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BP Oil Spill: Gov. Jindal Asks for Permission to Build Barrier Islands

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 08:51 AM

As thick oil flows into the sensitive marshes of the Louisiana coast, Gov. Bobby Jindal called on the White House and BP today to either stop the oil spill or get out of his way.
Gov. Bobby Jindal warns BP and the White House to help or get out of his way.

Jindal is still waiting for the federal government to provide millions of feet in boom and to approve an emergency permit for a state plan to dredge and build new barrier islands to keep the oil from reaching the marshes and wetlands.

Jindal is so desperate for the islands, he's said he'll build them even if it sends him to jail.

"We've been frustrated with the disjointed effort to date that has too often meant too little, too late for the oil hitting our coast," Jindal said.

Gov. Bobby Jindal warns BP and the White House to help or "get out of his way."

Amen Bobby do it, step up to the plate and grow a pair,

Sorry when I hear it will be August before they have this under control? We can't wait.

Every state involved needs to protect their own,

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 12:19 PM
The Republics (states) should do this anyway, with everything. I say it is way past time our Republics flex their 10th Amendment rights and eliminate the federalist monster.

Go for it Bobby!

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 12:48 PM
Maybe they shouldn't of eroded the LA coast in the first place. But that was before Jindal's time.
Not a bad idea to build barrier islands though, though by the time you build them, the crisis will be over.
So not the most effective idea.

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 12:24 PM
I saw this thread on your page and it got me to thinking.

Bobby should have just went ahead and id what was best for the State of LA at that time. Knowing what we know now (and still don't know) is that BP was lying to the Gov't and thus the Gov't continued those lies (knowing or unknowingly).

This should be a lesson for the States. Do what you need to do and worry about the Feds later. What they all need down there is dome people with balls to do whatever needs to be done.

Edit to add.

Congrads on you getting you Gold Content level!

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