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New Proof Of Nibiru! It's Coming! Prepare!

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posted on May, 24 2010 @ 10:51 AM
reply to post by stereologist

Hi Stereologist,

even though you have been shown that no brown dwarfs are close to our sun.

By whom?

Are you multidimensional?

If you've read over the thread here you would already know what I think about an object coming that is unseen/detected to the human eye from another dimension that will intersect/collide with this one. Can I prove such a thing? NO can you disprove such a thing? NO You can always try though according to theories and current knowledge based on what humans currently know and understand according to their current level of intelligence/perception/awareness---consciousness and so on but you cannot disprove what I've suggested and I don't really expect you to believe either but some of you might want to keep in mind the possibility at least.

Earth Changes are coming and regardless if it's an object that will bring it to pass or a dimensional/energy shift I advise people to mentally and spiritually be prepared and keep an eye on the Earth Changes!

For those of you who believe in Ancient Prophecy I will share some of it here because as many are well aware "Wormwood" a brown dwarf is found in many ancient texts including biblical prophecy in the book of revelation (Bible) among other prophecies.

Enjoy the read!


Prophecy-the ability to foretell future events before they actually happen. This mysterious ability has been the source of fascination and controversy for thousands of years. Pharaohs have sought the advice of prophets, emperors have been astounded by their abilities, and kings have put them to death over unpopular predictions. Many modem-day church denom­inations also include prophecy in their teaching doctrines now-while others totally disdain it.'

The popularity of modem-day prophecy has been reflected in numerous surveys/polls conducted over the years. In many of these polls, upwards of 86% of (mixed gender) adults said that they believed in the validity of prophecy. In fact, according to the University of Chicago's National Opinion Research Council, 67% of all adult Americans actually believe they, themselves, have experienced a precognitive event at least one time in their lives.

Even though many people firmly believe in psychic abilities and modem science has positively confirmed the reality of this arcane phenomenon, as in the past, prophecy still remains a controversial and heated subject--especially in religious circles.

Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of 'psychic phenomena' because we really don't understand (or control) how these 'prophetic abilities' operate. In other words, many prophets apparently see clear 'glimpses' into the future-but we still don't understand exactly how or why these 'gifted ones' are able to accomplish their psychic feats. It's simply human nature to 'ridi­cule' or become 'suspicious' about mystical or spiritual things we fail to fully understand.

Regardless of your personal take on 'prophecy' and 'clairvoyance' the fact remains, however, that certain people (from time-to-time) are able to psychically perceive selected events that will take place in the future or have in the past. Sometimes these people have the unique ability to visually 'witness' (mentally seeing through the newer science of 'Remote Viewing'-a mental discipline using power(s) of the human mind to incredibly 'perceive/see') certain events taking place 'outside' of the normal confines of linear 'space' and 'time'-both forward and backward.

As a side note to our fascinating subject on 'Remote Viewing,' physicist Harold (Hal) Puthoff, Ph.D, is Director of The Institute For Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas.

He's kicked around the idea of assembling a crack team of professional 'Remote Viewers' to determine 'if' and 'when' we could research the following 'X' criteria: 1) if there's a real-time Planet-X lurking around out there? 2) And if there is, where's it headed (either into or out of our solar system)? 3) If 'X' is real and actually coming at us approximately when should we expect 'X's' arrival? And 4) does 'X' really look like what most of our predictions/prophecies/ancient accounts describe it to be; i.e., the 'Red Dragon'/fireball in the heavens/dark star/cosmic serpent/ terrible comet/Typhon/the great destroyer/Saquasohah/Planet of the Crossing and 'Wormwood?'

Dr. Puthoff, one of the original pioneers of 'Remote Viewing' science and two of his colleagues, Russell Targ of SRI International (formerly the Stanford Research Institute) in Menlo Park, California, and a self-tutored student of parapsychology named Ingo Swann-set out in the early '70s to put the controversial subject of 'Remote Viewing' on the scientific map. Running a successful series of psychic experiments they tested a number of qualified individuals using their unique mental powers to establish a number of pre-established 'viewing' objectives-some of them non-military related while others primarily supported in-depth Pentagon-related projects.?

In addition to 'Remote Viewing' techniques, most psychic individuals often perceive these future events by different 'means.' Many are visited by angelic entities showing them images of events that will come to pass. Others view future events while in a 'dream-like' or 'trance state,' or during 'deep meditation.' Still others mysteriously lose consciousness and suddenly find themselves confronted by graphic images of the future. The infamous prophet Nostradamus, for example, would witness vivid images of the future while the 'seer' would remain visually trans­fixed staring into a small glass-like pool of water.

Knowing what we already know regarding this approaching brown dwarf star and the geologic phenomena of Earth's lithospheric displacement (pole shift), when clairvoyant individuals do witness these events coming to pass in prophetic visions of the future -we should definitely take a moment, keep an open mind and then hear them out.

The fact is that numerous prophets throughout the centuries have foreseen great changes taking place on planet Earth in our near future. Often these visions involve a shifting of our planet's axis of rotation, which triggers enormous geologic upheavals and a dramatic alteration of Earth's topography. At other times prophets have had visions of a terrifying 'celestial object' that will appear in our sky, reaping havoc and destruction across the world.

These prophetic individuals often believe they've witnessed these future events in order to warn mankind, hoping their prophetic visions will educate receptive individuals to prepare themselves before these dreaded events come to pass again. We can, of course, choose to ignore these dire warnings but we'll be doing so at our own peril-like viewing the forest without seeing the trees.

Our best course of action is to keep an open mind regarding the reality and accuracy of psychic abilities. We should listen to their messages seeing if 'they' fit into what we already suspect the future may hold for us. Even though we may not always like the messages that prophets foretell, they've proven a long history of being right about future events. -And it would be unwise to dismiss their prophetic warnings without careful witness and consideration.

Let us now investigate some of the prophetic warnings from some of the better-known/wel ­renowned visionaries-some from the past and some from the present. Let's investigate if their messages will further illuminate our understanding of what may be headed our way!

King James Version Bible!

Today, when we talk of upcoming Earth Changes, we have the luxury of an extensive scientific vocabulary at our disposal in order to communicate these ideas. We banter around terms such as pole shift, lithospheric displacement, block faulting and brown dwarf star because our modern­ day advancements in science offers us a new dictionary of rich terms to effectively communicate specific Earth Changes concepts/terminology.

Thousands of years ago however, the writers of the Holy Bible had no such linguistic arsenal at their disposal. These gifted individuals had to convey their prophetic visions saddled with the limited terminology of their day.

As we know, pole shifts are periodic in nature and have happened hundreds of times in the past. The writers of the Bible were familiar with this cyclic nature of Earth's pole shifts and eluded to these events both in the 'past' and in the 'future.'

Instead of using our modem terminology however, the writers of the Bible describe these pole shifts by the 'physical effects' that take place in their wake. In other words, the Bible describes pole shifts as times when the stars, Moon and Sun move strangely in the sky, or when vast amounts of volcanic ash block out sunlight, causing the Sun and Moon to 'go dark' or 'withdraw' their light. They also described pole shifts as times when the entire Earth trembles and becomes inclined-causing great floods to envelope the land.

In addition, the writers of the Bible also described the passage of the brown dwarf by the 'physical effects' this object has on the Earth as well. They often described the passage by phenomena such as the Sun, Moon or land turning into blood as 'red' iron oxide dust is blown from the brown dwarf's atmosphere and covers the Earth, or as an eagle with a red tail screaming across the sky.

The writers of the Bible described these future pole shifts and brown dwarf passages, taking place at a time of great destruction. They often referred to these events as "The Last Judgment" or "The Day of the Lord" or "Armageddon" or "The Chastisement."

An example of this type of 'symptomatic' description of geophysical events can be seen in the book of Joel. When the Old Testament was assembled it was written less modem-day verbiage and scientific bias. They essentially wrote about what they saw, understood and believed in.

(JoeI2:10) The earth shall quake before them; the heavens shall tremble; the sun and the moon shall be dark, and the stars shall withdraw their shining.

(JoeI2:30-31) And 1 will shew wonders in the heavens and the earth, blood and fire , and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.

The biblical prophet Joel is clearly using the limited terminology of his day to describe some of the physical manifestations that will take place when the brown dwarf passes Earth in the future and our planet's poles shift. The prophet Amos also describes some of the same physical effects of a future pole shift when he states:

(Amos 8:9) And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord God, that I will cause the sun to go down at noon, and I will darken the earth in the clear day.

In the New Testament of the Bible, the theme of an upcoming pole shift remains the same.

(Matthew 24:29) Immediately after the distress of those days (the passing brown dwarf), the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken ...

(Mark 13:24-25) But in those days, after that distress (the passage), the sun will be darkened, the moon will not give her light; the stars will come falling from the sky, the celestial powers will be shaken.

(Luke 21:9-11) Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilence in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea (due to gravitational influences). Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.

The last sentence of (Luke 21:9-11) relating to "men fainting from terror," points out the importance of being forewarned and prepared for these coming events. If you're aware that these events have taken place in the past and are simply a part of Earth 'great cycles' that don't spell the end of the world, you will be much more likely to deal with the passage of the brown dwarf rationally and calmly. If you're aware that these events are once again coming, you can prepare yourself spiritually, physically and mentally to better deal with your tasks at hand­ simply surviving. In this case being forewarned is truly being forearmed! And there is no need to psychologically 'freak out' when things around you start falling apart, simply hold it together.

As revealing as these prophetic messages are, however, some of the most detailed Biblical warnings of what our future holds can be found in the last book of the Bible, known as the Book of Revelation. This apocalyptic book was written 1,900 years ago by St. John the Divine and has fueled controversy throughout the centuries due to its enigmatic language. Revelation is prob­ably the most confusing book in the New Testament and the Catholic Church doesn't teach it.

Armed with the understanding by reading previous chapters of this book-the encrypted mes­sages of Revelation should be easier for you to decipher-so let's begin by taking some notes.

