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Noah's Ark Was......A DNA Bank?

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posted on May, 23 2010 @ 10:53 PM
So I watched a very interesting show on the History channel last night and it brought up the suggestion that the Ark, Noah was commissioned to build and to bring two of every animal in the world on was actually a mega DNA bank,that Extra Terrestrials had used to store the DNA of all living things, because they saw that man was wicked and wanted to start over, but is it possible or just a far out thought, just think

How could Noah and his small family build a boat large enough to fit two of every single living creature, and how did they travel around the world to do this, it doesn't seem logical or in any way possible? Even with gods help it seems an impossible feat

It would, however be possible to have the DNA gathered into a facility to store for the future, in fact we have our own "ARK" of it today

It may be far out, but it is possible.
Any thoughts

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 11:00 PM
That is a interesting theory. But what about similar legends written before Noah's tell? If they are the similar then it is even more possible.

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 11:02 PM
May explain what Noahs Ark really was.

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 11:03 PM
Noah's Ark may have been a metaphor for something that actually happened??....very interesting.

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 11:07 PM
reply to post by wrathchild

Exactly, everything in the book of Revelations is a metaphor, why can't this be one as well

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 11:07 PM

Originally posted by l neXus l
So I watched a very interesting show on the History channel last night and it brought up the suggestion that the Ark, Noah was commissioned to build and to bring two of every animal in the world on was actually a mega DNA bank,that Extra Terrestrials had used to store the DNA of all living things, because they saw that man was wicked and wanted to start over, but is it possible or just a far out thought, just think

How could Noah and his small family build a boat large enough to fit two of every single living creature, and how did they travel around the world to do this, it doesn't seem logical or in any way possible? Even with gods help it seems an impossible feat

It would, however be possible to have the DNA gathered into a facility to store for the future, in fact we have our own "ARK" of it today

It may be far out, but it is possible.
Any thoughts

I saw this show too and I thought it was cool to see someone else think this. I thought I was crazy to think it. I have always had my own views on Noah's Ark and all it entails. I think it is possible that it could have been a DNA bank and not have actual animals. I wouldn't be surprised if these vaults all that are all over the world don't have DNA stacked up in various rooms.

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 11:08 PM
Yes, that could be very possible.I think all the ancient stories have been passed down like whispering in the ear of the next person in a large cicle. What comes back to you is a little different from what you started.

Or the, how does a cave man describe a DNA bank?

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 11:21 PM
Another possible way is Aliens helping Noah build his boat.

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 11:22 PM
reply to post by l neXus l

It sure makes a lot more sense than thinking they actually got on board a ship that had predatory animals some very dangerous, or even that a ship could have been built large enough to carry some several thousand species of animals, birds and bugs!!! Don't you think?

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 11:24 PM
reply to post by l neXus l

Another possibility that no one seems to bring up is that Noah's Arc may not have been the only Arc. There may have been hundreds of Arcs.

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 11:31 PM
This actually reminds me of the Ark from the Halo mythology; essentially a database of the galaxy's DNA set a safe distance away from any harm that may come to it if the SHTF.

I always enjoy seeing seemingly random things like these correlate, at least on a cosmetic level. Like the Death Star looking like that one moon (which one escapes me at the moment).

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 11:33 PM
I responded to a simalar thread as this,and was poo poo so bad i shut up,glad some of you think the same as me,i was thinking the same thing how could Noah build a ark that was big to carry about every living animal on the planet twos at that,and all the wild animals that would eat each other and Noah himself,not unless he had huge containment stalls to protect,I thought what if Noahs ark wasn't a boat persay,but a huge ufo just a theory

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 11:41 PM
And please no religious fanatics saying his God is the only possibility, because if he cared so much for his creations, things like the oil spill, and the extinction of 5 species a day happen, I'm not dissing god at all, it just seems a little to impossible

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 11:43 PM
small family??? noah wuz 600 yrs old.... his family was friggin HUGE. the only people allowed on the ARK were Noahs family so you got to imagine if ur 600 yrs old ur family has got to be pretty big right?

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by jasmine23

lol read my reply.... how could u not think that noah couldnt build the ark? he can live to be more than 600 yrs old but ohhh not he cant build a big ass ark so that every living thing can chill. come on guy....

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 12:01 AM
reply to post by l neXus l

I think I'll stick with the story where God thought Noah was a good guy. And he told him to build a really big boat that would save him and his own plus all the animals.

THis is how I see evil and I have a few problems with this thread and others like it. When posting about Noe why is it someone always comes along and claims the Bible authors stole that arc story from some older civilization. Why is it that people always talk about Noe's boat but always attack the validity of it then in the same post attack Christians who hold these beliefs as true.

