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MATRIX revisited

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posted on Jun, 8 2004 @ 12:49 PM
I noticed that there was a thread last month about MATRIX the Multi-state Anti-Terrorist Information eXchange:

Thought that people interested in this might be interested in this article:

It was written by me for a Phoenix paper called The Noise.

Here's a summary, for those of you not interested in reading the whole of it:

MATRIX is being created by Seisint Technologies.
Seisint also owns Accurint.
Accurint is a background checking company that does data mining for consumers. It's MATRIX for non-criminal types, i.e. the rest of us. This is a bit disturbing in my opinion, as the two databases combined contain a lot of information on every citizen in the U.S. Privacy issues come into question with this kind of "Total Information Awareness."

Where it get's interesting is, Seisint is currently in a strategic partnership with Accenture.
(Seisint's current CEO was an Accenture partner for 14 years)
Accenture (Formerly Andersen Consulting, aka Arthur Andersen Inc., aka Enron) is the largest consulting company currently doing business. Oddly, despite the fact that they're an offshore company, they are involved intensely in Homeland Security, evoting, USVISIT, and almost everything else.

I'm interested to see if I just sound like a paranoid here. Let me know.

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