One of the most revealing descriptions of future events contained within the Book of Revelation is a vivid account of the next passage of this failed brown dwarf star-which 'it' refers to as­-WORMWOOD. This account of the brown dwarf's next passage is so detailed in fact, it describes this object's 'bloody-red' tail as it flies through the heavens and the 'red' iron oxide fallout that poisons the waters of Earth while darkening the Sun, Moon and stars.

(Revelation 8:10-13) And the third angel sounded, and there fell a star from heaven, burning as though it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers and upon the fountains of waters; and the name of the star is called Wormwood; and the third part of the waters became (poisoned by) Wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter (toxic from the iron oxide). And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was eclipsed and the third part of the moon and the third part of the stars, so that the third part of them was darkened, and the day was darkened for a third part of it, and the night likewise. And I beheld, and heard an eagle, having a tail red as it were blood, flying through the mists of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe to those who dwell on the Earth, by reason of the other sounds of the trumpets of the three angels which are yet to sound! -END -

The last sentence of this chapter which mentions an eagle flying through heaven with a red tail saying, "Woe, woe, woe to those who dwell on the Earth, by reason of the other sounds of the trumpets of the three angels which are yet to sound!"-is important to keep in mind. Remember the passage of the brown dwarf is not the end of the physical calamities- it's just the beginning.

The Book of Revelation also goes on to vividly describe the physical damage this object's deadly passage will cause, saying:

(Revelation 6:12-14) And I looked when he had opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great Earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; and the stars of Heaven fell to the Earth, even as a fig tree casts it green figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind. And the heavens separated as a scroll when it is rolled separately; and every mountain and island shifted from its resting place.

As Wormwood's tremendous gravitational effect takes hold of Earth, enormous physical pressure is placed on our planet's crust causing a "great earthquake." Volcanic ash subsequently turns the Sun "black as sackcloth" and 'red' iron oxide dust blown off the surface of the brown dwarf by the solar wind makes the moon "become as blood."

As the solid lithosphere of our planet begins to slide, the gigantic tectonic plates comprising the Earth's continental make up commences to buckle and move. Block faulting begins to happen, and as a result, "every mountain and island shifted from its resting place."

This section of Revelation also gives us a glimpse of the 'sheer chaos' and 'societal breakdown' this next passage of Wormwood is going to cause when it says:

(Revelation 6: 15-17) And the kings of the Earth and the great men and the commanders of thousands and the rich and the mighty men and every bondman and every freeman hide themselves in caves and in clefts of the mountain, and said to the mountains and the rocks, fall on us, and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb; for the great day of His wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand? - END-

Clearly the "kings of the Earth" and the "commanders of thousands" (government and military leaders) will have a hard enough time trying to save themselves and preserve the continuity of government-much less assisting the hapless populace. You (the reader) would be wise to keep this point in mind as you continue reading this book. Simply stated, if you're going to survive these upcoming global cataclysms, you're going to have to save yourself first-don't be expect­ing help from anyone outside yourself-especially the government or military who'll soon be overwhelmed/preoccupied by the severity of what's coming! More on this in later chapters.

As frightening as the Book of Revelation is, however, it also brings us an ultimate message of hope/optimism. For this final book of the Bible clearly states that after the trials of the upcoming Earth Changes subside, 'peace and prosperity' will return to our planet as 'the Good Shepard' brings a 1,000 year 'golden age' of 'spiritual enlightenment' manifesting here on planet Earth.

The 'Our Lady Of Fatima Prophesies!

One of the most famous and provocative accounts of Earth Changes prophecy comes to us from the past-a miraculous Christian melodrama called the Fatima Prophecies.

At exactly noon on Sunday, 13 May 1917 and precisely on the Feast of the Ascension, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, three small innocent children ranging in age from seven to ten, were busy tending their sheep together in a natural depression called Co va da Iria, near the herding village of Fatima, located about 80 miles north of Lisbon, Portugal.

On the stroke of 12:00-pm that day, a brilliant flash of light appeared out of a clear blue sky suddenly startling the three children. Then a second blinding flash drew their attention to a small tree, in front of which suddenly appeared (like in a holographic image), a beautiful lady wearing a sparkling rosary around her neck. She told the three children not to be afraid-that she had come from heaven to speak with them and to give them a warning about the future of Earth.

After asking them to return to this same spot (at precisely the same time) on the thirtieth day of each of the next six months, the Lady mysteriously rose into the sky and disappeared.

So closely following her directions the three children returned to Cova da Iria exactly one month later accompanied by several incredulous villagers. Once again at precisely noon, this time a small white light floated down from the sky hovering above the same tree. Right on time, the Lady appeared again to begin speaking to the children about events that were going to happen in their future. A short time later the Lady again departed, and as she did, all the villagers present heard a great sound (like that of a loud rocket)-as she instantly vanished high up into the sky.

News of the shining Lady's appearances rapidly spread throughout this staunchly Catholic com­munity and bulging crowds soon gathered around the children as they attended subsequent visi­tations. For her next appearance one month later (and subsequent visitations thereafter), the mysterious Lady of Fatima conveyed a series of 'three' specific prophecies to the small children regarding future events here on Earth.

Upon receiving these three prophesies, the children reported what the lady had told them to the Catholic Church. The Church in turn released the following information regarding the first 'two' of these 'three' prophecies to the public. This information can be summarized as follows:

1) WW I would soon end (which it did one year later) and ...

2) There would be an even more terrible war (WW II) that would break out during the reign of Pope Pius XI and would be 'heralded' by an unknown light in the nighttime sky.

So it was no surprise when this weird illumination of the sky actually happened on 25 January 1938, when the skies over the northern hemisphere suddenly came aglow with a spectacular crimson light looking much like "a reflection of the fires of hell," as soon reported by the New York Times who had devoted nearly a full page reporting this strange celestial occurrence. And true to her word-WW II did break out in 1939 when Hitler invaded Poland-forever plunging Europe and the world (including the U.S.) into the heat of prolonged global conflict.

The Lady of Fatima added that another major war would be averted if Russia converted back to Christianity (it did in 1989) as the old Soviet Union collapsed under President Gorbachov's pere­stroika leadership and President Reagan's persistent mission-"Mr. G. -tear down that wall."

3) Strangely, the third Fatima prophecy given to the children by the heavenly Lady has, to this day, never been fully revealed to the world. And those who are familiar with this third prophecy loudly proclaim that it's simply too 'horrible' to be discussed and there­fore-should become known as the 'third secret' of Fatima-kept a hush, hush subject.

It seems that in 1917 (after this third message was delivered to the church by the three children), it was not read, but instead sealed in an envelope with specific instructions from the Lady not to open it until the year 1960. That envelope was then entrusted to the care of the Vatican.

It's reported that upon opening this sealed 'third secret' prophecy in 1960, Pope John XXIII began to tremble with fear and is said to have almost fainted from the shear horror of what the message foretold. Even though the Lady of Fatima had given specific instructions for the 'third prophecy' to be opened and then revealed to the public at that time (back in 1960), Pope John resealed the envelope vowing that its apocalyptic message would never be released to the world.

What could be so 'horrible' / 'terrifying' about this' third secret' message given at Fatima? And why would Rome's Catholic Church attempt to suppress this important Christian information?

Exactly what this 'third secret' prophecy of Fatima contains is still open to hot debate, but it's largely agreed that part of it's message deals with the future demise of the Catholic Church that 'it' says will happen during an upcoming period of great planetary cataclysm and human travail.

Unfortunately, many of the key details of this important prophecy have not yet been 'officially' released to the public and the Church in Rome continues to desperately keep the specifics of this last and final message given to the children at Fatima-a closely guarded Vatican secret.

But because the Lady of Fatima had specifically instructed that this third prophecy be released to the public in 1960, and upon opening the message the Pope adamantly refused to deliver it to the world, conflict began to brew within the Church itself over following the Lady's instructions. Apparently, not agreeing with Pope John XXIII's difficult decision to conceal this 'third secret' prophecy, close Vatican insiders decided to 'leak' at least 'part of it' to the Italian press.

So on 15 October 1963, the newspaper, Nues Europa, printed what they claimed to be (at least) part of the third Fatima prophecy that they'd received from informants inside the Vatican who believed that message needed to be released. The leaked segment of the 'third' prophecy stated:

For the Church, too, (at the end-times), the time of its greatest trial will come. Cardinals will oppose cardinals and bishops against bishops. Satan will march in their midst and there will be great changes at Rome. What is rotten will fall, never to rise again. The church will be darkened and the world will shake with terror (as the poles shift). The time will come when no king, emperor, cardinal, or bishop will await Him who will, how­ever, come, but in order to punish according to the designs of my Father.

No wonder the exact content of the Lady's third prophecy is still being suppressed, hidden by a fearful Vatican even today----despite the heavenly Lady's instructions that it 'could' and 'should,' be fully revealed to the public in 1960.

Rampant speculation continued to swirl around the exact contents of this 'third secret' through­out the 1960s and 70s. Then in 1980, Pope John Paul IT made a startling statement to a small group of Catholic parishioners who privately asked him why the 'third secret' had not yet been fully revealed by the church. The good Pope's philosophical comments where later printed in a German magazine called Stimme des Glaubens. Pope John Paul IT's confusing and vague answer to the parishioners stated the following commentary:

It should be sufficient for all Christians to know this much: a message in which it is said that the oceans will flood entire sections of the Earth; that,from one moment to the other, millions of people will perish ... there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this secret message. Many want to know merely out of curiosity, or because of their taste for sensationalism, but they forget that 'to know' implies for them, a 'responsibility.' It is dangerous to want to satisfy one's curiosity only, if one is convinced that we can do nothing against the catastrophe that has been predicted/

This partial release of the third Fatima message is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg however. Vatican insider, Father Malachi Martin, furnished an even more revealing glimpse into the actual 'root cause' of this upcoming catastrophe contained within the third prophecy of Fatima.

Father Martin was a former Jesuit priest and a full professor at the Vatican's Pontifical Biblical Institute. He held doctorates in history, archeology, and Semitic languages. A brilliant scholar, he served in Rome (at the prestigious Vatican Observatory) from 1958 to 1964, where he was the associate of Cardinal Augustine Bea and none other than the Pontiff himself, who had opened the third prophecy of Fatima, Pope John XXIll.