So Why didn't you post this thread with a title like, Ut-Napishtim Dna Boat. But no It's always an attack on the Christian faith. Oh and by the way the "history Channel" is one of the most anti-Christian propaganda" tools available to man.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 12:12 AM
reply to post by Loken68

I am a Christian and I do believe the bible, but I'm not too happy with the big man right now,

most of the bible is a metaphor, so that's how I personally see the story of the ark, as a metaphor

[edit on 5/24/2010 by l neXus l]

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 12:15 AM
reply to post by infolurker

Greek: The first race of people was completely destroyed because they were exceedingly wicked. The fountains of the deep opened, the rain fell in torrents, and the rivers and seas rose to cover the earth, killing all of them. Deucalion survived due to his prudence and piety and linked the first and second race of men. Onto a great ark he loaded his wives and children and all animals. The animals came to him, and by God's help, remained friendly for the duration of the flood. The flood waters escaped down a chasm opened in Hierapolis.

Welsh: Dwyfan and Dwyfach escaped in a mastless ship with pairs of every sort of living creature. They landed in Prydain (Britain) and repopulated the world.

Lithuanian: One happened to land on the peak of the tallest mountain, where some people and animals had sought refuge. Everybody climbed in and survived the flood floating in the nutshell.

Transylvanian Gypsy: The old man told the host to take a wife, gather his kinfolk, and build a boat on which to save them, animals, and seeds of trees and herbs. The man did all this. It rained a year, and the waters covered everything. After a year, the waters sank, and the people and animals disembarked. They now had to labor to gain a living, and sickness and death came also. They multiplied slowly so that many thousands of years passed before people were again as numerous as they were before the flood.

Sumerian: The god Enlil warned the priest-king Ziusudra ("Long of Life") of the coming flood by speaking to a wall while Ziusudra listened at the side. He was instructed to build a great ship and carry beasts and birds upon it. Violent winds came, and a flood of rain covered the earth for seven days and nights.

Babylonian: The third time, Enlil advised the gods to destroy all humans with a flood, but Enki had Atrahasis build an ark and so escape. Also on the boat were cattle, wild animals and birds, and Atrahasis' family.

Assyrian: Utnapishtim was warned by the god Ea in a dream. He and some craftsmen built a large boat (one acre in area, seven decks) in a week. He then loaded it with his family, the craftsmen, and "the seed of all living creatures."

Chaldean: The god Chronos in a vision warned Xisuthrus, the tenth king of Babylon, of a flood coming on the fifteenth day of the month of Daesius. The god ordered him to write a history and bury it in Sippara, and told him to build and provision a vessel (5 stadia by 2 stadia) for himself, his friends and relations, and all kinds of animals. Xisuthrus asked where he should sail, and Chronos answered, "to the gods, but first pray for all good things to men." Xisuthrus built a ship five furlongs by two furlongs and loaded it as ordered.

Zoroastrian: He instructed Yima to build a vara, a large square enclosure, in which to keep specimens of small and large cattle, human beings, dogs, birds, red flaming fires, plants and foodstuffs, two of every kind. The men and cattle he brought in were to be the finest on earth. Within the enclosure, men passed the happiest of lives, with each year seeming like a day.

Masai (East Africa): God commanded Tumbainot to build an ark of wood and enter it with his two wives, six sons and their wives, and some of animals of every sort. When they were all aboard and provisioned, God caused a great long rain which caused a flood, and all other men and beasts drowned.

Asia & Pacific

Vogul: The Great Man counseled the other giants to make boats from cut poplars, anchor them with ropes of willow roots 500 fathoms long, and provide them with seven days of food and with pots of melted butter to grease the ropes. Those who did not make all the preparations perished when the waters came.

Kamchadale (northeast Siberia): A flood covered the whole land in the early days of the world. A few people saved themselves on rafts made from bound-together tree trunks. They carried their property and provisions and used stones tied to straps as anchors to prevent being swept out to sea. They were left stranded on mountains when the waters receded.

Altaic (central Asia): Nama entered the ark with his family and the various animals and birds which had been driven there by the rising waters. Seven days later, the cables gave way from the earth, showing that the flood had risen 80 fathoms. Seven days later, Nama told his eldest son to open the window and look around, and the son saw only the summits of mountains. His father ordered him to look again later, and he saw only water and sky. At last the ark stopped in a group of eight mountains. On successive days, Nama released a raven, a crow, and a rook, none of which returned. On the fourth day, he sent out a dove, which returned with a birch twig and told why the other birds hadn't returned; they had found carcasses of a deer, dog, and horse respectively, and had stayed to feed on them.

Tuvinian (Soyot) (north of Mongolia): An old man who had guessed something like this would happen built an iron-reinforced raft, boarded it with his family, and was saved. When the waters receded, the raft was left on a high wooded mountain, where, it is said, it remains today.

Buryat (eastern Siberia): God told Noj to build a ship. The devil tempted his wife to find out what he was building in the forest. When the devil found out, he destroyed by night what Noj built by day, so the boat was not completed when the flood came. God was forced to send down an iron vessel in which Noj, his wife and family, and all kinds of animals were saved.

