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Columbus Ohio Mayor Coleman bans conference travel to Arizona

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 10:48 AM

What a lame attempt at making a political statement is all I can say.

"Coleman told city department heads that Columbus would no longer pay for travel to the Grand Canyon state for conferences and seminars, but the city did not go as far as ending business relationships with the state."

So He's banning conference and seminar travel to Arizona, I'm actually for that, but not ending business relationships with the state. Meaning this is a lame attempt at a 'boycott.'

He also contradicts himself when he says

"Coleman said he thinks immigration reform should be addressed at the federal level"

and so he's going to add to this by publicly banning sponsorship travel to Arizona?

Does he think he's some sort of federal agent? Punishing Arizona for their immigration reform that he deems is "illegal."

What's also interesting is that a few days before this, Coleman met with President Obama to discuss the threat of Columbus' large Somalia population turning to terrorism, even though there is no documented case as such. So along the way, I wonder if Obama whispered some sweet nothings in his ear concerning the Arizona Immigration law. Just speculation, but the meetings are closely together.

It's also fun to read the comments section under the first link, I think people unanimously are opposed to this idea.

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