Father Martin was privy to the entire third prophecy of Fatima (which was communicated to him directly by the Pope), and although he would not break his vow to keep secret the exact context of the 'third secret' prophecy, he did inadvertently release the main theme of the prophecy in a nationally syndicated radio interview with 'metaphysical space guru,' Art Bell on 5 April 1997.

Father Martin indicated that a large celestial object, possibly a comet, was approaching the Earth and its affects were going to be disastrous! The end result of this comet's passage was in fact, going to be worse than anything that could be imagined on Earth causing a global cataclysm on a scale unknown to modem-day humanity.

The object's passage would also lead to massive conflicts within the leadership of the Catholic Church and ultimately its absolute destruction. According to this interview, Father Martin mentioned this planetary cataclysm possibly taking place in the very near future-quite possibly within 10-12 years. (Note: 1997 -2009 = 12 years)

Unfortunately, Father Martin died shortly after Art's show aired under very 'mysterious' circum­stances and it's been suggested that he 'may have said a little too much' in his 1997 radio inter­view on the Art Bell show. This isn't the first time that a mysterious death has occurred over 'X.'

Shortly after Father Martin's death, a close associate of his named, Kathleen Keating, released a bombshell book entitled: Earth, The Final Warning. Keating's book indicated a celestial event, possibly a passing comet, would soon usher in a period of great planetary destruction. People needed to heed this warning preparing themselves and their loved ones for this upcoming event.

As an interesting side note, the Vatican recently built several 'state-of-the-art'solar observatories around the world. Suspiciously, all the doors of these expensive/high-tech observatories are sealed to the public. And further, the Vatican subsequently refuses to discuss the real purpose of these observatories or what their telescopes are currently searching for. Now why would the Vati­can, a religious institution, be so interested in what's going on in outer space? And why would they need several exotic observatories strategically located at key points around the planet?

Could these observatories all be busy gazing at the same incredible incoming celestial object-a brown dwarf star called 'Wormwood' as found in the New Testament's Book of Revelation?

And will the appearance of this massive and terrifying celestial visitor trigger a pole shift that will bring down the Vatican in a swift and sudden event long-predicted-but never publicly admitted to-by past Popes and the Catholic Church hierarchy currently running the Vatican?

It's important to note these Fatima prophecies weren't given to us just to invoke fear, but are a prophetic warning. Their true intention: to motivate us spiritually, mentally, physically and emo­tionally preparing ourselves, so we'll be able to face these upcoming Earth Changes, ultimately surviving them--then take part in the dawn of a new 'millennium chapter' that awaits our planet.

If we accept the reality of these heavenly visitations (whether one's Catholic or not), we must then evaluate the consequences of 'what' the Blessed Lady said to the three children and 'why' ?

Veronica Lueken!

In 1988, just as NASA and others were working overtime to conceal the discovery of the approaching brown dwarf, a gifted Catholic visionary named Veronica Lueken experienced an interesting series of visitations from the Blessed Virgin Mary in the town of Bayside, New York. Part of the Blessed Virgin's message to Veronica stated:

Look up and see what lies beyond your windows; a ball that is fast hurtling towards the earth (the brown dwarf) .. For even the scientists have failed to recognize the speed of this ball.

Could NASA, through its clandestine observations, have underestimated the speed by which this celestial object is approaching? And could this object arrive much sooner than NASA originally calculated? Since NASA still knows very little about brown dwarfs and especially how they behave in the stellar regions of space, the idea that they've miscalculated its speed and possibly other critical details of its approach seems reasonable-although strange considering?

In another visitation the Blessed Virgin goes on to tell Veronica:

I repeat again, the earthquakes will increase in volume. California shall be struck. New York shall be struck. As I told you once before, there will be earthquakes in places that have never known a quake.

It will startle them (the people of the Earth) and frighten them, but will they come to their knees? Few will, my child, because I can tell you this; they will not have the time to make amends; that is the sad part.

. According to the Blessed Lady's words in the above para­graph we can expect this mounting earthquake trend to continue-especially years 2006 - 2012.

In addition to increased earthquakes, the above paragraph gives us another example of just how fast this object is traveling and how suddenly it will visually appear in our sky. For the Blessed Virgin states that these events will happen so fast-that "they (the people of the world) will not have time to make amends." When this event transpires it's going to be fast, furious and final!

The Blessed Virgin then shows Veronica an image of this approaching 'ball of fire' and how it will effect our Sun before triggering Earth's pole shift-which will involve great earthquakes. Veronica describes one of her visions stating:

I see a huge ball and the sun; it's a ball of fire. And this is another ball of fire (the brown dwarf). And a piece is now broken off, and it's hitting into the sun. And there---Oh! Oh!

It's an explosion. Oh, I can't look. Oh! Everything seems so still and I see people now holding onto the chairs in their houses. Everything is rocking"

This would seem to be a vivid description of 'Wormwood' approaching the Earth and briefly appearing as a 'second' Sun in our sky. A piece of the brown dwarf (or a large piece of its fore ­ward debris field) crashes into the Sun, triggering an enormous solar flare. As our planet's crust begins slipping around its molten core, the entire planet shudders as frightened people cling to any thing solid in their homes. Apparently, the entire planet is literally rocking!

The Blessed Virgin continues her message referring to the approaching brown dwarf as the "Ball of Redemption." She mentions its flammable (reddish) hydrocarbon tail and the great loss of life that will ensue upon this object's fiery passage.

She also mentions that scientists and ordinary men alike will have no explanation for this object's sudden appearance. Keep in mind that NASA has kept this upcoming event so secret that when it does takes place-most scientists and especially the general public will be in for one hell of a really big surprise!

The Blessed Virgin!

... Many will die, yes; this Earth will be cleansed with a baptism of fire! Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. (Keep in mind that the brown dwarf s flam­mable hydrocarbon tail has set the Earth ablaze in the past).

They (people) will be eating and drinking and marrying, and then comes the Ball. Their flesh shall burn and dry up and blow off their bones as though it never existed. All those who have defamed their bodies, the temples of the Holy Spirit within them, these bodies will burn .

.. . Scientists will look with fright as will the ordinary man. Know, my child that no scientist will know an explanation for its appearance, the Ball of Redemption nears, and many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption '

In concluding her message to Veronica, the Blessed Virgin says:

Now you are bargaining with the final count, my children. For as night will turn into day, and day will fall into darkness, that day will come when you will cry out for mercy, and it will be too late. The Ball of redemption shall take from your Earth three-quarters of mankind. Your country, America the beautiful, has not witnessed (such) a massive scale of destruction and death (as you will soon see).

This same alarmingly high casualty rate is unfortunately reflected within most other prophecies!

As we've seen demonstrated by the number of similar reference to these Earth Changing events cited throughout this book-the end conclusion becomes a constant-planet Earth will be facing several years of catastrophic events quite possibly ending in 2012 with a devastating polar shift.

Saint Hildegard of Bingen!

Born in Bockelheim, Germany in 1098, Hildegard of Bingen was educated at the Benedictine Convent of Disenberg and eventually became its Mother Superior in 1136. She was renowned for being a prolific writer and composer and was very influential throughout Europe for her sharp mind and keen wit. She's best known today for her apocalyptic visions of the future care­fully noted in her many convent writings.

She recorded these visions between 1141 and 1155 A.D., and subsequently placed then into a collection of writings entitled: Scivias, which is Latin for "You will know." Interestingly, her writings often mention a 'great nation' across the ocean, which is remarkable because this 'great nation,' presumably the U.S. -was unknown at the time of her writings in the lih century.

According to the prophetic visions of S1. Hildegard:

After the Great Comet (passes), a great nation across the ocean (the U. S.) will be devastated by earthquakes and storms with great waves of water. There will be want (starvation) and plagues; the ocean will flood the others (presumably other countries). The entire coast will live in fear; many will be destroyed.'

S1. Hidegard would seem to be in agreement with so many other prophets throughout history that have sacrificed so much in order to send us these dire warnings about our future. Make no mistake-this cosmic object is coming and it's going to power-shift our planet's poles!

In fact, so prevalent is this idea of an approaching celestial object within the field of prophecy, that many researchers over the past several hundred years have become quite convinced of the reality of this pending event-their research, books and many writings all saying the same thing.

A recent example can be seen in Rev. R. Gerald Culleton's book, The Prophets and Our Times.

In 1941 during the war, and after carefully studying all of the religious prophesies from the past, Rev. Culleton became absolutely convinced that a large celestial object was on its way towards Earth and was going to cause a significant amount of damage as it passes us. He subsequently wrote, "The Comet by its tremendous pressure (gravitational pull) will force much (water) out of the oceans many countries ...

Padre Pio!

A Capuchin monk, who lived from 1887 to 1968, was one of the few priests in recent times to genuinely bare the stigmata of Christ's crucifixion (meaning that Father Pio would sympatheti­cally bleed from his hands as if he, too, had been crucified by nails).

Born, Francesco Forgione, in the tiny village of Pietre1cina on 25 May 1887, he is said to have displayed unusual intuitive abilities as a child. At the young age of 15 he entered the Catholic monastery there and was thereafter known as Padre (father) Pio.

Over the course of several years, Father Pio received a series of prophetic warnings regarding the future while in deep prayer. According to the incredible visions of Father Pio, the heavens will become 'disturbed' and begin to drift as the brown dwarf passes our planet. A rain of flammable hydrocarbons will envelop the Earth (the hurricane of fire). The Earth's poles will then shift, causing massive earthquakes, extreme weather conditions and many volcanic eruptions that eject massive amounts of smoking ash and fire-all of which blacken the skis across the world.

Here are a few excerpts from these divine communications and they, too, reveal bad news:

Watch the sun and moon and the stars of the Heavens. When they appear to be unduly disturbed and restless, know that the day is not far away .. .Pray that these days will be shortened.

The day of revenge is near-nearer than you can imagine! And the world is sleeping in false security! Keep your windows well covered. Do not look out. Light a blessed candle and pray. Do not go outside the house. Provide yourself with sufficient food. The powers of nature shall be moved and a rain of fire shall make people tremble with fear, Have courage! I am in the midst of you.

