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Galactic Alignment? Already happened!

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 08:11 AM
Hello ATSers!

So I wanted to make a thread for this...and get feedback.
We here so much lately about 2012!!! Galactic Alignment!!!! Right?

Well first let me say...ITS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!! IT'S BEEN HAPPENING SINCE 1980!!! It takes years to move through the bulge of the galactic center because it is HUGE.

The thing that gets me is....the peak of this event, the climax, the big build up of the center of the alignment...already has 1998.

2012 is within this 'era' of the bulge...but it is not THE center of it.

Everyone wants to talk about DNA changes, vibrations, ect...(dont get me wrong, I love talking about that stuff)....but look around you....I for one have been seeing changes. I have had out of this world experiences. I actually think its all calming down now. We arent going to see a sudden rapture or ascension...we arent going to see a sudden world without a bunch of people just 'gone'. We are seeing a vibration change, we are seeing energy changing, not only here, but everywhere.

My OPINION is that there is a thing like a super wave that occurs with this galactic alignment...its the way the Universe is governed, its like a nature law within itself, nudging and molding changes all in due time, a order, a cycle, a natural ripple in the pond.

If there is truth to the Galactic Alignment affecting us as a species, and affecting the rest of the Universe...then this would of already had its big punch in the energy field and still might be making affects shortly after.

I just dont want a bunch of people disappointed in or after 2012. The change is within you..within our species as a whole unit, within our ideas of what we want to make of this sphere...within our visions of what the Universe holds for us and what we want to bring to it.

My best to all

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 08:35 AM
Some things that might interests others...

Looking further ahead, observations from space might be able to detect the faint gravitational waves left over from the formation of the Universe. These may eventually throw light on the inflationary period when the Universe is thought to have suddenly expanded just after the Big Bang. However, a flotilla of 'LISAs' would probably be needed to probe this otherwise inaccessible epoch, and astronomers are already developing concept studies along this line. In the meantime, there are plans to upgrade LIGO exploiting the GEO-invented technology. The Japanese and Australians are also considering further terrestrial detectors. In the next 10 years, we can therefore expect some exciting results, giving us a new view of our dynamic Universe.

This term 'gravity wave' is something of interests to me because a while back...all the newspapers in my area here in Alabama and Tennessee....said we had a 'gravity wave'. The mess was hundreds of thousands of dollars...just in my little town. We are still cleaning up from it actually...trees still no one has gotten to yet..but its almost done.

It was not just journalist using the was all the weatherment using it in the papers and on the news...for weeks.

My thread about it is below...

This article is interesting...not sure about how much credit we can give such...but the years mentioned here (every 13,000 - 26,000) are important in my mind.

1. Galactic core explosions actually occur about every 13,000 - 26,000 years for major outbursts and more frequently for lesser events.

2. The emitted cosmic rays escape from the core virtually unimpeded. As they travel radially outward through the Galaxy, they form a spherical shell that advances at a velocity approaching the speed of light.

"Astronomical discoveries subsequently confirmed aspects of Dr. LaViolette's hypothesis. In 1985, astronomers discovered that Cygnus X-3, an energetic celestial source of cosmic rays, which is about the same distance from Earth as the Galactic Center (25,000 light years), is showering Earth with particles, traveling at close to the speed of light, moving in essentially straight paths.(13) Later, scientists found the Earth is impacted, at sporadic intervals, with cosmic rays emitted from the X-ray pulsar Hercules X-1 (about 12,000 light years distant).(14, 15) The intervening interstellar medium has so little effect on these particles, that their pulsation period of 1.2357 seconds, is constant to within 300 microseconds.

I will say that this LaViolette's character has been on Project Camalot...some people like them, some dont. I do have my opinion of them..but will keep it out of picture.

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I would also like to add here...that I dont find it of surprise that the Georgia Guidestones were built in 1980....just in case kinda thing...the same year we started moving into this bulge for this alignment. I think this is why all the prophecies point to this time in our ages...for they feared what couple happen, knowing nature seems to react to alignments of energies across the Universe.