Hindu: It told Manu that the end of the yuga was approaching, and soon all would be covered with water. He was to preserve all creatures and plants aboard a ship which had been prepared. The fish warned Manu of a coming deluge and told him to build a ship. When the flood rose, the fish came, and Manu tied the craft to its horn. The fish led him to a northern mountain and told Manu to tie the ship's rope to a tree to prevent it from drifting. Manu, alone of all creatures, survived. He made offerings of clarified butter, sour milk, whey, and curds.

Lisu (northwest Yunnan, China, and neighboring areas): A pair of golden birds flew down to them one day, warned them that a huge wave would flood the earth, and told them to take shelter in a gourd and not to come out until they heard the birds again. The two children warned their neighbors, but the people didn't believe them. The children sawed off the top of a gourd and went inside. For ninety-nine days, there was no wind or rain, and the earth became parched. Then torrents of rain fell, and the resulting flood washed everything away. The brother and sister occasionally could hear the gourd bump against the bottom of heaven. After long waiting, they heard the birds calling, left the gourd, and found they had landed atop a mountain, and the flood had receded.

Korea: One day, rains came and lasted for many months, flooding the earth with a raging sea. The laurel, in danger of falling, told his son to ride him when it came uprooted by the waves. The boy did so, floating on the tree for many days. One day a crowd of ants floated by and cried out to be saved. After asking the tree for permission, the boy gave them refuge on the branches of the laurel. Later, a group of mosquitoes flew by and also
asked to be saved. Again, the boy asked the tree for permission, was
granted it, and gave the mosquitoes rest. Then another boy floated by and asked to be saved. This time the tree refused permission when its son asked. The son asked twice more, and after the third time the tree said, "Do what you like," and the son rescued the other boy. At last the tree came to rest on the summit of a mountain.

Dyak (Borneo): When the flood came, a man named Trow made a boat from a large wooden mortar previously used for pounding rice. He took with him his wife, a dog, pig, cat, fowl, and other animals, and rode out the flood.

Alfoor (Celam, between Celebes and New Guinea): As a great worldwide flood receded, the mountain Noesake emerged with its sides clothed with trees whose leaves were shaped like female genitalia. Only three people survived on the top of the mountain. The sea-eagle brought tidings of other mountains emerging from the waters, and the people went thither. By means of the remarkable leaves, they repopulated the world.

Maori (New Zealand): Two prophets, Para-whenua-mea and Tupu-nui-a-uta, taught the true doctrine about the separation of heaven and earth, but others just mocked them, and they became angry. So they built a large raft at the source of the Tohinga River, built a house on it, and provisioned it with fern-root, sweet potatoes, and dogs. The earth had been much changed by the flood, and the people on the raft were the only survivors.

Samo-Kubo (western Papua New Guinea): People climbed to the highest mountain, but still the rain came and the water rose higher. People were drowning. Two brothers built a small raft and climbed aboard. Others tried to climb on with them, but the raft held only two. The two brothers floated off, and only they survived the flood.

Hawaii: Nuu was of the thirteenth generation from the first man. The gods commanded Nuu to build an ark and carry on it his wife, three sons, and males and females of all breathing things. Waters came and covered the earth. They subsided to leave the ark on a mountain overlooking a beautiful valley. The gods entered the ark and told Nuu to go forth with all the life it carried.

North America:

Eskimo (Orowignarak, Alaska): A great inundation, together with an earthquake, swept the land so rapidly that only a few people escaped in their skin canoes to the tops of the highest mountains.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 12:29 AM
I saw the show also . I mentioned this in a post in another thread but , no one even raised an eyebrow , so I let it go .

As far as the difficulty of going all over the world to collect the animals , wouldn't it have been just as difficult to go all over the world to chase these animals down and extract DNA from them ?

While I believe it to be utterly impossible and ludicrous that Noah loaded two of each animal onto a boat built to the dimensions given in the bible , I also find it just as ludicrous to think that he travelled the entire planet extracting DNA from every animal species .

To Loken68 :

Go ahead and stick with your story , I don't see anyone trying to convert you here .

This is how you see evil ? People approaching things with an open mind ?

You have problems with these threads ? Why do you visit these threads then ?

Stole the ark story ? Yes , there are numerous cultures that tell the same story of a world wide flood .

No one has attacked any christians or the christian faith in this thread .

In fact , your post is the first one to attack anyone or anything .

Hmmm... imagine that .

If you don't like beer drinkers , stay the hell out of the bar .

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 12:48 AM
reply to post by okbmd

Then why did op point to ark if the idea was stolen. According to what you just posted The thread author made a mistake. He should have used an older or as you might say original story.

That in itself makes this thread bunk and a hoax if we go by your definition.
That was also the source of me asking why the op was involving the Hebrew/Christian story. I mean come on its obvious with tons of history that absolutely no research was done except "watching the History channel".

Other than that I could give a rats a** what you think.

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