Hurricanes of fire will pour forth from the clouds (the hydrocarbon tail) and spread over the entire earth. Storms, bad weather, thunderbolts, and earthquakes will cover the earth for two days. An uninterrupted rain of fire will take place (as the brown dwarf passes)!

How unconcerned men are regarding these things. Which shall so soon come upon them, contrary to all expectations (that things are currently normal). How indifferent they are in preparing themselves for these unheard of events, through which they will have to pass so shortly!

This catastrophe shall come upon the earth like a flash of lightning (suddenly). At which moment the light of the morning sun shall be replaced by black darkness! No one shall leave the house or look out a window from that moment on.

There shall be great confusion because of this utter darkness in which the entire earth shall be enveloped, and many, many shall die from fear and despair.

Ultimately, the good Father's message is simple. Don't be complacent-become informed as to what is approaching the planet. Prepare yourself spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally for when the dreaded events happen-then we take cover, pray, think clearly and ride it out.

Although this Italian monk's apocalyptic message has fueled controversy for many decades, the good padre obviously struck a sensitive nerve within the Catholic Church-because in July of 2002, the Pope bestowed the highest honor possible on Padre Pio by canonizing him-thereby making Pio a saint of the faith and Holy Church in Rome.

The newly canonized Saint Pio's visions not only resonated with the Catholic Church hierarchy (which should tell us something of the catastrophic events they obviously now believe are approaching), but with loving parishioners throughout the world. Today, Saint Pio's shrine in the village of San Giovanni Rotondo is visited by over eight million pilgrims every year and is second only to the shrine of Our Lady of Guadeloupe in Mexico, a cathedral in Mexico's Capital.

Then on 2 December 2003, a life-size bronze statue of Saint Pio located in the town of Branca­leone (in southern Italy), started weeping blood-leading many of his followers to believe that his apocalyptic visions of the future might now be closer at hand!

A similar dire warning about the future can also be found in the works of Marie-Julie Jahenny, the 19th century cleric who astounded parishioners with his prophetic insights. Father Jahenny stated:

The crisis will explode suddenly .. .No one outside a shelter will survive ... red clouds like blood will move across the sky (the passing brown dwarf). The crash of thunder will shake the earth and sinister lighting will streak the heavens out of season (electrical discharges between the brown dwarf and Earth). The earth will be shaken to its foundations (pole shift). The sea will rise; its roaring waves will spread over the continent. The bodies of the wicked and the just will cover the ground. Three-quarters of the population of the globe will disappear. Half the population of France will be destroyed. 12

Once again, this crisis will explode 'suddenly' because the brown dwarf is very difficult to see until it's right upon us. The object's passage will trigger a momentous pole shift and Earth will be left with a massive casualty count and a century of clean up.

As we have already stated, all of these prophecies are given to us as a warning in order for us to be proactive taking steps to help our families and ourselves to survive what's approaching. The high casualty count doesn't have to happen. The coming events are survivable with a little foresight, preparation and courage. Stay informed, inform others, prepare, persevere and pray!

Brigham Young!

In the 1800s, a religious man named Joseph Smith received a series of visitations from an angelic being. Joseph was told to copy the text of a series of copper plates and the Book of Mormon came into existence subsequently forming the Mormon religion headquartered in Salt Lake City.

This church is also known as the Church of the Latter Day Saints (emphasis on Latter-Day). Many people do not realize that this denomination of Christianity has a very apocalyptic message attached to it. One of the church's early leaders, Brigham Young, made a statement that reflects the severity of the upcoming Earth Changing events this religion is expecting, thus offering us an additional glimpse into what many others in the world also believe is headed our way.

From Brigham Young's Journal of Discourses we read:

You will hear of magnificent cities now idealized by people sinking into the earth entombing the inhabitants. The sea will heave beyond its bounds engulfing many countries. Famine will spread over the nation ... The time will come that gold will hold no comparison in value to a bushel of wheat.

The Mormons are expecting a massive planetary cataclysm in the very near future.. This cataclysm will involve great changes to the topography of Earth and an ensuing global famine could ravage our American society. Today, the Mormon religion is well known for encouraging its followers to keep a one-year supply of food, water and living necessities on hand. Their religion also maintains canning and food storage co-ops for its members. Obviously Mr. Young had some divine insight as to what's expected in our collective future.

David Jevons!

In the 1970s, a young man from Great Britain named David Jevons began to give a series of prophetic readings on a wide variety of subjects. These readings became known as the Ramala Prophecies, and have been translated into a number of best selling books that have astounded readers with the spiritual depth and insight of this intuitive's remarkable message.

In the late 1970s, a group of people asked Mr. Jevons what he thought of the predicted upcoming Earth Changes, to which Jevons replied:

I will begin by making a simple statement .. .It is a cosmic fact that all forms of life, no matter what the level of evolution, are born, die, and are born again, in an endless cycle of evolution. The earth has done this many times (in the past) ....

I believe that the major Earth Changes will be initiated by what I will call the "Fiery Messenger." There is even now a star of great power (the brown dwarf) proceeding towards our Solar Body (the Sun). The star, at this moment, is invisible to the human, or even telescopic eye, but is set on a path, which will bring it into conjunction with our Planetary System. As it passes by it will affect the motions of all the planets of our System, therefore, will bring about changes on the surface of the planets themselves. The effect of the passage will be to set in motion the Earth Changes that are prophesied (pole shifts). Various lands will sink; others will rise (all resulting from block faultingi'"

David Jevons was then asked, "The star that was spoken of, has it passed through this Solar System before?" And to which Mr. Jevons replied, "Yes." He was then asked, "Is it Halley's Comet?" To which Jevons responded, "No. It is far Bigger than that." 15

The Grail Message!

Shortly before the massive devastation inflicted by World War II, an important message was given to our planet, which has since been referred to as the Grail Message. Not a whole lot is known about the origin or the deeper implications of why this communication was offered-but its message is unmistakable. Once again the impact of what it says begs us to consider the future consequences if we ignore the warning signs contained in this prophetic warning that states:

For years now, 'knowing ones' have been speaking of the coming of this especially significant STAR .. .Its power sucks the waters up high (gravitational pull), brings weather catastrophes and still more. When encircled by its rays (gravity) the earth quakes.

Since the event in Bethlehem (the birth of Christ) there has been nothing like it ... Unerringly and unswervingly the COMET pursues its course, and will appear on the scene at the right hour, as already ordained thousands of years ago (when it last left our solar system but was destined to return in 3,600-4,000 years).

It will take years to come to this point, and years before the COMET again releases the Earthfrom its influencer"

Edgar Cayce!

Edgar Cayce, the 'Sleeping Prophet,' was born near Hopkinsville, Kentucky on 18 March 1877. As a child, he displayed unusual powers of intuition and often astounded his parents by telling them things that would happen long before they actually did. Was this ability a gift or problem?

At the age of 21, he developed a mysterious paralysis in his throat muscles losing his voice (a very common occurrence among people with prophetic abilities). A close friend suggested that Cayce be placed into a hypnotic sleep to see if this would help his stricken voice. He agreed, and once placed into this altered state of consciousness, Cayce received several telepathic suggest­ions from a spiritual source promising 'it' would help prevent him from losing his voice again. Upon following this spiritual advice-Edgar Cayce's voice was permanently restored to normal.

It wasn't long before Cayce reentered this altered 'state of consciousness' asking for spiritual guidance in order to help other people with their medical conditions. Edgar started receiving this spiritual guidance and soon found himself working with several local area doctors around the Hopkinsville and Bowling Green areas of Kentucky. His psychic medical insight was used to help these physicians diagnose their patient's medical conditions. Cayce's powers of intuition quickly astounded these physicians as Edgar was rapidly acquiring a large number of such medi­cal success stories to his strange and prophetic diagnosing skills.

The medical doctors that Cayce worked with eventually submitted a formal report to the Clinical Research Society in Boston, Massachusetts. The member clinicians and researchers in this society were amazed by the results of Cayce's psychic medical abilities and word spread quickly in the medical community regarding his incredible diagnostic talents and success rates.

People suddenly began to contact Cayce from all over the world asking him for assistance with their more difficult medical problems. On 9 October 1910, The New York Times ran a feature story covering Cayce's remarkable abilities with two full pages of headlines and pictures. From that point on, he became known throughout the world as the great 'sleeping prophet,' all because he'd received his clairvoyant medical messages while in an unconscious 'sleeplike' state.

When Cayce came out of his 'sleeping trance,' he'd have no idea of what he'd said during the sessions while his wife (or secretary) wrote down his verbal communications as dictated to them.

Edger Cayce was a very devoted husband and father, a Sunday school teacher, a professional photographer and yet he's best remembered today for his incredible psychic insights. By the time Cayce died on 3 January 1945, giving over 14,000 psychic readings for more than 6,000 people worldwide-he'd become one of the most famous clairvoyants in American history.

Although most of Cayce's readings dealt with medical diagnosis and treatment, he occasionally mentioned other subjects-especially when asked a specific question during his trancelike states.

On 19 January 1934, while conducting a random reading for a client, Edgar Cayce suddenly made a statement sounding very similar to a New Testament biblical passage Luke wrote saying:

.. As to the material changes that are to be as an omen, and as a sign to those that this is shortly to come to pass-as has been given of old, the sun will be darkened and the earth shall be broken up in divers places .... 17

Startled by this 'enigmatic' and 'out of character' religious statement, Cayce was then asked to further clarify what he was referring to. He then replied with one of the most infamous proph­ecies ever made during his incredible life as Cayce went on:

As to the changes physical again: The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America. There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the Torrid areas (the area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn), and there will be shifting then of the poles-so that where there has been those (areas) of a frigid or the semitropical (these) will become the more tropical, and moss andfern will grow.18

Cayce clearly seems to be forecasting a future time when the geographic poles of our planet will shift, triggering massive geologic changes and causing a drastic alteration in Earth's climate patterns. These are, of course, changes to which we are now quite familiar.

