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IS your job SECURE when gov't debt bubble pops

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posted on May, 23 2010 @ 05:16 PM
I think this needs to be flagged...i would ask the mods to look at it....if not no biggie..

I have been interested in reading the book titled "aftershock"......

it was written by 3 authors who did the best job i could find / or have heard regarding predicting the financial collapse......which they termed ...bubble quake...but now they go into detail about the after shock........and how growing debt levels are not sustainable and that a new normal much weaker economy (i.e standard of living as a whole) is in the well as ways to profit from the fall

now the most important part of the book for me now is CHAPTER 7

now i took all of the following from this

This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Economic Slowdown

This is not the recession of the late 1970s and early 1980s. What we tend to think of when we hear the term “economic slowdown” is not what we are about to get. This one is going to be bigger, badder, deeper, and much longer than anything we’ve seen before. To understand how this will impact jobs, it helps to think of the U.S. economy in three parts:

The Capital Goods Sector - cars, construction, major industrial equipment, and so forth

The Discretionary Spending Sector - fine dining, entertainment, travel, high fashion, jewelry, art, and so forth

The Necessities Sector - basic food, shelter, clothing, energy, health care, and so forth

now has anyone read this chapter......i'm making an EDUCATED guess that the best sector's is the necessities sector....

but i think this is very imperative but people have not thought about it ....bc they WANT to think the economy is out of the woods.....or even if they realize you can't indebt yourself to prosperity (at least i don't think you could) that they haven't given much thought to what the real world changes to the main street economy will be when the last few bubbles pop (private't debt....dollar bubble)

ONE GREAT point the author's make in the intro is basically that this wasn't a *down financial cycle* was a finance bubble.....when bubbles pop they don't come the gov't took the noose from around big finance's neck and put it around their own bigger neck to kick the can down the road 2 to 3 years....but the authors make great points about this being a bubble economy and why should people be so upset to hear that the economy is large but very fragile.....must be denial at first but that denial will bite you in the azz if your not prepared for the next mess.......and it's in the headlines now with other country's .....i.e greece.....the pigs country's.....coming to our home country....BUT with finance being about confidence the MSM realizes giving this point fair play could literally spook the markets because they have recovery tunnel vision.....because they NEED to for profits and to sustain the finance sector (and many of their jobs!).......but the train is coming and we should take the time to discuss what this will mean for our livliehood....and even if u can't get your head around the idea that this is coming imminently then at least prepare for the possibility because beyond what i see as obvious these authors (which i just learned when i read up on the book a month ago) were right and not to mention very INDEPTH and WELL thought out as to why we would have a collapse...and the alarm NEEDS to be sounded in a way that we can benefit from (not to scare but to prepare ....especially career wise)

we have families .....and we need our basic needs met and people we could look at what's coming and formulate a freakin plan....PLEASE

i and a few other posters were sounding the alarm on the economic mess we were headed toward back in 2007..( i had read a wide ideological range of finance's 2 plus hours a day for two years) it is only question is do we have the ability to kick the can down the road another time with another big stimulus bill?

p.s people talk about the NWO......and what it means and it's evil orgins and so forth.....but what it means IMO is that it is the new way of the world when the monetary system's collapse....i.e soverign debt bubbles pop......i.e milliions willl die fighting the new world order......= millions will riot in country's where the austerity measures are pushed thru..and their jobs have disappeard..time after time as the country's sink deeper and deeper....the anger and social unrest will be magnified........from this perspective the NWO would have been formulated and the infrastructure put in place for the last 50 or so years.....ever since they identified the economic cycles like the kondratieff-winter.....and that when this hit.....there was a great opportunity to not let a crisis go to waste....given the monetary system the crisis was baked into the cake (it was not an evil plan per se) however.. given the way things are run (those in power of political and financial and industrial power positions have the influence ( make the rules and try to hold onto their standard of living first and then let the rest of us sort ourselves out in a way that as a minimum MAINTAINES SOCIAL ORDER....and that is why we will see as this crisis presents a great opportunity for global infrastructure and ideas of all kinds....with those in positions of power and influence .....ready to make the best of it (for themselves) and then do enough to keep the standard of living high enough to at least maintain social order necessary for a functioning society ....

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posted on May, 23 2010 @ 07:58 PM
gosh what a waste of time

although maybe i should have made a catchier headline

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 08:55 PM
Let's see, I'm a state government employee with almost 20 years seniority.

Normally, I'd think I was in pretty good shape, future-wise.

But the state is California (the OTHER Greece), so all bets are off.

My debts, with the exception of a car payment and insurance, should be paid off within a year, at most, if all goes to plan.

Buts plans can go awry; over the last three years, depite a promotion, my salary has dropped by $3,000.00, almost 15%. And that does not include the rising cost of living.

I'd like to buy a house, but I've been poor too long to accept the fact that buying a house now is anything more than a good way to loose more money (that I don't have) faster.

Friends have said for years that I should get a job in the private sector; that with my experience in corporate taxation, I could easily make six figures somewhere.

Of course one of them has been through six jobs in four years due to the economy and has made less with each new position!

So MY current plan is to tie a big knot in what little I have left and just hang on for dear life!

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