ditches by Nazis?

2) It has been officially revealed that Israel had no qualms against selling nuclear technology to Apartheid South Africa

Apartheid split black natives from white descendants of settlers. Is it anti-semetic to compare Israeli policy today with Apartheid?

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 11:03 AM
This has always bugged me.

Many people claim that religion is crap but when you mention why Israel took over Palestinian land all of a sudden religion has merit.

Another thing, when isreal kills innocent people and people complain about it they like to say that your are an antisemite. Why is that?

I dont hear Iraqi's and Afghani's blaming the wars in the middle east on Christians.

To criticize Israeli government and its military should have nothing to do with Judaism.

This is like calling people who disliked bush, anti-christs.

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