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So when do you suppose we will have a Strike

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posted on May, 22 2010 @ 05:48 PM
listening to the news from Thialand and Greece ... and I dont know about you
but the scales of wages versus outflow is getting to the point of whats the use.
but that just could be the economy and my situations ... I do hear people are doing ok, but those are far and few between. at least I dont know anyone who is getting foreclosed on - thats ok ... for a while there it was like someone you know every other month was getting kicked out... and some were victims from start to finish - but you cant fix stupid, if you know what I mean.

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 06:30 PM
A strike!!! my gosh, here are two BIG problems with that.

1. we need jobs to be able to strike, MANY UNEMPLOYED. (I am a quasi-retired veteran but i would definitely take a decent job if there was one)

2. this is the kicker---many do not really know what STRIKE is or HOW TO STRIKE..TPTB thru media (typical) have shown what they want the sheeple to THINK what a strike is.. people standing/sitting/walking around with shirts/banners/signs complaining. always peaceful, ALWAYS INTIMIDATED BY/OBEDIENT TO JACKBOOTS (police or private)..

but this is NOT what a strike was back when they WORKED during the fast half of the 1900's----here is what happened short version..

the dudes on strike would shut down intersections, carry clubs with which to BEAT any scab or JACKBOOT that messed with them. the police were never so arrogant as to interfere for fear of death. scabs who may have worked were followed home and at the least beaten half to death!! A PICKET LINE WAS A HAZARDOUS/DEADLY THING!!

we were all taught about strikes in the public school shamstem. yeah right, those were BS!! sit down strikes!!remember everyone how they focused so much on SIT DOWN STRIKES--- and look at how strikes don't work ANYMORE. union bosses almost always cave in to owners/corporate demands. this was by design, the slave masters KNEW that if we were taught the true history of the early american labor movement and what really went down it could end very bad for them. IMAGINE!

Once we as a nation learn about HOW to strike it may work..for those that have work anyway. what if everyone on unemployment went on strike, or welfare recipients??


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