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The Zionist version of Jihad

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posted on May, 23 2010 @ 09:52 AM
Right now people are whining about Muslims being extremist and taking over Europe. However theyshould realized that there are Zionist version of Jihad. Now I heard there is a Hebrew name for it but I completely forgot. But here' some example of Zionists extermist

To summarize the article: Goldstein was a guy who murdered unarmed Muslims in a cave at 1994

However he left a dark legacy

He is considered a hero to some Zionists

Watch this video

(I canot imbed got some problems doing it)

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posted on May, 23 2010 @ 10:00 AM
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posted on May, 23 2010 @ 03:10 PM
The concept of "Jihad" (holy war) is in fact something you find in the Abrahamic faiths, as ToToo had observed, but not just those. The notion itself translates better for the modern minded I think, when you have a modern example. How about our recent world wars? Was not the fight against the Nazis presented as a sort of "jihad", at least a righteous war, to stop the diabolical Hitler? And on the German side, were they not in a "struggle" (Kampf) for survival? There are lots of examples where basically each side of a conflict seems to say: "Our cause is the righteous cause!" After all, if you're going to ask someone to die, it better be for something important!

So, a Zionist jihad, well of course. Not sure focusing on them will get anywhere though, because it's sort of the nature of the beast. Like the US war in Iraq. Many may believe it was a war for profit, but certainly the soldiers who are fighting must believe in something more than just that.

Should we "only" be outraged at Islamic versions of extremist jihadists? Of course not, but Zionists are engaged in a war, just as are the Palestinians. Each side sees their survival is at stake, and is acting accordingly.

But now, how about the question beyond the question? Why is it that Islamic jihad is what is so much in front of our eyes, and not the other? Is it only because of mostly Jewish ownership of the media? Perhaps, but if you owned a newspaper, wouldn't you have the right to put in it what you wanted? The other short answer would be 9/11, but if you don't buy the party line, that may take you back to the first short answer. Depends upon where you're coming from.

But isn't it all too simple? The fact is, each side, all of us if you will, are being "used" to push an agenda that is not Muslim or Jewish. It's so easy to think the Muslims are just playing into the whole game, but it's the same with the Jews. And the "Christians" (more accurately labeled as Westerners these days). Everyone is just playing their part, and people are dying, but instead of truly taking the high road, we continue to play along.

And so what's the high road? First, let us recognize that it isn't our neighbor who is our enemy (even if they work at a bank!). Second, let's decide to start doing some real "homework" so-to-speak. Of course we may all begin where we hate each other, but since that only seems to keep getting us all killed, some of us are going to have to get out of our comfort zones, and study-up to find out what's really going on in this world.

This thread is too narrow to lay out a huge conspiracy, but I would like to at least suggest that the bad guys may not be who we think they are. In fact, it's quite likely that whoever we see wearing the black hat, is exactly who is NOT the enemy. Remember, they see us with a black hat too (or a yarmulka!). And all along, we kill each other. The funerals never stop.

Again, take the high road! Do your research, but don't stop at the "obvious" choice. Stretch yourself. If you were an Irishman growing up always thinking the English were monsters, put it aside (really), and see where it takes you. If you grew up thinking the Jews, or the Catholics, etc., were behind it all, put it aside, see where you end up. If you end up where you started, OK, fine. At least you will be able to say you tried.

Perhaps one day, as you go down this road less traveled, you will honestly look in the mirror and see that same black hat staring back at you. Imagine! And if you're really lucky, you will live to see yet another day, and realize that "hat" was always in your imagination to begin with, wherever you thought you saw it. And then, looking back, you may realize that you did things, were even part of things, that you are no longer proud of. And your only regret will be that for too long you let others think for you, and tell you what to believe.

JR MacBeth


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