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The Global Selloff

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 08:51 AM

Well, here we go everyone, is it just a little correction or could it be the start of something very different. Now that the stimulus money isn't getting pumped in daily, could the market now be really on its own? Even the overseas markets fell like 5-6%. Thats huge!!! Cnn was saying the tensions in Korea was to blame for part of this. I don't know it that is the whole story though. Could the oil spill have anything to do with overseas instability?

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 08:57 AM
Here's a snapshot of the overseas markets at their close!

Home News Investing Personal Finance Tax Real Estate Autos Careers Investing Home Portfolio Markets Stocks Funds ETFs Commentary Brokers
Dow -351.35-3.45%
9,842.04Nasdaq -59.48-2.69%
2,154.07S&P -24.44-2.28%
1,049.21 $7 Online Stock Trades
U.S. markets open

World Markets
Market SummaryUS MarketsCommoditiesTreasurysWorld MarketsCurrencies
International Exchanges
Name Last Change %Change
AEX (Amsterdam) 302.72 -10.85 -3.46%
All Ordinaries (Sydney) 4,286.30 -126.50 -2.87%
CAC-40 (Paris) 3,301.67 -129.26 -3.77%
DAX (Frankfurt) 5,629.77 -175.91 -3.03%
FTSE 100 (London) 4,919.92 -149.69 -2.95%
Ibex35 (Madrid) 8,887.40 -400.50 -4.31%
FTSE MIB Index (Milan) 18,190.99 -839.50 -4.41%
Nikkei 225 (Tokyo) 9,459.89 -298.51 -3.06%
TSX (Toronto) 11,289.96 -231.39 -2.01%
International Indexes
Name Last Change %Change
Amex Eurotop 100 1,993.27 -57.99 -2.83%
Amex Hong Kong 344.05 -11.27 -3.17%
Amex Japan 99.91 -3.08 -2.99%
Amex Mexico 190.49 -4.75 -2.43%
WEBS Australia 18.38 -0.87 -4.52%
WEBS Austria 15.58 -0.81 -4.92%
WEBS Belgium 10.70 -0.36 -3.26%
WEBS Canada 24.65 -0.71 -2.80%
WEBS France 19.34 -0.78 -3.88%
WEBS Germany 18.05 -0.71 -3.78%
WEBS Hong Kong 14.26 -0.37 -2.53%
WEBS Italy 13.37 -0.67 -4.77%
WEBS Japan 9.37 -0.26 -2.65%
WEBS Malasia 10.66 -0.30 -2.73%
WEBS Mexico 45.60 -1.51 -3.21%
WEBS Netherlands 16.72 -0.68 -3.91%
WEBS Singapore 10.53 -0.36 -3.31%
WEBS Spain 31.66 -1.41 -4.26%
WEBS Sweden 21.30 -0.89 -4.02%
WEBS Switzerland 18.79 -0.34 -1.78%
WEBS United Kingdom 13.29 -0.39 -2.85%
Data providers
Copyright © 2010 Thomson Reuters. Click for Restrictions.
Quotes supplied by Interactive Data Real-Time Services.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 11:39 AM
Why be alarmed or be fearful?

We all know the stock exchanges are nothing more than a high class casino. It's all about betting, and it is only the rich that plays the highest stakes.

Let it fall. Let them doom themselves. They know full well what they were in for, and had attempted to con the lesser rich folks to gamble under the nice sounding name of 'investments'.

These monies in the exchanges are NOT investments that produces manufacturing or goods. They are only use to gratify the ultra rich whom are the greatest hoarders, create no wealth by manufacturing but with luxuries and a way of life.

Soveriegn wealth funds and pension funds will be the hardest hit. The subscribers were only looking for 4 to 6% ANNUAL returns, but the cowboy managers including banks had gambled large portions of 'others people money' on 4 to 6% daily returns to justify their million dollar commissions!

And many had lost. Worse will be the subscribers and the pensioners who will loose everything.

Let the casino/stock exchanges collapse. It is an unstainable ponzi scheme and shell con game by big players. The ordinary masses whom form the largest population masses are not in such game anyway.

They have needs to be met - food, water, shelter, health and such needs will generate manufacturing as well as jobs. Life goes on for the ordinary joes. And the hoarders know only too well one day their funds will run out as well, and will return to manufacturing.

Elected representatives best keep their hands off manipulating the market by offering bailouts. Let those who intend to doom others, doom themselves.The dollar will still be used, but valued lower later as other forms of trade value will be used- such as battering or exchange of services.

Thus the charade of the printed dollar will continue on for a while more until a better system is deviced, from resource rich nations.

The rest of human race will pick up the pieces this generation, than to let the other generations suffer. Have courage, for you are all not alone for what is to come. Only from the ashes will the Phoenix arise to a better world.

The only way this fall will not be allowed to happen is if war drums are beaten. Thus, we humanity, must not be distracted or decieved once again, for when war happens, the casino runs are forgotten, and precious common human lives are tricked and wasted, and the ultra rich gets a reprieve from the drums of delusive nationalism.

But I guess, once again, mankind will be decieved, as we always had been. Too many refused to wake up or face up to reality, even after divine intervention helping, prefering and supporting instead slavehood for themselves and their future generations.....


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