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The Dust of the Earth

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posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 01:35 AM
Take a look at the logo auto company alpha romeo uses...

It's a serpent with a crown, eating a person...

I got that off a google image search, and this site came up. I'm not vouching for anything on there, but some of it is pretty interesting...

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 11:07 PM
reply to post by alaskan

This website makes the assumption that the Crowned Serpent (Biscione) is an Illuminati symbol.

The first two images are the source of the Alfa Romeo symbol. You'll notice the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl is also shown devouring a man. Quetzalcoatl is called the feathered serpent. There is even a much older Mesoamerican image of a serpent devouring a man. This one is attributed to the Olmecs at Chalcatzingo. In that image the man is being devoured in the same direction as the Italian Biscione.

This Olmec serpent monument has horns like the classic dragon. They almost look like ears just like one of the Biscione images. What came first? The Italian Biscione image or the Olmec serpent at Chalcatzingo?

posted on Oct, 9 2010 @ 08:47 AM
I find this interesting, because I once came across an interesting passage in the apocryphal book “the Apocalypse of Abraham.” Before anyone discounts this book because it is not part of 'the Bible' consider that the books of the present bible aren't necessarily all true or even cohesive. There are many contradictions. That, however, is not the debate here. Check out this passage. It talks about a certain angel who is ordained to restrain the reptiles (it's at the end of this quote):

“Abraham, under the Direction of the Angel Jaoel, proceeds to Mount
Horeb, a Journey of Forty Days, to offer the Sacrifice (Chapters X.-XII.).
X. And it came to pass, when I heard the voice of Him who spake such words to me,
(and)1 I looked hither and thither and lo! there was no breath of a man,2 3and my spirit was
affrighted, and my soul fled from me, and I became like a stone, and fell down upon the earth,
for3 I had no more strength to stand on the earth.4 5And while I was still lying with my face
upon the earth,5 I heard the voice of the Holy One speaking: “Go, Jaoel,6 and by means of my
ineffable Name raise me yonder man, and strengthen him (so that he recover) from his
trembling.” And the angel came, whom He had sent to me, in the likeness of a man, and7
grasped me by my right hand, and set me up upon my feet, and said to me:8 “9Stand up,9
[Abraham,]10 Friend of God who loveth thee; let not11 the trembling of man seize thee! For,
lo! I have been sent to thee to strengthen thee and bless thee in the name of God—who loveth
thee—the Creator of the celestial and terrestrial. Be fearless and hasten to Him. I am called
Jaoel12 by Him who moveth that which existeth with me on the seventh13 expanse upon14 the
firmament,15 a power in virtue of the ineffable Name that is dwelling in me.16 I am the one who hath been given to restrain, according to His commandment, the threatening attack of the living creatures of the Cherubim against one another,1 and teach those who carry Him2 the song of the seventh hour of the night of man.3 I am ordained to restrain the Leviathan, for unto me are subject the attack and menace of every single reptile.”

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