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15 live bombs found in house after explosion; man critically injured

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posted on Mar, 7 2003 @ 04:42 PM
15 live bombs found in house after explosion; man critically injured

15 live bombs found in house after explosion; man critically injured
Last Updated: March 7, 2003
Hartford- More than a dozen live bombs and a cache of bomb-making materials have been discovered at an apartment here after an explosion that critically injured a 33-year-old man, authorities reported today.
The man was building a bomb when the explosion occurred, Hartford Police Chief Thomas Jones said.
The 15 live bombs, discovered in crates taken from the apartment, a storage area and a garage in the 700 block of Grand Ave., had price tags affixed to them, Jones told a reporter. Members of the police department and federal agents discovered the items just before noon Friday.
Police and fire units responded to reports of the explosion about 6:15 p.m. Thursday.
Residents were evacuated from a one-block area, which included several apartment buildings. The American Red Cross was called in and worked with residents until they were allowed to return to their homes about 2 a.m., Jones said.
The front window of the apartment was blown out by the force of the explosion, which was heard blocks away - including by a police officer outside his home, Jones said.
The chief said "we were very, very lucky" no one else was injured by the blast.
Jones withheld the injured man's identity. But he was reported in critical condition Friday in Froedtert Lutheran Memorial Hospital's intensive care unit, spokesman Mark McLaughlin said. The man appeared to have extensive and severe injuries from the blast, according to reports.
Jones said samples taken from large containers of apparent explosives and other chemicals found during a search were being sent to the state crime lab for analysis.
"We found what appears to be black gun powder, smokeless powder, oxidizing agents and other items," he said.
Oxidizing agents are chemicals that can be mixed into a bomb's explosive components to increase the amount of oxygen which fuels a blast, Jones said.
One live bomb - cylindrical in shape with an apparent electrical device and wires inserted into it - was found in a closet in the man's apartment, Jones said. The Milwaukee Bomb Squad disposed of it in a remote part of a city park.
Materials collected during the search were turned over to the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. There were also a large number of a commercial grade fireworks found in the search, Jones said.
"This is some pretty volatile stuff," Jones said. "The ATF has the facilities to store it safely."
Jones said the man's apartment, storage unit and garage were "extremely cluttered. There was stuff stacked everywhere."
The department was in the early stages Friday of finding out more about the man, Jones said. He said investigators would interview him as his medical condition allowed.
"What his intent was, we have no idea at this point," Jones said. "Until we delve deeper into his life, we cannot answer that question."
An updated version of this story will appear online later today and in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in the morning.

posted on Mar, 7 2003 @ 11:09 PM
A potential darwin award????


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