Although Cayce did not dwell on the subject of Earth Changes, he was asked to further elaborate on these upcoming cataclysms during a later session to which he replied:

The earth will be broken up in many places. The early portion will see a change in the physical aspects of the west coast of America. There will be open waters in the northern portions of Greenland. There will be new lands seen off the Caribbean Sea, and dry land will appear. There will be the falling away in India of much of the material suffering that has been brought on a troubled people ... South America shall be shaken from the uppermost portion to the end, and in the Antarctic off of Tierra Del Fuego land.

Once again, Edger Cayce talks about the great geologic upheavals that will take place as a result of the coming pole shift. His prophecy is logical and seems to clearly reflect the end results of 'block faulting,' pushing tectonic plates both upwards and downwards as the crust of the Earth slips over its fluid-like center.

ill several later prophecies he also mentions a shifting of the poles, which cause extreme geological changes, adverse weather patterns and massive food shortages. And in other readings, Cayce encourages people to learn to 'live off the land' -to spiritually, physically, mentally, and philosophically prepare themselves for the hardships afflicting our planet in the near future.

The exact cause for the upcoming pole shift was only briefly addresses during Cayce's life. When asked what would cause the upcoming cataclysms, he said:

" ... cosmic activity or influence of other planetary forces and stars ... "

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Just providing links would be sufficient instead of the Copy and pasting you keep doing & stealing other people's efforts.

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I've over that coming changes site. It's is a hodge podge of crank claims beginning with Velikovsky who was shown to be wrong half a century ago.

Basically the site assumes that myth is history. That's it in a nutshell folks.

The first item is about Solon. He was a famous Greek. The story of Solon is told by Plato. The 2 never met. Solon died some 200 years before Plato. The claim is that Solon went to Egypt where priests told Solon about Atlantis. So you have Plato - unknown - unknown - unknown - Solon - Priests playing the game of pass the message. And this is proof of something? Then came more claims like the ones before.

The corals in cold water zones is claimed to support pole shifts. No pole shifts in last 200 million years. The only known pole shift may have been 800 million years aqo. Scientists still working on verifying that event.

Hapgood is mentioned and as I pointed out his work was seen to be flawed. He too built a case on myth is history.

One of Hapgood's biggest supporters was none other than the distinguished genius, Albert Einstein

This is a lie. Einstein wrote a preface to Hapgood's book shortly before he died. Einstein was a supporter of new ideas. He stated that he was not a geologist and could not verify the idea. He later realized that the build up of ice could not "tip" the planet.

In a failed effort Hancock tried to wed pole shifts or ECDs to plate tectonics. No pole shifts have been found other than the possibility of 1 about 800 million years ago. That's way before the Cambrian age.

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thanks raj for the video, about the only thing i can say is roughly every 3600 years this planet goes through huge changes. if it is nibru-planet x, or just the sun throwing out solar charges-flares, i dont know, but what i do know is this planet is cleaned or harvested!
guess only time will tell huh?

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Are you multidimensional?

Another irrational claim with no evidence followed by a long winded spam copied from somewhere else that suggests myth is history.

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Do you have any proof of a 3600 year cycle?

Can you list events that happened 3600, 7200, 10,800 years ago?

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The goal here is to spam by making it impossible to find other people's posts. It's a typical tactic.

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Prophecies Continued!

This would certainly seem to indicate that Cayce's readings also point to a 'cosmic trigger' for the upcoming pole shift and that 'planetary forces' and 'stars' (brown dwarfs) will act as the ultimate cause for these approaching geologic catastrophes to occur.

Numerous researchers have studied Cayce's prophecies throughout the years and many books have been written about his life and important warnings to the world. What has impressed so many people about his prophetic foresight is that his readings make perfect geological sense. Cayce somehow knew about fault lines and geologic tendencies years before those facts were discovered by modern science. When one considers that Edgar Cayce only had a seventh grade education, his life's work becomes all the more incredible and important for us to understand.


Over 30 years ago, the famous Brazilian spiritualist, Ramatis, predicted an enormous 'celestial object' from deep space would pass our planet, in the near future. According to Ramatis, this object's powerful gravity would draw the Earth's axis into a different position (pole shift), which would produce a series of devastating geological effects on mother Earth.

Native American Prophecy!

Native American prophecy reflects a vast and rich cultural heritage that is as profound as it is ancient. Even though different Native American tribes saw the subject of prophecy somewhat differently, we now present an 'overview' or 'summary' of their impressive body of work.

The prophecies of Native Americans often talk of this important day of 'Great Purification,' which will eliminate the old world giving birth to the new. These Earth Changing events take place at the hands of a passing cosmic visitor that triggers a realignment of our planet's rotation and a series of subsequent geophysical upheavals across the globe.

The Native Americans believe that we are rapidly approaching this day of 'Great Purification' and when this event takes place, this current world will be no more than a memory. And the new world that emerges will be one of spiritual harmony, where people will live with the natural laws of nature and humanity-something our modern-day world has yet to accept or understand.

In 1997 Prof. M. Kimura of Okinawa invited Hurtak to join him in the underwater exploration of the Japanese underwater temples that were later the subject of all major Japanese news agencies and the film documentary, The Temple of Mu, that was shown on Fox television (Australia) in 1999. And now, Key 215 was also showing us that there have been previous cycles of human civilization that have been completely obliterated from the face of mother Earth.

Perhaps the most famous map in the book is found in Key 105 entitled, The Return of the Dove. Dr. Hurtak believes that should a devastating pole shift event occur, there are still safe areas on the North American continent, which are outlined on this map. He considers the Midwest part of the heartland best suited for survival, although it's interesting to note there are certain cities like 'New Orleans' that he has placed completely 'outside' the (safety zone area) of the Dove's body.

The Keys of Enoch also contain an impressive list of scientific prophecies already fulfilled with many more to come. Although Hurtak does not mention that there will be changes due to collisions of other planetary bodies, he does see the need for our preparation. Most importantly for Dr. Hurtak is the need for mankind's spiritual preparation, since he believes that there are both 'higher angelic/celestial life forms,' as well as 'extraterrestrial life forms' who are aware of these future Earth Changes, and who are personally watching us to assist those who are truly asking for their helpful intervention-possibly an ET rapture-like scenario.

We read in Key 309:23: At this time the biosatellites working with the Brotherhood of Light in the F8 to K2 spectral range are being prepared to deliver man from his own path of destruction and from the negative commands that are issuing from independent intelligences not serving the Office of the Christ as these future events unfold.

Dr. Hurtak acknowledges that we all have to become consciously aware of what is taking place on the planet (what we've previously referred to as the 'bigger picture' out there), and to listen to that small voice within us that guides us to where we need to be-and what we need to accomplish-now in the moment. THE KEYS TEACH: "GOD'S PLAN HAS NO END. IT IS LIFE IN THE HOUSE OF MANY MANSIONS."

We sincerely thank Jim and Desiree Hurtak for their kind thoughts, words and service. We believe that the mystical messages contained in The Keys is 'must reading' for every serious researcher, metaphysician and reader interested in the future destiny of planet Earth.

Many times contactees/abductees have been shown images of great cataclysms striking Earth in the near future. These individuals have also been shown images of Earth tipping on its axis of rotation and yes, some have even been told that a brown dwarf star is approaching our planet. According to these ET's, as many as 75% of humanity may be eliminated by this next passage of the brown dwarf. This massive decrease in human population will mean that humans, (as a species), will be largely non-viable immediately following the pole shift-should one occur..

Aside from being shown images of impending global cataclysms, many of these contactees have also testified that 'some' ET groups have taken genetic material from them, and that these ET's then used this fertile material to developed a race of hybrid beings, part human and part alien. 210


In August of 2003, the planet Mars made its closest pass to Earth in 60,000 years and is conspic­uously visible as the brightest object (other than the moon) in the nighttime sky. One could also say that Mars 'reigns' in the sky for all to see. Did this close approach of Mars signal the opening of the time window for the brown dwarf s coming approach in 2007-2009?

He continues the prophecy in quatrain II-41:

The great star will burn for seven days; the swarm will cause two suns to appear. The big mastiff will howl all night when the great pontiff will change country/"

The brown dwarf (great star) will be visible in our sky for seven days. The 'swarm' of gas, dust and other debris will cause this object's 'complex' to appear as a blazing 'second sun' in our sky. As the brown dwarf approaches, animals will become very uneasy, the big mastiff (the Pope's dog) will howl all night, as the great pontiff (the Pope) flees Rome to a safer location in another country.

Quatrain II-43 states:

During the appearance of the bearded star the three great princes will be made enemies. Struck from the sky, peace, and earth quaking. Po, Tiber overflowing; serpent placed on the shore.3D

When the bearded star (the brown dwarf) suddenly appears, panic is going to break out all over the world. In this sudden confusion, conflicts can erupt almost instantly. War will break out between three great princes (most likely between Russia, China and the U.S.). Massive global earthquakes will quickly follow this sudden escalating conflict. The Po and Tiber Rivers will then overflow causing massive flooding throughout Europe and the Middle East. The last sen­tence involving a "serpent placed on the shore" may involve a nuclear weapon being used on a coastal country, possibly Israel or the U.S.-but it's exact meaning is unknown at this time.

In quatrain 1-46, Nostradamus continues:

Very near Auch, Lectoure, and Mirande great fire will fall from the sky for three nights. A most stupendous and astonishing event will occur. Very soon afterwards the earth will tremble.31

As we've already examined, the passing brown dwarf rains fire on the Earth due to its passing flammable tail composed primarily of methane. It is therefore logical that Nostradamus would see this 'rain of fire' lasting for three days/nights as the dwarf passes. He also mentions that soon after the 'rain of fire' arrives great 'earthquakes' will 'tremble' the Earth directly resulting from this object's powerful gravitational forces and the great stresses placed on the Earth's crust.

