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Obama tells military: prepare for North Korea aggression

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 05:06 PM
"out of chaos, order...."

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 05:16 PM
Can someone let these buttholes borrow their Battle Ship game??? How can so many people love war and so many others hate it?? Its really sad.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 05:17 PM

Originally posted by NWOWILLFALL
Yeah mr. lizard is right, I'm an American and it hurts to see people buy into this countries propaganda like this...You don't have to believe what these so-called leaders say but yet you do, and call it being a true american or a patriot but really all it is, is agreeing with the well played out lie.


Maybe i was a bit harsh really, but the truth is...

War should be a final option and not the first.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 05:30 PM
reply to post by lordvader

Yeah Lordvader...that's what we thought about Iraq as well.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 06:24 PM

Originally posted by EvolvedMinistry

Originally posted by 7even7eas
Can Someone Explain to me the ties between North Korea And China?
a little before my time.

Because the way i see it : Kim jonk Il is Insane, Entire World knows it and is most likely Sick of it.

We should Join millitary Forces with the Chinese and Give them North Korea to help settle the Debt.

Really??? Kim Jong Il is insane??? Show me proof that he's any more insane than say...George Bush. Show me that he's any more insane than say...Obama. Because, I don't see N. Korea fighting any wars or oppressing anyone but their own people. However, I do see America fighting against anyone that they can STEAL oil from, or any natural resource that will benefit them in their WORLDWIDE QUEST FOR GLOBAL DOMINATION.

So...who's insane again???

Give me ONE INSTANCE of Kim Jong Il's insanity. Just one. Show me how he has been a world-wide threat to anyone except the U.S.A. which comes at a very convenient time for the U.S. to capitalize off of another war just when the America's economy is collapsing right under them. Or how about the convenience of a boogieman right when there's a HUGE OIL SPILL that was created by our supposed "allies." By the way, how many people were aware that Halliburton was responsible for the concreting of both OIL SPILLS that have occurred recently? Interestingly enough, they purchased an oil spill cleaning company just 8 days before the oil spill occurred in OUR WATERS (I'm sure that this was just a COINCIDENCE). They were not only behind the Australian oil spill, but ours as well.

Nonetheless, I'm SO tired of Americans falling for the same repetitive propaganda. Its so dimwitted to see it occur OVER AND OVER. They create an enemy. Then magically, there's some sort of "ATTACK." And then, America claims to be the knight in shining (stinking) armor who intends to right the wrong, and then our economy suffers because we can no longer sustain our conquests to control every living thing under the sun.

But hey, just keep trusting the machine...what do you have to lose other than...
1. worldwide respect
2. credibility
3. possible family members who are dumb enough to enlist
4. more of our sinking economy
5. Civil Liberties. Because you order to fight terrorism, we need to lose essential freedoms and privacy (patriot act...wiretapping) so that we can make the world safe against EVERYTHING.
6. Moral ground
7. allies

As a matter of fact, we LOVE war so much, that we're willing to fight each other if we can't clearly define an outside threat as an enemy. (Arizona, California, Texas)

Hail to the divided States of America!!! Soon we won't even need a boogieman. We'll be so busy killing each other that to have an outside threat would only get in our way.


[edit on 25-5-2010 by EvolvedMinistry]

Your comment is noted and Respected.

But i still feel that his war threats towards a superpower while starving his people is insane.

war, in MY VIEWPOINT against NK is of course last resort. respect, pride, and credibility doesnt matter. Innocent lives are at risk. Bloodshed should always be last resort. but if theres a chance to liberate the north koreans, i really feel they are better off under chinese control than what they currently are Forced to suffer through.


it is truly hard to weigh these things on a scale.

i didnt cause the problems you've stated. i was born into them.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 06:51 PM
Four 300 ton subs disappeared from port near the Musudan-ri missile launch pad site in North Hamgyong province a couple days ago. I doubt they are heading north. I don't know how helpful this information is but it might relate in some way.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 06:56 PM

Originally posted by aboxoftrix
Four 300 ton subs disappeared from port near the Musudan-ri missile launch pad site in North Hamgyong province a couple days ago. I doubt they are heading north. I don't know how helpful this information is but it might relate in some way.


Never mind, I see now, let the games begin!

Off subject here, my you are sexxxxy!

[edit on 25-5-2010 by ErEhWoN]

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 07:01 PM
It's about 8:30am 05/26/10 when news came out about 4 NKorean 300-ton-class submarines are simply missing!! SKorea are saying that NKorea's subs whereabouts are unknown.... for the last 2days.
Read for more info

It might be part of the SKorean/U.S. anti-sub exercise? Or perhaps it's not a drill(cover for op)?

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 07:30 PM
reply to post by mr-lizard

Apologies I'd missed the follow on post. However this still sounds like an excuse not the reason.

