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why do people attack the mexicans and not the people allowing them to be here?

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posted on May, 24 2010 @ 10:55 PM
And for the record, I don't know what state you guys live in where illegals work at giant companies, but in Arizona it is near impossible to gain legal employment if you are an illegal alien. It's called e-verify, and it is mandatory in Arizona. Look it up.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 10:58 PM
Should I hate a people for the shade of their skin,
Or the shape of their eyes,
Or the shape I'm in?
Should I hate 'em for having our jobs today?
No -- I hate the men who sent the jobs away.

-James McMurtry, We Can't Make It Here Anymore

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posted on May, 24 2010 @ 11:10 PM
reply to post by Shadow Herder

OK first off, if Mexicans are such hard workers, why did they let their own country go to pot? It seems that hard workers would find a way to prosper... American Citizens have.
and 2nd Why would we give the southern states back to Mexico? So they can run them into the ground too? It isn't because they are Mexican it is because they break the law. Their is a huge Polish illegal problem too, they are also breaking the law.
but the Mexican Problem involves drugs, murder, and kidnapping so people are more angry about it.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 11:14 PM
This problem is complex and here is why people do not like the Mexicans that are illegale is one that goes way back and it is the fault of many. To look at the problem you have to go back to World War I, when there were attacks coming from Mexico up onto US soil. Then during World War II, the federal government invited workers from Mexico to come and do labor to suppliment the labor market. The problem occured afterwards, when they were told that the program was over. Over the years, the federal government has failed to secure the boarder and uphold and enforce the law. That is part of the problem. Ever since it became an issue, there have been political promises, but very little in the way of action. The second part of the problem are the businesses who hire illegale immigrants for less than min wage and keep them in virtual slavery. The thrid part of the problem are the illegale immigrants themselves, who knowingly and willingly break the law to come into the country. As a majority of such are hispanic from latin and south america, and that is where the boarder problem is, then this is also the fault of the Mexican federal government for not only encouraging, but allowing for such to happen. But lets go back to the illegale immigrants who are from Mexico, and why people find them distateful. Every time there the question of immigration reform happens, or a crack down, they are up in arms, screaming racism and flying the mexican flag. This last round of demostrations showed how violent they are willing to become. Stores set on fire, vandalism and attacking police are not the cry of a people who want support, but from those who are demanding what they are not entitled to. And those who are deported more than once, know they are breaking the law and are doing it with full intention. From what I have seen, as I live on the boarder, where the illegale immigrants congrigate, it is dangerous. I hear statements of that there can not be seperate immigration policies from those who support open boarders, but fails to realize that every sanctuary city that exists, that city is doing just that. It is a crime to protect the people who are lawful citizens of the country? I have seen the victims of illegale immigration on both sides of the issues. From the apartment owner who is getting fined by the department of health for too many people in one apartment and on those who risk everything to get into the country. But ultimately I place the blame firmly on 2 people: The federal government for doing nothing, and the actualy illegale immigrants themselves cause they do know that what they are doing is breaking the laws of the country.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 11:20 PM

Originally posted by Afterthought

Originally posted by Prove_It_NOW
reply to post by John_Rodger_Cornman

[edit on 24-5-2010 by Prove_It_NOW]

Riddle me this:
Why do people who catch their lovers in bed with someone else, yet try to beat the crap out of the person they've found them with?
If your lover hadn't invited them to your bed in the first place.....
So, who would you be most angry at?
The lover, or the "intruder"?
They're both at fault, but who is most guilty?

I dunno, they're both dead and I claimed "crime of passion" and talk to the walls in a mental institution. Bad analogy dude.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 11:23 PM

Originally posted by azguyblahblah
And for the record, I don't know what state you guys live in where illegals work at giant companies, but in Arizona it is near impossible to gain legal employment if you are an illegal alien. It's called e-verify, and it is mandatory in Arizona. Look it up.

All e-verify does is determine if a person is a citizen of the country or not. If, and I know it happens, the illegale immigrant steals or aquires the indentity of a citizen, e-verify is not going to catch it. I have seen a report, where the illegale immigrant and his wife stated he had a job with the state of Arizona. And they own a house, that they are financing. So this individual has come into the country illegally, violating federal laws, has used someone elses identity to get a job, a loan and a house, as well as, messing with that persons tax basis, where the person (whose Idenity has been stolen) will end up with a higher amount of taxes to pay.
So if this was you, and lets just say an illegale immigrant from Mexico steals your social secruity number and your identity and works a good job, would it matter if you have to more in federal and state taxes, or that it could mess up any federal aid that you may or may not recieve?

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 11:32 PM
Since the downturn in the economy, I posit that the current spate of anti-immigrant bills is exactly what corporatism does to get rid of excesses in the labor pool. Corporatism controls its labor pool to ensure, like the bowl of porridge, it's juuuust right. Afterall, by allowing in the past to grow the illegal labor pool, corporations made more profit.

