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Fish Gasping for Air in the BP Gulf Oil Spill

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 10:26 AM

Originally posted by yellow.sapphirine
no one is doing anything to stop this... we are soo screwed! our precious life, oceans, fishes, birds, our mother earth.. its all in distress.. somebody tell me when are we going to wake up.. and take charge of things, be responsible.....

It might be that NOTHING CAN BE DONE. Here is Mike Papantonio explaining that experts say the gusher won't stop until it's equalized pressure.

The Revolving Door of the regulators hasn't stopped from BushCo to the election of Obama -- I don't see this as anything of the Powers That Be -- just the Kleptocracy That Be. The MMS oversight sold out to the Oil Companies -- kind of like the coke-fueled orgies of the Alaska Regulators who got away scott free (except perhaps for some lingering sexually transmitted diseases) No REALLY:

I don't make this absurd reality up, folks.

Obama is PART of this system -- the system is corrupt, and at least he is a competent Yes Man. But unlike the Bush-Cheney group, most of his appointments are not in place yet -- but the ones he has appointed are not a sea change from the previous group either. Either he can't or he won't change this.

I'm thinking that honestly, most techniques are beyond our ability -- but the other BIGGER PROBLEM, is that even if there is a way to solve it -- the CYA of the regulators in bed with BP is going to prevent them getting help. The Gulf Will die because 3 companies and a few regulators don't want to get in trouble.

>> Now, someone MIGHT be trying to destroy the environment and starve the middle class -- but all they need to do is foster an environment where greed and incompetence rule -- eventually, one of these A-holes is going to fricken crash everything -- just like the Banksters crashed the World Economy and the only way America can stay on top is if the Government allows theme to keep perpetrating their scam on other nations economies.

We are Dependent on BP who caused the problem and we are dependent on the Banks who created the emergency, we are dependent on Mercenaries who continue the wars -- this is like asking Al Capone to clean up Chicago. We are trapped and doomed until we can start over at a community level.

I think what I really need to do, is start a thread on what we can do WITHOUT corporations OR government -- because one has abdicated and the other is merely hungry for blood.

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