Nostradamus also sees the alteration in Earth's rotation and may have even seen the pole shift caused by the brown dwarf's passage. In a frightening prophecy from his writings entitled, "Epistle to King Henry II of France," Nostradamus writes: 213

.. ..A great movement of the globe will happen, and it will be such that one will think the gravity of the earth has lost its natural balance, and that it will be plunged into the abyss and perpetual blackness of space. There will be portents and signs in the spring, extreme changes, nations overthrown, and mighty earthquakes=

This passage would clearly indicate/suggest a strange 'movement' in the Earth's rotation causing it to momentarily spin out of control-making it seem as if 'gravity' had lost its natural balance.

In still other quatrains, Nostradamus goes on to describe how the 'great star' will rain blood, iron, and false dust on the Earth, all indicative of the red 'iron oxide' fallout from this passing object's fiery tail. He also predicts that this object's passage will cause great famine, plagues and warfare to envelop the Earth-resulting in a social 'breakdown' of what's left of society.

In her award-winning book, The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, Erika Cheetham summarizes some of Nostradamus eloquent 'quatrains' regarding this upcoming passage wherein she writes:

After great misery for mankind an even greater approaches (from space) when the great cycle of the centuries is renewed (thought to be around, or slightly after the year 2000). It will rain blood (iron oxide), milk (volcanic ash), war and disease (will envelop the land).

In the sky will be seen a (ball oft fire, dragging a trail of sparks. Mabus (a wordplay on Saddam spelt backwards?) will then soon die and there will come a dreadful destruction of people and animals. Suddenly vengeance will be revealed, a hundred hands, thirst and hunger, when the Comet will pass.33

As one studies the prophecies of Nostradamus, and especially his predictions regarding the approaching 'great star,' it becomes apparent that he is describing the same upcoming incident with this celestial object as so many other visionaries. His terminology may differ slightly, but his overall message is the same. Can all of these prophets, with such similar visions of the future--be merely a coincidence? Or are these gifted clairvoyants witnessing the same event with their marvelous gifts of second sight?

Mother Shipton!

As was the case with Nostradamus in France, sixteenth century England was also a dangerous place to be a prophet, especially for women who would readily be accused of practicing witch­craft if any of their prophecies came true. It was from this perilous time for prophets and seers that the enigmatic and brave Mother Shipton foresaw the world that was to come.

Although we know very little about her life, it is believed she lived between the years 1488 and 1561. Born Ursula Sonthiel in Norfolk, England, she is said to have exhibited powerful psychic abilities from an early age. When she was 24, she married Toby Shipton and was thereafter known as Mother Shipton.

During her lifetime she foresaw a wide range of future events, many of which dealt with circumstances and technology that would not exist for hundreds of years after her death. Because her strange prophesies largely dealt with technological advancements that didn't exist in her day, her visions invoked both fear and fascination from people throughout Europe for many centuries to follow.

Needless to say, the authorities of her time were quite threatened by her future insights and while she was alive, she was warned to 'shut up' or face charges of witchcraft and subsequently be charged-then burned alive at the stake. It is believed that this is unfortunately what happened to her, but before she was executed she wrote her psychic visions into a series of stanzas or rhymes which where only discovered after her death.

The original copy of her prophecies is believed to have been found shortly after her demise, but was essentially ignored and then forgotten about. In fact, this original copy of her prophecies wasn't brought into public awareness until almost 80 years after her execution.

Although lost for five generations, in 1641 a small seven page booklet was finally published having the cumbersome title: The Prophesies of Mother Shipton In the Reign of King Henry the Eighth, Foretelling the Death of Cardinal Wolsey, the Lord Percy and Others, and Also What Should Happen in Ensuing Times. (Try saying that fast ten times in a row.)

This original book containing the prophecies of Mother Shipton soon captivated the people of Europe with its strange, seemingly magical forecast into the future and much was written about this enigmatic seer throughout the better part of two centuries. But just as the technology mentioned in her visions began to manifest throughout society, her popularity largely ran its course, and by the late 1880s-her work quietly fell out of the public's interest.

Fascination with her incredible abilities was renewed, however, when the well-respected magazine of Australia, Nexus, received a copy of her prophesies in February 1995. Nexus magazine ran an article discussing how they obtained this copy, saying:

This rare collection of Mother Shipton's prophecies was sent to us by a Nexus reader who told us that, thirty years ago, she painstakingly transcribed them and managed to smuggle them out of the Mitchell Library, in Sidney, Australia, (now the State Library of New South Wales).

The originals were kept in a locked room, along with other volumes of prophetic writings deemed unsuitable for viewing by the general public.

To our knowledge, this particular translation has never been made available to the public before appearing (here) in Nexus.

At first, Nexus magazine's editor, Duncan Roads, was suspicious of the prophetic treasure that had suddenly fallen into his lap, but after several interviews with the lady who copied this rare text and some further investigation of her story, the magazine staff became convinced of the legitimacy of her account..

Apparently, this lady had copied the prophecies from several scrolls that had been stored in two old jars for well over a hundred years. Why these prophetic manuscripts were locked away from public viewing and how they came to Australia in the first place still remains a mystery. Either way, the story of Mother Shipton that has emerged in recent years is as follows.

Apparently, convinced of her impending execution for being a witch, Mother Shipton wrote down her prophecies in stanzas, similar to the writing style of Nostradamus, and sealed them away from the prying eyes of her executioners. They would be found by an illiterate dairymaid and held in secret by her family for almost 100 years before being published in 1641. Within her writings, Shipton comments on how her works would be found and eventually published using a printing press (which did not exist in Mother Shipton's day), and then hopefully read by a more understanding and enlightened society that would be capable of appreciating and deriving some benefit from her insights and wisdom.

Mother Shipton's work starts out with:

I know I go, I know I'm Free

I know that this will come to be. Secreted this.for this will be Found by later dynasty.

A dairymaid, a bonny lass

Shall kick this tome as she does pass And five generations she shall breed Before one male child learns to read.

This is then held year by year

Till an iron monster trembling fear

Eats parchment, words and quill and ink And mankind is given time to think

And only when this comes to be Will mankind read this prophecy

But one man's sweet's another's bane So I shall not have burned in vain -Mother Shipton35

At the time these prophecies were first published in 1641, society had still not advanced enough to fully understand the full meaning of her insightful messages. Although the people reading her works in the 17th century were astonished that some of her prophecies accurately predicted the Great Fire of London, the Civil War of England and the Great Plague of 1665, most of her pro­phetic visions talked of strange vehicles and events that the people of that day simply could not possibly relate to, or fully comprehend. ill the 1600s-her amazing prophecies were more of a 'novelty' or 'strange' curiosity-than her 'insightful glimpses' into the world's future.

Isn't it amazing how certain individuals through 'time' become so vitally important in the future!

It wasn't until the recent 'rediscovery' of her writings in Australia that we (the people of the 21 st century)-have developed enough technology to understand what she was trying to tell us. It took hundreds of years for us to 'catch up' to her insight. She was simply way ahead of her time and the people of medieval England had no real concept of the unique ideas of which she wrote.

Her prophecies seem to be directed more towards our time to us in this day and age. Her visions simply contained much of the cultural development and progress that we now enjoy because her ultimate predictions apply to today's society. In other words, Mother Shipton mentions the example of an automobile when she writes: "A carriage without horse will go," and her proph­esies contain so many other examples of modem technology because it was not until this tech­nology existed that the bulk of her prophecies were to be pertinent-thus becoming relevant.

Once modem industrial society had fully developed, Mother Shipton's prophecies all fall into place instantly. For example, she foresaw modem 'wireless' communications, hydroelectric power, municipal water systems, and/or steam boilers, when she says:

Around the world men's 'thoughts' will fly Quick as the twinkling of an eye.

And water shall great wonders do

How strange. And yet it shall come true."

She then describes what seem to be modem transportation tunnels, submarines and uniformed military or commercial pilots as she writes:

Through towering hills proud men shall ride No horse or ass move by his side.

Beneath the water, men shall walk

Shall ride, shall sleep, shall even talk

And in the air men shall be seen

In white and black and even green.

Some of her prophetic visions describe modem iron ships and what many believe to be the California gold rush:

In water, iron then shall float As easy as a wooden boat.

Gold shall be seen in stream and stone In land that is yet unknown.38

At the time of her writings in 1560-California was yet unknown.

She also describes modem agricultural harvesters, airplanes and today's machine-driven agricultural practices:

And roaring monsters with man atop Does seem to eat the verdant crop.

And men shall fly as birds do now

And give away the horse and ploughi"

Mother Shipton even describes the woman's liberation movement (a phenomenon occurring in the later part of the 20th century), with the last two lines being open to interpretation:

For in those wondrous far-off days The women shall adopt a craze

To dress like men, and trousers wear To cut off their locks of hair.

They'll ride astride with brazen brow As witches do on broomsticks now.

She indicates that when modem humans have developed motion pictures, submarines and aircraft 'only then' will a great majority of mankind die.

When pictures look alive with movements free When ships like fishes swim beneath the sea When men like birds shall scour the sky

Then half the world, deep drenched in blood shall die ...

The above prophesies of Mother Shipton are truly impressive and clearly indicate that she was witnessing (as a prophetess) actual images of the times in which we now live. No wonder she was so misunderstood by the people of her own time when she further stated that mankind needed time to 'develop' or 'think' before they would be able to understand her messages and her warnings to the world..

Mother Shipton certainly had a clear image of the times in which we live, but what is even more astounding is what she has to say about our immediate future. This gifted clairvoyant from sixteenth century England actually foresaw our coming destruction at the hands of the approaching brown dwarf. Her prophesies were largely not for the people of her time, but instead have been sent down to us, with our submarines and airplanes as a dire warning-and a call to prepare!

The first message that she leaves us concerning the brown dwarf's passage is the approximate timing of the upcoming cataclysmic event when Shipton writes:

A fiery Dragon (Halley's comet) will cross the sky Six times before this earth shall die.

Mankind will tremble and frightened be

For the sixth (passage) heralds in this prophecy

Based on the work of numerous scholars, it is strongly believed that the 'Fiery Dragon' Mother Shipton is referring to in this stanza is none other than Halley's comet. In sixteenth century England, comets were often depicted as dragons and it was just after the writing of her prophecies that the famed Halley's comet was named and made one of its historic passes.