But as I don't know you and your philosophy I'll simply observe till I know more.

However painting all with the same brush does not promote understanding.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 07:45 PM
reply to post by and14263

Please.... grant me the knowledge of your country of birth? So I can cut and paste some downfalls in your country's history.... Just to keep an even playing field...... I can't see the whole picture from a stone thrower until I know where his glass house resides.... I'm really good at internet arts and crafts also...... can't wait!

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 08:06 PM
reply to post by FraternitasSaturni

Are you for real? Did you really just ask me to pull out my history book and look up what dictator the US rescued Europe from? Wow.... I'm stumped...... lets see.... What major dictator did the US rescue Europe from......??? Thats a tough one.... Hitler? NAZI's? [*SNIP*]


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[edit on 5/25/2010 by AshleyD]

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 10:09 PM

Originally posted by rajaten

Originally posted by The Theorist
I fear we're witnessing the beginning stages of WW-III to be honest. The last time we got involved in the Korea war, we ended up toe-to-toe with the Chinese. That was during a time when China was considered by many to be an inferior country militarily. This time around, they may have the home field advantage against us. Sheer numbers alone over-powered us last time. If it happens again, this time, they hold the good hand.

We owe China so much money, their military seriously dwarfs ours, and now they're damn near just as technologically advanced. Yeah, this will spiral out of control VERY quickly. This worries me.

That being said, South Korea has the right to defend itself. And they're allies to us. I really don't like where this is headed.

I agree dude. ww3 could be just around the corner.

This is starting look more and more like World War 3 is about to blow up in our faces, I agree. As Gandalf said...."The board is set, the pieces are moving."

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 10:57 PM

You talk the talk when more than half the world hates you and your bullsh.t foreign policy based on total disrespect for human life because of money, your arrogant way of imposing yourselves to every nation on earth, the right you think you have to police the world, the hate that grows stronger each time you come up with a new war, or invade another country and seize their sovereignty based on lies and so called "evidence", the way you scheme and plot your next step and prevent the world from actually being a better place...

[edit on 24-5-2010 by FraternitasSaturni]

Hey easy there turbo. People LIKE YOU really annoy the hell out of me! Wanna know why? Because are totally playing into the hand of those that want to destroy us ALL..second by allowing your emotions to dictate the way you respond conveys ignorance (JUST LIKE the dude that got a rise out of you in the 1st place), and lastly....again man...THINK before you lash out against America and immediately group us all together!

You talk about "disrespect" in your response but pl;ease know that in that response you DISRESPECTED literally THOUSANDS of the so called "World Police" (which again...a title that NO ONE in America wears as a so called badge of honor as WE THE PEOPLE are and always HAVE BEEN AGAINST the BS drama/wars/conflicts that our government either got us into, OR LIED to get us into)....but back on point....KNOW that LITERALLY THOUSANDS of those world police forces DIED IN BATTLE on FOREIGN SHORES OF EUROPE as well as many other countries DOING WHAT THEY THOUGHT WAS FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL MANKIND!!!

The troops in WWII had no freaking idea that some dude named Prescott Bush was truly a traitor/treasonous devil that had bankrolled flippin Hitler for profit, and to bring about change that ultimately resulted in huge profits and furthered a nefarious hidden evil agenda that some day would set the stage to ENSLAVE US ALL!!

No man...THOSE WORLD POLICE DIED for what they believed they were sent there to do...LIBERATE THOSE WHO WERE OPPRESSED AND BEING SUBJECTED TO THE MOST HORRIFIC ATROCITIES KNOWN TO MAN!! And look...if I failed to make sense...then please go and rent/buy the DVD box set titled "Band of Brothers" (that was recreated based off of the stories of those "world police" and their unselfish call to duty).

Now...if we all could set aside our biases, egos, prejudices, and look at back history in a way that is NOT in line with what we all had been "taught" (programmed/brainwashed)...BUT INSTEAD see it for what it REALLY WAS/IS (our well as YOUR COUNTRY having been sold a lie...a lie for which the populace was not let in on), and RE-EXAMINE THE ACTIONS OF THIS WORLD POLICE FORCE...that was NOT FOLLOWING ORDERS WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE GREATEST CONSPIRACY OF ALL TIME but instead lets revisit it from the Soldiers/Airmen/Sailors points of view and WHY they had done/are doing what the have?

I see America having done things that took more courage, acts of bravery, well placed heart and love for humanity, and most want the people of the world to be FREE!! So much so that they gave their lives for it on the beaches of Normandy, to the desert sands of the mountainous terrain of Afghanistan. And BELIEVE ME...for all of the other wars/conflicts that was outside of having a clear mission objective of liberation/freedom...TPTB had to work REAL HARD at lying/manipulating our troops (i.e. national security in danger, NATO allay under attack, America was struck 1st...false flag), BUT THEY HAD TO RESORT TO AN EXTREME LIE BECAUSE THEY KNOW THAT THEIR MILITARY...the WORLD POLICE WOULD NOT SUPPORT IT!!