Political corporate sympathizers allowed the growing use of illegal labor, and now political corporate sympathizers use these bills to get rid of the excess labor.

The American worker has been trained by corporate sympathizers to act collectively only at church, the shopping mall, an amusement park, or as a participant in a corporate astroturf campaign. To act collectively otherwise is "evil Communism/Socialism/anti-American/Nazism/etc".

Until Americans learn to act once again without fear, or with courage, for their own economic self-interest/survival, ANY worker, legal or otherwise, is at the mercy of corporatism. Fighting for the illegal worker to leave is what a good corporatist citizen is asked to do. Turn and fight the corporate sympathizer is not so easy. Read what these American workers did!

And they won!

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 12:17 AM
Too many facts to list abd your would just just shut down anyhow but....
MEXICO is exporting their worst and protesting when they get them back.

We here in America have been taking so much of the reched refuse that our quota of benevilance has long ago been used up.

Keep your sociatal trash on your side.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 01:12 AM
reply to post by John_Rodger_Cornman

We have been for decades that didn't seem to work now did it? So maybe a little "racial profiling" is involved so what. The Federal Government made the laws that they aparently dont want to enforce so the state made new ones so the police must enforce them. Also in what way if any does this "attack" illegals? Think of it this way when a cop makes a drug bust does he let the criminals off the hook and go after the dealer instead?

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 01:22 AM

Originally posted by jam321
reply to post by Shystargazer

We are trying to stop any terrorist with a WMD wanting to blow something up....or some political assassin.....or drug smuggler.....or white slave trader kidnapping our kids....the list can go on for a while!

Let's see... 19 terrorists plus a few others later came in legally. Drug smugglers come in legally and illegally and through all entry points. Slave traders come in through through all entry points and are likewise legal and illegal.

Yet, you are probably only concerned about the Southern border.

I am only concerned with the AMERICAN borders.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 01:29 AM

Originally posted by John_Rodger_Cornman
why do people attack the mexicans and not the people allowing them to be here? Why don't they attack the companies that divide one person's wage into 8 people(mexicans) to save money? Why don't they attack the politicians for their lax immigration laws?
to be blunt
alot of people are pseudo racists. sure white america likes latinos......that act like them! as a white person there are countless instances when no minority is around where they snicker at someones english. really this falls on the government, not poor mexicans trying to survive

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 01:51 AM
It is simple - America has always been about attacking the Symptoms of a problem and not the cause - Immigration is one of them and Marijuana is another. Police arrest the Pot smokers - not the sellers (probably because they make their living off the sellers being in business). If they arrested all the sellers than there wouldn't be anyone for them to arrest and thus they would be doing their jobs. If you arrest the smokers - the sellers will always be there because the demand - the smokers will always be there.

Just like with immigration. The Mexicans come to America for work. They get across the boarder really easy - a border that Bush swore he would close after 9-11 - but is still open. If all illegals were stopped from coming over than the border guards would be losing their jobs because they wouldn't be needed.

Thus, it is to the law enforcements better interests to make sure they keep their jobs by making sure they target the symptoms of a problem and not the cause of it.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 02:26 AM
People blame Mexicans because it's easier than admitting their worshiped political party, and dear leaders, are total failures undeserving of support.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 09:40 AM
It's simple, they KNOW they are here illegally so they are just as much to blame.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 11:20 AM

Originally posted by Shadow Herder
there are alot of born american people who arent welcome in other countries for their lack of intelligence and or inability contribute to a global society.

That is funny considering that a large majority of the illegal immigrants (most of which come from Mexico) don't even have a high-school education according to Census data. The numbers are between 49-57%.

Nonetheless, illegal immigrants as a group tend to be less educated than other sections of the U.S. population: 49 percent haven't completed high school, compared with 9 percent of native-born Americans and 25 percent of legal immigrants. Wiki

If you want to use "lack of intelligence" according to education as a means to devalue a citizen they wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

They come here and then need to be educated at a high-school level and once here (usually through U.S. born children) some do end up on some major welfare program.

That can be seen as a bit of a drain rather than an instant contribution to society.

Originally posted by Shadow Herder
Many americans on welfare who dont want to work and would rather collect a check and get high.

Yeah, and we all know that illegal immigrants don't do any of those things once here.
We certainly have an extensive criminal background check on every one of them to insure that that have no history of drugs, and other crimes that would be erased once they stepped across the border putting U.S. citizens at risk. All Mexican illegals were model citizens in the corrupt, drug infested cesspool, that has now become Mexico.

Look, instead of Fed-Exing criminals, drug-dealers, and yes, hard working but seriously uneducated Mexican citizens into the U.S. and arguing against those that complain about it, how about just fixing Mexico's vast problems?

The fact is that in Mexico, Mexicans are their own worse enemy.

- Lee

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