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Violence begets violence

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posted on May, 23 2010 @ 09:41 AM

Just read some of the comments at the end of this news article to see how some people foam at the mouth, calling for concentration camps to be set up for Muslims, and how the U.S. should predator drone bomb this country. The entire country! Besides, this is not even new, it's old news, I wrote a paper on how the U.S. should target this cleric specifically rather than sending 40,000 troops to Afghanistan. They should treat these "terrorists" like real criminals. If a homegrown tea party patriot/"terrorist" decided to move to Yemen and start giving orders to Americans to 1. invade fort hood and 2. attempt to blow a plane up don't you think a SWAT team would go in and find this guy whereever he was in the world? I'm sure Blackwater would love to give it a go, considering they self-deployed themselves to New Orleans following Katrina. So why isn't Blackwater/Xe going after this guy? Why don't they just arrest him? Why are they just now targeting him for assassination? Why not after Fort Hood? But as the title of this thread says, violence begets violence. Is assassinating a Muslim extremist leader really going to solve anything? Or don't you think it'll only incite more violence by making him into a martyr?

I'm proud to be smart enough to understand what's really going on.

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