I could also be missing a point in that the particles put forth from such a alignment could take a while to reach Earth...and we wont see the true affect for hundreds of years.

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 12:42 PM
Well Im very surprised...all the talk from ATS about 2012 and this galactic alignment and no response to the fact that the center point of this alignment already happened.

Interesting...silence says alot.

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 12:50 PM
I personally have very little knowledge of the topic but I did find your thread very intriguing and would like to see some discourse on it as well.

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by idontKNOWanything

Thank you! Love the name btw...I dont know anything either really.

Mabey my last post on the silence speaking will bring in the discussion. I do hope..not because I want to prove something wrong...but hopefully get people to see mabey there is not much reason to fear 2012 due to a alignment.

Sure there could be economic failure and war world 3...but that could all start tomorrow.

Its not that I dont think something has happened...because I deeply believe in the cycles of nature and the Universe.

But I do think this alignment stuff happening in 1998 kinda knocks out the Maya end date fear. I would hate to see many people sad because 2012 comes and goes with nothing bigger then the norm.

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 04:22 PM
Good to see you LV. I would like to throw a couple of things out there about this. Now this is my take on it, so it`s nothing written in stone. First off, what many call moving through the galactic center. If we were to look at our galaxy from a side veiw, it would look fairly flat. But on a closer veiw, you would see a gap between the upper and bottom layers of stars. I call this the galactic plate, where there are little to no stars, but a collection of cosmic dust. What causes this gap, is the energy that is emitted from the black hole at the very center of our galaxy. I call it a binding energy or force that keeps the stars in their positions. As we travel around this spiral, we move in an up and down motion, somewhat as being on a merry-go-round. At given times during the up and down motion, we are subjected to moving through the galactic plate, and the energies that are within this plate. It is within this plate that pulses of energy from the black hole travel faster and in a straighter more defined line, and we are subjected to them at a greater rate, then at any other time. Now many have an opinion as to the length of time it takes to move from the top of the up and down movement, till we reach the bottom of it. Many say hundreds of years, to thousands of years. Now it`s the time of being within this plate that is the question. How long it takes to move through it. In my opinion, it takes roughly 20-30 years, maybe as high as 40-50 to make it through the plate itself, and the very center, or half way point of this plate, is what the mayans calendar date points to. Though we are affected by the energies at all times, no matter where in the galaxy we are, it is during the time we are going through the plate, that we are affected the greatest because of a direct bombardment of said energies.

I have to take a break for now, with company just knocking at my door, but I will try and add more to this a little later on.

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 07:53 PM
Its impossible for anyone to know when the alignment will occur, to get it exact you would need to know everything about the galaxy, all the stars locations. The galatic equator is a hypthetical line that is only an approximation, the scientists know as they find out more about the galaxy this equator will be moved slightly. In the case of the milky way the plane is arbitrary as the stars are not perfectly coplanar, so theres every chance the exact alignment may be 2012, however most likely not, is it a further possibility the red tape around hubble has meant someone has allowed certain observation over others to skew the plane calculation crossing date away from the dreaded date. Also, 10-20 years off would be a slight miscalculation in galatic time frames.

But having said that I agree we shouldnt look "out there" for answers we need to look within. Our future is in our hands.

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 08:02 PM
I believe the alignment process is misunderstood. The Sun will be the key to the alignment and that measurement can only be read from the core of the sun itself, not from our POV. Further, the alignment is not a "due date" but a process that exceeds standard definitions of science. The calendar given to the Maya is about consciousness shifts as they are tracked by certain astrological movements (there is a similar calendar in Egypt btw) but more by consciousness expansion. It is true that 1998 was the alignment most folks refer to and.... things haven't been the same since. Life has been in high speed expansion for folks who have paid attention, so to suggest that nothing happened, because it already happened, is to lack a complete understanding of the entire process - which is wildly beyond your understanding anyway. The Galaxy's consciousness evolution is far, far, far beyond the USA public school educational curricula. Key date:11:11:11.

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 05:55 AM
reply to post by crankyoldman

Hey how did you get that date? You see I was thinking the major consciousness quanta leap or nexus event would occur late october 2011, but very close to this is the numerology of 11.11.11 would be a date to look out for and its only a fortnight after. Im intersted if you used intuition or external research to come up with that date, or both?