Halley's comet passes our planet once every 76 years and it would seem as if Mother Shipton used this comet's periodic passage as a sort of 'cosmic clock' in order to warn us of the time frame of her ensuing predictions.

Counting forward from the time period in which her prophecies were written, Halley's comet passed our planet in the years 1607, 1682, 1759, 1835, 1910 and 1986. This means that 1986 marked the 'sixth' passage of this 'Fiery Dragon' and the start of the 76-year window that Mother Shipton's cataclysmic prophecies are believed to take place in. According to Mother Shipton's cosmic clock, the brown dwarf will pass our planet sometime between 1986 and 2062.

Although a 72-year window may not seem to be a great help, keep in mind that the total or entire prophecy of Mother Shipton (regarding the 'Fiery Dragon-"Wormwood') actually spans a number of years, from the time of the objects passage, to the years immediately after the pole shift. Therefore the object's passage is likely to be much closer to 1986 than 2062 (we believe between 2009-2012). She also states this prophecy would be unleashed once the 'sixth' flyby of Halley's comet takes place, she did not say just before the seventh passage in 2062. Her proph­ecy for the passage states as follows:

For seven days and seven nights Man will watch this awesome sight. (The passage of the Brown Dwarf)

The tides will rise beyond their ken To bite away the shores, and then The mountains will begin to roar

And earthquakes split the plain and shore.

As we have already examined, the brown dwarf's passage creates tremendous gravitational effects on the Earth, rising global oceanic tides to unprecedented levels and triggering massive earthquakes and volcanic eruption changes in our planet's surface topography.

Mother Shipton's prophecy then continues describing a fleeing/panicked/frightened public with their 'social/political/religious breakdown' of spirit that transpires. This society then crumbles with humans killing each other in their hysterical effort to secure the now dwindling resources that accompany this truly world changing event. And she continues:

And flooding waters, rushing in Will flood the lands with such a din That mankind cowers in muddy fen And snarls about his fellow men

Man flees in terror from the floods And kills, and rapes and lies in blood And spilling blood by mankind's hand Will stain and bitter many lands.

He bares his teeth and fights and kills And secrets food in secret hills and ugly in his fear, he lies To kill marauders, thieves and spies.

As we've already mentioned, this object's passage will not spell the end of the world, just a major change in life as we know it. The brown dwarf's passage will cause massive geologic and sociologic upheavals however, and in the immediate aftermath of these events-humans will display both selfless sacrifices and unbridled cruelty. But the human race will go on (at least for a while) and one way or another, society will be rebuilt upon the ashes of the old.

Mother Shipton next addresses life on Earth once this social and geologic chaos dies down:

Who survives (unreadable text) and then Begin the human race again.

But not on land already there

But on ocean beds, stark, dry and barel?

As previously examined, clairvoyants such as Edger Cayce and others mention not only the 'sinking' of current landmasses into the sea, but also the 'rising' up of the land that is presently underwater. As we know, this phenomenon takes place through the process of 'block faulting,' as some plates are pushed upwards above sea level and others are thrust downwards below sea level. This new 'dry land' mass that is thrust upwards from the ocean floor will be free of the rotting refuse of the old world and will provide great benefits to the rebuilding of a new society.

And Mother Shipton also talks about the benefits for humans of this newly 'raised' land, the lasting fear that this object provokes on the survivors, and how easily (we as a species) forget about the periodic passage of this dreaded celestial object.

Not every soul on Earth will die

As the Dragon's tail goes sweeping by. Not every land on earth will sink

But these will wallow in stench and stink Of rotting bodies of beast and man

Of vegetation crisped on land.

But the land that rises from the sea Will be dry and clean and soft and free Of mankind's dirt and therefore be The source of man's new dynasty.

And those that live will ever fear The Dragon's tail for many years But time erases memory

You think it strange. But it will be .

Mother Shipton again mentions the cyclical return of this mysterious object and mankind's continuing forgetfulness when she writes:

And when the Dragon's tail is gone Manforgets, and smiles, and carries on To apply himself too late, too late For mankind has earned deserved fate. (Because of his forgetfulness)

His masked smile, his fate grandeur Will serve the Gods their anger stir.

And they send the Dragon back To light the sky-his tail will crack Upon the planet and rend the earth And man shall flee, king, lord, and serf

As startling/shocking as these prophecies about the dwarf's coming passage are, Mother Shipton sent us even more remarkable insights about Earth's future. We've already mentioned the impact significance of our growing modem-day UFO/ET enigma and how a careful study of this phen­omenon reveals the reality of alien contacts. But Shipton also covers the metaphysical/arcane roles these beings play in planning for our race's new future (by introducing their homo-hybrids into society after the pole shift event.) And the good Mother Shipton has something to say about this incredibly complex issue too:

And before the race (humans) has built anew A silver serpent (space craft) comes to view And spew out men of like unknown (hybrids) To mingle with the earth now grown

Coldfrom its heat, and these men can Enlighten the minds of future man

To intermingle and show them how To live and love and thus endow

The children with the second sight. A natural thing so that they might

Grow graceful, humble, and when they do The 'Golden Age' will start anewf"

It's obvious from our current action/reaction global behavior patterns (re: the subject of UFOs/ ETs), and the historical track record that we (the human race) display-being completely 'out of touch/truth' with what's repeatedly happening to our world. Will Earth enter into a new 'golden age' because we'll be delivered by an alien civilization? Will warfare, disease, ignorance and social strife disappear (after the shift) because the alieni human hybrids won't allow the prevail­ing insanity on this planet to continue unchecked? Will Homo sapiens be phased out, eventually replaced in favor of Homo hybrids-just like early humanoids replaced the Neanderthals?

In closing our lengthy discussion of Mother Shipton's prophecies, she sends us a final warning, part of which is written on her tomb stone at her grave site in the town of Knaresborough, not far from Essex, England: The final message on her headstone reads:

Here lies she who never ly'd, Whose skill often has been tried, Her prophecies shall still survive And even keep her name alive.

The Dragon's tail is but a sign,

For mankind's fall and man's decline. And before this prophecy is done,

I shall be burned at the stake, at one,

My body singed and my soul set free You think I utter blasphemy,

You're wrong; these things have come to me, The prophecy will come to be."

The universal time line

Ask any person who's had a prophetic vision about 'when' the events they've just witnessed are going to actually take place and they will likely pause pondering the question. Clairvoyants often say that 'timelines' are the most difficult aspect of their visions in which to gauge these events. Often prophets can clearly see the events in question taking place, but only have a general idea or 'feeling' about when-not if- these events will occur.

This difficulty in determining the exact time frame of a prophetic vision's actual manifestation is likely due to the fact that psychic perception seems to take place outside of the normal confines of time and space. Psychics can clearly perceive these events happening, but correlating these visions within our perception of real-time can challenge even the most gifted visionary.

Despite the timeline challenge, most prophets have placed the upcoming passage of the brown dwarf (and the resulting pole shift) in our current time frame or loosely around the turn of the millennia (when the Piscean Age shifts into the Age of Aquarius). But can we be more specific as to the timing of this event? If we're to prepare ourselves for these upcoming events is it possible to know the exact point in time when they will transpire? The answer is-MAYBE!

According to his compelling book, When the Comet Runs, Torn Kay believes:

Many sources discuss the "comet/star," and almost every single one claims that the phenomenon is a recurring event. The only difference seems to be in the interval of time (between passages); however the majority are in the 3,000 to 4,000 year time frame, which could place its most recent (last) appearance during the time of the Exodus as described in the Old Testament, and Noah before that."

The fact that the last passage of the brown dwarf may have played a part in the Exodus drama of the Jewish people from Egypt is not a new or improbable idea. This connection has been repeatedly made and talked about by many authors such as Yves Dupont. In the book, Catholic Prophecy, The Coming Chastisement, Yves Dupont states:

Let us recall briefly the situation which afflicted the Egyptians, the crossing dry-shod of the Red Sea and the prolonged duration of the day. In Mexico, on the other hand, a prolonged night was recorded as evidenced by archaeological discoveries. The passage of the Comet (brown dwarf) at that time was recorded, not only in the Book of Exodus, but also in other documents: the Egyptian papyrus, a Mexican manuscript, a Finnish narration, and, many others ....

Will the comet to come be the same as that of Exodus? It is not impossible when we consider the description of the plagues as given in Exodus and those described in our Christian prophecies.

When the tail of the Exodus comet crossed the path of the earth, a red dust (iron oxide), impalpable, like fine flour, began to fall. It was too fine to be seen .... but it colored everything red and the water of the Egyptians was changed into blood .. .After the fine rusty pigment fell over Egypt, there followed a coarser dust "like ash," this is recorded in Exodus,for then it was visible ...

The narrative of the Book of Exodus confirms this and is in turn corroborated by various documents found in Mexico, Finland, Siberia, and India. It is therefore certain that a comet crossed the path of the earth more than 3000 years ago, causing widespread destruction.

This is the kind of phenomenon (if the prophecies are accurate), which is soon to strike earth again.

Modem-day Biblical archeologists have continued to study the records of Exodus and have subsequently zeroed in on an exact time frame for this event. Many scholars today believe the exodus of the Jewish people form Egypt took place approximately 3600 years ago.

As previously mentioned in this book, the ancient Sumerians believed Nibiru, (The Planet of The Crossing), made its passage through our solar system every 3600 years. If the Biblical account of Exodus actually took place approximately 3600 years ago (as many Biblical scholars now believe), and if the ancient Sumerians were correct in recording that 'Nibiru' has a 3600-year orbital period-we had all better buckle down into our seat belts! Fact is by all accounts at hand, we're now getting very close to the brown dwarf's next passage and we're all in for one hell of a roller coaster ride! But when-exactly-will 'Wormwood's' make its next passage?

The Maya, who followed Earth's great 'cycles of destruction' with almost fanatic fervency, seem to have indicated that the pole shift would happen on 24 December 2012, but this 'may' or 'may not' be the case-as some Mayan scholars have disputed this date, claiming that the actual event -will happen either right before or right after the 2012 date.

In any event-2012 appears to be the right date we should be addressing in this dilemma!

