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Proof B. Spears Is an Illuminati Puppet! UPDATED! Connected to Rothschild Family

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posted on Oct, 3 2010 @ 10:34 PM
reply to post by augustangel


I just did a search for this "R. Christian Wooley" person you mentioned. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post Facebook profile links but I did see someone with that name on facebook and the chances of another person having that exact name is unlikely. I assume you've done some research yourself but do let me know if it's the same man.
This person is actually an actor, so he does seem to have some relevance to this.

Regardless, that's a very interesting experience you had.
Did you ever hear from or contact that man again?
Have you had any further revelations concerning your possible Marilyn Monroe connection?

posted on Oct, 4 2010 @ 01:14 PM
reply to post by Epiphron
OMG!!! It's totally him!! Did u see his religious views? "Freemason" I had assumed he had used a fake name. I never spoke to him after that encounter as I was quite scared. As far as the Marilyn connection, I also had another random person tell me the same thing about my connection to Marilyn. He basically said "you did it right this time, you had the kids you always wanted" I have 2 beautiful children. After years of female problems I was able to have them. I also have always had a slash mark on my stomach at the exact place where she had hers. There are so many more, I would be here all day. I have researched that she was related to many Free Masons as well and I am worried that perhaps I am connected without knowing. Do you know any way that I could search my bloodlines for this? You are soooo helpful. Thanks for getting back to me so fast as well

posted on Oct, 9 2010 @ 02:13 AM
Wow, glad I was able to help.
How do you think he knew about the “past life research” thing? Is he psychic? Do you think they have some sort of record on you? Either way, he obviously knew something about you that you didn’t. So if you really want to dig deeper into this, he certainly seems like the person to go to. Though that’s probably not something you would even consider.

Also, do you think the record deal was another attempt to reach out to you?

posted on Oct, 9 2010 @ 07:49 AM
The thing with the Illuminati or what ever you want to call this group who conjure deitys for there purpose to help manipulate energy which they then control through magik or if you don't buy that then maybe the so called supernatural power they wield is nothing more then technology such as direct energy weapons disguised as magik, is that they manipulate your mind to see what they want you to see and the whole thing is like one big programme they use to wield control for there uses such as power money greed ect ect, and things like Disney and Wizard of Oz programming are used through these forces, it's not like the Disney animatiors are in cahoots with the Illuminati but it's the energy manipulation through magik or technology (what ever your belief may be) that makes these things appear to be so, so in a sense they can make anybody look like there in cahoots with the so called Illuminati or what ever you want to call this group, now through the transgression of time certin patterns have come about but it's up to the individual to decipher such things, but yes people are being programmed through various methods for different reasons, but more and more people are waking up to this....which is a good thing, but the real scary thing is the direct energy weapons the military possess which they have filled patents for, i feel this can be used when perfected as a tool for mass mind control.

posted on Oct, 10 2010 @ 02:03 PM
reply to post by augustangel

I actually did reach out & send him an email. I believe that GOD is trying to tell me something. I have not heard back, but it seems as though he is not on the internet much. I believe the record deal definitely was another attempt to send me a message. I have spent day and night researching all of the facts of the illuminati & freemasons so I am educated on the matter when I do speak to him. There is absolutely NO WAY he could have known the book that I was reading. Also, I wasn't even convinced of my ties to Marilyn at this time, so it was a complete shock to me. I want to find out if I am connected to one of the 13 illuminati bloodlines but I don't know where to find this information. I have been collecting my family's history so that I can start the research. I want answers & I will not rest until I get them!

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 01:06 AM
reply to post by Afterthought

Hi Afterthought, having some knowledge and understanding of the subject to which you refer I must say that Mimi Rothschild has nothing whatsoever to do with the Illuminati Order. She is no more a Rothschild than I am the Magus Rex of the Illuminati Order. Mimi Rothschild is actually Miriam Roth AKA Miriam Mandel, She took the "Roth's Child" name when she started making Dolls using Haitian and Chinese Labor years ago.
She is currently in the middle of a lawsuit with Helen Hegener, the detail of which I won't go into here, but as I said, I have some knowledge of this matter as Helen Hegener is my dear Sister, well, the other ones are OK too.
If there is a subject worthy of ATS it might be the Husband of Mimi Rothschild/Mandel, Howard mandel, not to be confused with comedian Howie Mandel, though Learning by Grace Christian Online Homeschool President Howard Mandel also goes by Dog Howie over in his fight club where he likes to beat and get beat with 6' rubber hoses with the brass attached.

Howard Mandel, like his Wife, has other names that he goes by, one being Duncan RiZe, he has some music posted over on his MySpace page.

"...but the time is now and I'm going to take those canisters, and place them just as planned by the dept of pranksters, it will be hard on some but what I do will well be worth those crushed to buildings and buried in Earth"..(some other crap).."and everybody knew that I'll never make it back."