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posted on May, 22 2010 @ 09:17 AM

2. The emitted cosmic rays escape from the core virtually unimpeded. As they travel radially outward through the Galaxy, they form a spherical shell that advances at a velocity approaching the speed of light.

the above description is unique to the Milky Way Galaxy,

there is recorded evidence that other galactic cores produce these high energies & gamma rays, but the energy is best described as 'Beams' that are emitted from the core's two-opposite, polar axis ( N & S poles)

there are more than a few images of this phenomena on this site, even a Avatar image of such an event.
While i have always supported the LaViolette theory/hypothesis of a 'wave'
That same 'wave' is completely contrary to observations all across the observable universe
which is, that the 'beams' shoot out , perpendicular from the Galaxy equator plane...
& observing any concentric rings of energy blasts is impossible to register.

even with a 26,000 year average of these outbursts, as whole suns are gulped up by the Galactic core BH, there is absolutely no way to decode these past 'cosmic tree-rings'

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 09:28 AM
LV, great post, as usual.

But if there are changes going on, then they are so subtle as to be scarcely noticable....if at all. I was thinking if a shift or change does in fact come, we would know it, understand it, and respond to it in a more positive way, with the evidence becoming inherent in the way we live.

I'm just not seeing it, except for a few individual testaments, but nothing in a global way.

Are you? If so, could you give some examples?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 09:32 AM
that totally makes sense. now i undestand why the dot com bubble happened!

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 10:29 AM
reply to post by FiatLux

Hi ya FiatLux! Hope all is well with you!

I appreciate your thoughts...but I must conclude...opinions can be the cause of all this 2012 stuff. Not saying that I dont think there is absolutely nothing to it...but I dont think its as big of a deal as what people are hoping...and I am worried so many will be disappointed.

Through all my strange experiences these last several years...through all my conversing with many spiritual people and guru's even...I have talked with some great people who really are big names with the whole 2012 thing...something that never felt right within my spirit was to worry about a date. I really got kinda of disturbed with the ones that did this...for they could be setting up disappointment for many humans and this is dangerous playing on others feelings and hopes like this. Even if its not purposely so...we should caution such ideas. That being said...through all of my own studies, I have shown this idea of the 1998 alignment to these people...and they have no good explanation....they really just ignore it.

Did you read on the links I posted?

The most perfect galactic alignment between the Earth, Sun and the center of the Milky Way happened back in 1998, but now we're slowly shifting away from that alignment.

It certainly is true that we are very close to an alignment with the core of the galaxy – but what exactly does that mean? Specifically, for a brief moment, the Earth, Sun and Galactic core will be positioned in a straight line. This happens every single year, though, on the December Solstice (December 21). The most perfect possible alignment happened back in 1998, so that each year the alignment becomes looser and less important.

Even if we view it from a 2d view..and see it as a flat plate...there still will be a center...and this exact center was lined up in 1998.

For me, this explains why my experiences have now started to taper off in the spiritual sense of things.

And this below shows you are right about it taking some time, to move through this center.

Precession is caused by the earth wobbling very slowly on its axis and shifts the position of the equinoxes and solstices one degree every 71.5 years. Because the sun is one-half of a degree wide, it will take the December solstice sun 36 years to precess through the Galactic equator (see diagram below).

Now what I wont say for sure...because it would be just how long particles of energy from a pulse would take to reach us. So Im not saying there could not be energy still reaching us...or changing things...Im just saying, that the whole Dec. 21, 2012 date...will not the the most perfect alignment for the Earth, Sun, and the center of the galaxy. Another thing I wont say for sure is weather or not...humans can create such a change...with just a prophecy. If enough people become convinced that there is a gate of spiritual awakening....they are going to be more open for seeking...and it is very possible this allows them to be open enough for spiritual happenings to occur. I cant say for sure that my experiences are due to the alignment and the energy at could very well be from the fact that this all allows my mind to stay open, seek within myself deeply, allowing me to tap into my core spiritual being and take a good look in the mirror....which can all be very so real experiences.

