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Untitled Poem #01

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posted on May, 22 2010 @ 10:37 PM
Oh brave new world; what treasures promised.
What truths to discover, within, withheld.
Salvation is hidden; the powers that be.
Retribution sought. Just set us free.

Freedom of mind, there lays the key.

Spiralling maya; encased in a mirage.
Standing at the edge of oncoming oblivion.
The least among us veil what is needed.
“If only you knew” they begged and pleaded.

Natures cries are going unheeded.

New thoughts are born, time brought to bear.
Filtered fallacy, the least among us share.
Threads of descent remain to be cut.
Truth is fitting with your eyes wide shut.

The world reduced to a cigarette butt.

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