In his book, Comet of Nostradamus, author R. W. Welch interprets Nostradamus' astrological 'hint' or his time 'clue' in trying to determine what the most 'likely' date for the terrible comet's passage is-he thinks August of 2004. Again, this date was based on certain astrological hints, which 'may' or 'may not' have been correctly deciphered. In other words, Nostradamus' exact timeframe is open to some logical debate.

Other prophets like Edger Cayce have simply stated that the 1980s and 1990s would be a time of increasingly geologic change (which it's been) and these increasing Earth Changes would even­tually culminate in a pole shift some time soon after the year 2000. Obviously this date proved incorrect; nothing major happened! So once again this only offers us a vague window of oppor­tunity in which to look for this pole shift event to occur.

Mother Shipton indicated that the brown dwarf would pass our planet within a 72-year window sometime after 1986. On the other hand-Father Malachi Martin also mentions its passage 10- 12 years of 1997, which would place this event sometime before or at the year 2009.

The visions of these prophets can be so similar in their specific details but differ so greatly in the timing of these foreseen events due to the distorting nature of cosmic time, thus being able to clearly see the events, but only sensing a general time frame for their physical manifestation.

To compound this problem of pinning down an exact date for the brown dwarf's next passage, the timing of the object's cycle may itself vary. Today, modem astronomers know that certain cyclical comets can vary in the timing of their orbits. These variations can sometimes involve hundreds of years or possibly even longer in certain cases. The brown dwarf star that passes through our solar system (acting like a large periodic comet) may vary in the timing of its pass­age based on cosmic factors we know nothing about. The timings of its passage could deviate by days, weeks, years, decades, or even hundreds of years based upon different passages and upon certain unknown criteria.

Therefore, the best that we can hope for is only a general idea of when to expect this object's next passage and the resulting pole shift. This may not be what we'd like to hear, but it's the reality of our current situation. Even the government's top astronomers (whom we believe are studying this incoming object in secret along with the Vatican), may not fully understand its speed, trajectory or other important celestial factors-and therefore themselves-may only have a general idea of when this object will again pass us in space.

No single prophet, regardless of how gifted they may be, has a monopoly on the whole story of what is to come. Each prophet is simply given a 'glimpse' into the future so we must listen to all their prophetic messages if we're going to fully grasp the magnitude of what's approaching us. Each prophet provides us a small piece of the giant puzzle and we must patiently/persistently assemble these smaller pieces in order to see the whole picture. In placing all of the prophecies that we have examined side-by-side-a clearer picture of what's to come slowly emerges.

A large celestial object that looks like a comet (but acts more like a star) will suddenly appear in the sky. 'X' will be visible for only seven days before it releases its unholy destruction upon the Earth. A rain of fire (methane) and blood (iron oxide) will then envelop the globe.

As the brown dwarf passes Earth, its enormous gravity field causes earthquakes, violent weather, volcanoes and floods that crescendo in a shifting of the Earth's axis-of-rotation. This pole shift then causes even greater and more extreme earthquakes, volcanoes, violent weather and flooding. The shifting of the poles subsequently causes Earth's tectonic plates to buckle, pushing some continental plates above sea level and others below it.

As Earth's lithospheric displacements begin, enormous quantities of seawater will spill out of their oceanic basins inundating the land sending massive (tsunamis) walls of water far inland.

But the messages of 'doom' put forth by most prophets is also tempered with an array of healthy redemptive 'hope.' For out of the ashes of the post 'pole shift' world-our traumatized planet will be rebuilt with a renewed I,000-year-long 'golden age' of peace, prosperity, and enlighten­ment that will eventually rule throughout the land.

This new spiritual 'golden age' may not however, be the result of only our own (the human race's) doing. It would seem as if our species has been given its 'big' chance on this planet, and now-following 'X's' devastating passage and our collective global mismanagement behavior­al far more advanced homo-hybrid race is going to 'beam in' as 'Star Trek's Scotty' would say­ to help us clean up our mess here.

We may have a new species living next door to us, side by side as our neighbors-homo­hybrids-half man/half alien-as once again mankind starts his culture over as 'children.'

Remembering Mother Shipton's final message ... "What a strange world it shall come to be, you think not, but you will see!"

The entire topic of 'prophecy' has always been a controversial subject, not only in the earlier centuries of mankind's evolution--but even now in the 21 st century.

When speaking of prophecies in general, most people immediately think of the Bible. According to Cyrus H. Gordon a noted scholar: PHAHF iht, is an ancient word taken from the Greek, where it means one who proclaims. The Biblical prophets spoke out most about the evils of their own time. But Biblical prophecy also described what would happen if people did or did not do cer­tain things, and what the prophets hoped for in their people's futures. The great age of Hebrew prophecy began in the 700's B.C., with the so-called "writing" prophets, Amos, Micah, Hosea, and Isaiah. Hebrew prophecy is distinctive in its lofty poetry and its plea for social justice.

Modern-day prophecies take many forms and formats-but the overriding message is still the same especially when it comes to the subject of Planet-X: once again these prophecies describe 'what will happen if people did or did not do certain things, and what the prophets hoped for in their people's futures.' The old adage that states-lithe handwriting's on the wall" is probably right on the money and begs the eternal question of the age-is anybody out there listening?

Links you need to check out!

Best Wishes!

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 11:15 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

More spamming of the thread.

Gotta love it when you put up a big section Mother Shipton. Her prophecies were hoaxes. Looking good using an established hoax as evidence. Way to go!

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 11:16 AM
I am always saddened to see logical fact based reasoning cast into the fires of ignorance that seem to be burned so brightly by many on this site. I have reviewed the evidence offered by both sides of the posters in this thread and I have come to my own conclusion regarding this Nibiru controversy. The information the OP bases their suppositions upon is erroneous disinformation as proven by the preponderance of fact based evidence provided by the dissenting posters. This alone should allow you to realize what my conclusion regarding this matter is.

I want to remind those of us on this site that offer reason and logic to not give in to those that will not listen and continue to rail against is with erroneous and misleading arguments. Deny ignorance is the motto of ATS and I for one shall never yield to those whom would embrace ignorance.

Below is a video that I used on a previous thread as an example of the debate tactics often employed by those on this site whom wish to give credence to their opinion rooted views. I think if you watch it you will find it to be the most apt metaphor of a debate between conclusions drawn in fact and conclusions drawn upon erroneous information here on ATS.
Fact vs. Opinion

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posted on May, 24 2010 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by stereologist

Gotta love it when you put up a big section Mother Shipton. Her prophecies were hoaxes. Looking good using an established hoax as evidence. Way to go!

Hi Stereologist,

Prophecy is not considered to be scientific Evidence or Facts but you should already know that.

The previous posts are simply predictions and prophecies nothing more but they all do predict and prophecy "Wormwood", "Earth Changes", "Events coming from various sources including the (BIBLE) if you believe in that?

I posted that information specifically only for those who believe in predictions and prophecies! I don't expect you or most of the Scientific community to believe in the Bible and I can't say I blame you, nevertheless they are all documented predictions and prophecies that some here might find interesting.

The EVIDENCE and FACTS can be found at the following links!

I suggest that you actually back up what you write when you start attempting to disprove/debunk the information.

Provide us with your references and sources!

Links you need to check out!

Best Wishes!

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posted on May, 24 2010 @ 11:48 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Prophecy is not considered to be scientific Evidence or Facts but you should already know that.

I am disputing that someone named Mother Shipton made the prophetic claims.

The previous posts are simply predictions and prophecies nothing more

They are nothing more than speculations that offer no incite into the world about us. What we want is facts to discuss the ideas, not thousands of words of no information.

Provide us with your references and sources!

I suggest you do the same. Link to hoax sites is not evidence.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 11:54 AM
I'm confused.

Surely this is thew same video that had loads of discussion a few weeks back, with even the LX200 owner signing up to ATS to talk about.... then be proven that it was Mars?


How come the thread is still open?

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 12:01 PM
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This is awesome.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 12:03 PM
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Holy crap! I'm not even going to read all that copy and paste plagiarism. Links will do just as fine, really annoying.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 12:10 PM
When these Nibirites finally get here I hope they have some new kinds of food, I'mgetting tired of pizza and sushi! (and hopefully the food isn't US!)

I feel sorta forced to read these threads even though I don't think anything is there - I wish people would set up a nice telescope and SHOW THE COORDINATES real time! Scanning to some "thing" in the sky doesn't prove a darn thing.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 12:14 PM

Originally posted by Dilligaf28
The information the OP bases their suppositions upon is erroneous disinformation as proven by the preponderance of fact based evidence provided by the dissenting posters.

Do you actually believe the stuff that comes outta your mouth? (fingertips)

Throwing a bunch of big words together doesn't mean a darn thing if the meaning doesn't make sense... The OP can't base his suppositions on something that hasn't happened yet (his poster's dissent)

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 12:15 PM
Some video's that some of you might find interesting!

The rest of the Lucas at Brave New Books Video's can be found here

A Message Shared by Benedict9 on Coming Earth Changes!
I tried cutting and pasting the message but ran into a few problems so here is the link.
Final Author Note on Coming Earth

Links you need to check out!

Best Wishes!

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 12:19 PM

Originally posted by Thermo Klein
When these Nibirites finally get here I hope they have some new kinds of food, I'mgetting tired of pizza and sushi! (and hopefully the food isn't US!)

I feel sorta forced to read these threads even though I don't think anything is there - I wish people would set up a nice telescope and SHOW THE COORDINATES real time! Scanning to some "thing" in the sky doesn't prove a darn thing.

Yes they will have some new food for you its called BULL COOKIES I
believe they pick it up from the region around the 7th planet from the sun
we will be force fed it like the Nibiru believers and when we have been
fattened enough we will be the food.

Thats only of course if Nibiru is real but it's NOT

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 12:19 PM
Might as well get a few posts in before the lock.

ET_Man, do you have any original thought to add?

As per the OP, She/He particularly asked that one should do their own research and provide evidence.

The OP hasn't done their own research, but the countless others on this particular video in OP and I have. Just presenting the evidence again would not satisfy you as you continue to spam without a single original thought.

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