Where does all of this stuff originate? My OPINION is that it is with the human understanding, or desire to understand...the cosmos as a clock.

The whole great year taking 26,000 years....for the Earth and life upon it to reach a point of alignment with a North star due to our wobble every 26,000 important in my eyes for a cycle and order of evolution. I find it no happenstance that the center of the galactic sun seems to be about 26,000 light years away. I do NOT think we are reaching full circle of the 26,000 year cycle....BUT I DO THINK WE ARE AT THE HALF WAY POINT...and half way points are just as important.

If we use the Sphinx as a marker for when man began to count the clock over...we see the sign of Leo and the age of Leo...12,000 years ago or so. We are half way from this, half way around the clock.

Look at a heart beat or a breath.....there is a rythem. Breath in...and breath out. The moment inbetween just as important as the 'in take' and the 'out take'. When the heart beats....blood flows in....and blood flows out. But there is that moment...of inbetween the heart beats.

I find this half way point to be the point of choice, for humanity....where are we going to choose to go from here. Are we going to move some mountains...or are we going to kill our world and ourselves. Are we going to remain a harm to the rest of the Universe with our primal ways...or are we going to be peace bringers where ever our footprints set place.

So I do find this a very important time...and the sifting of our choices wont happen in a day. But is amazing reading on forums and seeing the massive amounts of people that feel the urgent need to be making inner choices. This shows me, besides my own experiences....something is or has happened. Im hoping that these ones that feel the need to be seeking and making choices....can now place the fear aside, know they are loved always be the eternal power, and be the light in the deepest core of them that awaits a chance to shine.

Would love some more feedback from you...!

My best

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 10:36 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

Its interesting how they come up with this stuff...not saying its perfect, for it is always changing...but figured I would post a couple general ideas of where the computing comes from.

Excuse my use of Wiki...just for easy access...

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) defined the galactic coordinate system in reference to the Equatorial coordinate system in 1958[2] The north galactic pole is defined to be at right ascension 12h 49m, declination +27.4° (B1950), and the zero of longitude is the great semicircle that originates from this point along the line in position angle 123° with respect to the equatorial pole. The galactic longitude increases in the same direction as right ascension. Galactic latitude is positive towards the north galactic pole, the poles themselves at ±90° and the galactic equator being zero.[3] The equivalent system referred to as J2000 has the north galactic pole at 12h 51m 26.282s +27° 07′ 42.01″ (J2000) (192.859508, 27.128336 in decimal degrees), the zero of longitude at the position angle of 122.932°.[4] The point in the sky at which the galactic latitude and longitude are both zero is 17h 45m 37.224s −28° 56′ 10.23″ (J2000) (266.405100, -28.936175 in decimal degrees). This is offset slightly from the radio source Sagittarius A*, which is the best physical marker of the true galactic center. Sagittarius A* is located at 17h 45m 40.04s −29° 00′ 28.1″ (J2000), or galactic longitude 359° 56′ 39.5″, galactic latitude −0° 2′ 46.3″.[5]

The galactic plane is the plane in which the majority of a disk-shaped galaxy's mass lies. The directions perpendicular to the galactic plane point to the galactic poles. Most often, in actual usage, the terms "galactic plane" and "galactic poles" are used to refer specifically to the plane and poles of the Milky Way, which is the galaxy in which the Earth is located. Some galaxies are irregular and do not have any well-defined disk. Even in the case of a spiral galaxy like the Milky Way, defining the galactic plane is slightly imprecise and arbitrary since the stars are not perfectly coplanar. In 1959 the IAU defined the position of the Milky Way's north galactic pole as exactly RA = 12h49m, Dec = 27°24′ in the then-used B1950 epoch; in the currently-used J2000 epoch, after precession is taken into account, its position is RA 12h51m26.282s, Dec 27°07′42.01″. This position is in Coma Berenices, near the bright star Arcturus; likewise, the south galactic pole lies in the constellation Sculptor. The "zero of longitude" of galactic coordinates was also defined in 1959 to be at position angle 123° from the north galactic pole. Thus the zero longitude point on the galactic equator was at 17h42m26.603s, −28°55′00.445″ (B1950) or 17h45m37.224s, −28°56′10.23″ (J2000), and its J2000 position angle is 122.932°. The galactic center is located at position angle 31.72° (B1950) or 31.40° (J2000) east of north.