"I'm going to take those canisters, and place them just as planned by the dept of pranksters, it will be hard on some but what I do will well be worth those crushed to buildings and buried in Earth"..."and everybody knew that I'll never make it back."

I'll leave that to your own interpretations. I'm almost willing to bet Duncan has a dog eared copy of Catcher in the Rye close at hand.

Duncan RiZe (He's a Baptist, get it? Dunk and Rise? heheh) can also be found as HMandel on this site:

The ongoing saga of Mimi Rothschild and Helen Hegener's legal struggles can be found at

I can be reached at between 6 and 10 Thursdays.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 11:26 PM
Is Learning by Grace a CIA Mass Mind Control operation?

Mimi Rothschild's Learning by Grace Academy, AKA Grace academy, Morningstar Academy, Narnia Academy, Southern Baptist Academy, St Gabriel Catholic Academy and other names has been putting out a “curriculum” for about 10 years. There is not a single registered Teaching professional on the staff of these academies nor is there any sign of a board of directors, advisers or anyone other than a handful of minimum wage employees. LBG (Learning by Grace) is owned by Mimi Rothschild. Her Husband, Howard Mandel, owns ELRN Inc., a company that advertises itself as a management company. They (Howard) manage LBG. Mimi pays Howard. Mimi claims that Learning by Grace is a “Non Profit” and that all of the profits are returned to the school or other programs. ELRN Inc., is not a Non Profit, so Mimi pays Howard an undisclosed sum to manage her. You have seen this before, like when the CIA creates an Airline and then uses the airline to fly drugs and money and invasion forces all over the World while pretending it’s just another private carrier. You have seen this when Monsanto sets up some small shell company to market their latest brand of human and planet killing poison, then when the torches and pitchforks and lawsuits start rolling in they give the CEO a huge bailout, bankrupt the company and continue selling the poisons under a different label. You saw this when the old Mob would set up a Casino to “wash” their extortion, numbers and drug profits. You see this a lot in the Skull and Bones/Illuminati, since the early days of the rail Roads it has been a common practice to set up a shell organization to handle the dirty work, insulating the parent company from scrutiny while laundering money that needed cleaning.
Mimi and Howard would have a hard time justifying buying cars and homes (like the $2+ Million Mansion purchased, evidently for cash, just this summer) with her wage as CEO of LBG, even tossing the wages she pays her children and elderly Mother it would be a stretch, but if you pay Howard a nice fat contract salary he can buy anything he wants, after all, he is not encumbered by some silly made up non profit label, that might be the reason the new mansion is in just Coward’s (er, Howard’s, stupid spell checker) name, Mimi needs to appear to be the poor, religious martyr donating all her time, energy and money to help educate and feed the poor children of the World. Perhaps if Mimi had not dedicated so much of her time to helping the starving and stupid she might have had the time to become involved in her Son’s life before he found his own escape with a fatal drug overdose. Howard is reported by Mimi (not a reputable source!) to be in the final stages of Colon Cancer. When my wife developed Brest Cancer years ago I gave the owner of the trucking company I worked for 2 weeks notice that I’d be leaving and why. He understood and I was gone in a few days to attend to the needs of my Wife. My life, and all others took a backseat to the immediate needs of saving my wife’s life. Mimi has shown no indication that Howard is deserving of such consideration, in fact with in days of Howard’s diagnosis she started a law suit that is costing her enough money she could have given Howard treatments at almost any of the World’s cancer centers. She has devoted what seems to be all of her time to attacking the two women she sued for daring to speak the truth about her double dealing enterprises, both of whom were and are experienced and well respected professionals in the area of Home Schooling. Mimi is facing terrorist charges on October 31st for attacking a Blue Cross worker that was trying to HELP her file paperwork to get Howard treatment.

Mimi and Howard ran a similar home/cyber school years ago called Einstein Academy, (they seem to love stealing names that are better than theirs, like Einstein, Rothschild, Hegener) where Einstein Academy got tax money diverted from school districts and then Einstein Academy paid a management company called Tutorbots to “manage” the Academy. Of course Mimi and Howard owned Tutorbots, so it was really just a “shell” company to divert non profit funds into for profit pockets, which is what they did with Millions until they were forced out of Einstein and sued as Tutorbots.

Learning by Grace has a “clandestine” management company, run by a man that has some shadowy relationship with the elite power structure (his Mansion is through a convoluted “trust”) and they send out some sort of educational materials that must be returned. There is no way anyone can preview these materials unless they join and send their money, and even then they are only renting the materials, they have to send them back. Just as the “Catcher in the Rye” was and is a CIA programming instrument could it be that Mimi Rothschild and the Learning by Grace educational materials are CIA programming and that is why they are trying to protect them from prying eyes?

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