Again please ALL of you take this in next time you go and attack A DUMBASS AMERICAN for making an IGNORANT comment about something in which he/she knows nothing on. Thanks


posted on May, 25 2010 @ 11:26 PM
reply to post by The Theorist

sun tzu art of war says that after you've drained your enemies resources, destroyed his economy and have passed him militarily victory is within reach. that saying america will never allow kim jung il to unify korea under a communist flag. the only outcomes will either be the destruction of n.korea or a wider war that leads to the nuclear destruction of both china and the usa. in other words world war III.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 11:31 PM

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 12:38 AM
OK so I am new to this site and to the whole conspiracy/nwo/illuminati insight, I suppose some would say recentley awoken to it. Being new I cannot start a thread, but this one seems appropriate. So my search started in youtube but long story short I came across the Bob Dylan sells his soul video, for those that havent seen it;

this video had me thinking for a few days, he just seemed so genuine and I just haven't been able to shake it so today I decided to research it a bit more, so I googled "Bob Dylan Commander in Chief" (as he stated in the video as being the "it" he made the bargain with) which led me to his song Tombstone Blues, please note the following lyrics;

The Commander-in-Chief answers him while chasing a fly

Now finally please may I take you back to this;

this is enough proof for me! I dont know if this has been covered before but now I have seen this thread I just had to add this as he is definaltey the "it" the "Commander in Chief" and he is definaltey preparing for battle.

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 12:51 AM

Originally posted by ufomechanic
Why is it that every president we ever had either caused a recession or went to war? I don't think this one is an exception

Because while we vote for the president, he answers to powers above
him that do not stand in the light of day.

Our presidents for some time are merely taking orders from
those we have not seen on TV.

If the masses of 170+ nations knew those who played the rest
of the world for fools they'd find their heads on pikes on the Appian Way.

I pick the Appian Way for those fans of Machiavelli who sit on the
Club of Rome, and also Bilderberg, CFR, and the Trilateral Commission.

Those who seek one world language.

Those who set in stone 3 decades ago the Georgia Guidestones
with their words so much like those in the book "Ecoscience" and
"Limits to Growth".

For those who play the current set of puppets, the masters of puppets
sit in the shadows and they are the ones who start the wars you mention.

What we see in politics on TV is merely a Houdini or an Illusion if you will,
and the strategy of divide and conquer puts ppl at each others throats
inside nations, and various other groups against each other.

Seeking order out of chaos by guiding the chaos and the common
folk not seeing the hidden hand playing most of us for fools.

Take the time to watch Invisible Empire with an open mind and
consider what it means if it is even half correct.

Good Luck to you all !

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 01:26 AM

Originally posted by bair1975
reply to post by FraternitasSaturni

Are you for real? Did you really just ask me to pull out my history book and look up what dictator the US rescued Europe from? Wow.... I'm stumped...... lets see.... What major dictator did the US rescue Europe from......??? Thats a tough one.... Hitler? NAZI's? [*SNIP*]


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[edit on 5/25/2010 by AshleyD]

The U.S didn't save Europe.. we could just as easily say we saved your asses cause Hitler would've steamrolled the U.S. if we didn't put up a fight until the end.
What would have happened if Hitler got the bomb? He already had V2's..

No, Russia saved us, if Hitler wouldn't have made the mistake to attack Russia things might have turned out far different.

Besides.. U.S corporations stood behind the German warmachine, thank you very much!

I'm so sick and tired of hearing how you saved us.. typical american attitude. The truth is Hitler would've won if any one of us(Euro, Russia, US) didn't participate so why do you say that you saved us. It works both ways. The US didn't even intervene until Pearl Harbor, y'all came in the last second taking all the credit.

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 02:48 AM
your dead on the money LAUGHING.

They didn't save # .
It was alot of country's involved and helped to bring down the Nazi's .
Have a good look at how the Nazi's came about and who were behind them.

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 07:52 AM

South Korea’s armed forces is trying to trace out 4 North Korean submarines which became invisible from their east seashore stand after organizing naval training in the East Sea former this week, today as per a military official.

Places of the North’s four 300-ton-class submarines have been yet not known for 2 days. Military official, who was not recognized, told “We are tracking the four submarines by mobilizing all naval capabilities in the East Sea.” The submarines left the Chaho base situated close to the Musudan-ri missile release pad site in North Hamgyong district in North Korea’s northeast sea shore, as per the official.

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