Glad to see agreement about where we are to really be looking, within us all. But the science of the cosmos and our understanding of it all has came such a long way and I find it utterly amazing. Im a fan or cosmic order and cycles.

My best

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by crankyoldman

Thanks for adding your thoughts! Much appreciated.

I must make clear...I never said I didnt think that nothing has happened. The opposite really...Ive had many amazing things happen...and for me personally, I see a huge calming down from it all. Mabey its because I have made my choice? I dont know. But the last few years have been the craziest years of my life and Im a bit thankful its all calming down now

Only time will tell if the calmness in the experiences is here to stay or not.

Im not surprised many are coming up with the 11/11/11 dates. Seems natural to do this if you have had any syncs with the number 11 at all.

I have. But I think this is a process..not a certain date. A turning of a leaf lets say. A season of seasons. I think once people make their inner choice, they can allow the rest to just fall in place. My point is...we dont have to wait for a date to make our choices. Decide where you stand, decide if you can let go of the self and be for the other selves...decide if you still need to learn from the path of self and not concern with other selves. Are you for 1 or all? Neither path is wrong....but it is best to make a choice and not stand in the in between. By making a choice, you have to look in the looking at the cant ignore yourself any more in this illusion. What are you living for...are you learning from the life of Earth...or the life of Spirit? I think the time to make our choices is now.

My best

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by St Udio

Thanks for adding here St Udio. It is interesting though to have some findings in the cores of the poles to show that something does seem to occur having to do with particles of energy coming in cycles.

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 11:30 AM

Originally posted by ladyinwaiting
LV, great post, as usual.

But if there are changes going on, then they are so subtle as to be scarcely noticable....if at all. I was thinking if a shift or change does in fact come, we would know it, understand it, and respond to it in a more positive way, with the evidence becoming inherent in the way we live.

I'm just not seeing it, except for a few individual testaments, but nothing in a global way.

Are you? If so, could you give some examples?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

Hello LW! Hope all is well with you and yours!

I think its up to each individual to notice. I do see a huge amount of people on the net an in life around me....'seeking'. I do see a huge number of people asking questions about things of spirit...and religions seem to be a natural turn off to them. Its like they have this inner compass that is seeking a personal path...and not wanting to just 'follow' the norm spiritual paths.

I dont think a shift would be a 'for sure thing' globally. The majority of people live a life of self...and there for are not seeking a universal purpose. I think to be of notice, you really need to be of a nature to live for others and live for the world around you. Some people (yourself for instance) may not need the shifting...because you are already sure of your path and always have been content with your path. Some I believe are here with their choice already being made....I like to call them 'vibration holders'. They are so sure footed in their being...that nothing will sway them from the path of living for their other selves and living for their home planet. They are natural nature lovers and usually in a field of helping people around their.

The path I described not something that was natural for me...I was on a religious path most of my life, which I was raised in. It wasnt my inner choice of a path...but the one that was pre imprinted onto me. I was a bit selfish growing up...and many things in my life had to be looked at by my inner self...and this was not easy to admit all my selfish ways. But over a years time, a huge shift took place within me. Many experiences happened to me when I started to question myself and the world around me. Either you can list me amongst the lunatics...or you can say, something other worldly has been happening to me. I have had to look at all of the occurrences and ask myself many many times to observe and weigh and measure...the things that seemed to be happening. Not only did they happen to me, but it was a path of where everyone around me....saw something as well.

My mother is a great example...her 9 hours of OBE during a NDE brought us many phenominal experiences that came after her and I togehther, dedicated our spiritual selves together, to be of use to the Universe and a purpose for the Spirit. It was a week later after we did this...that she had her experience, and there I was, the witness by her bedside, writing down all of the things she told me she saw and experienced. Everything from seeing Jesus, Michael the angel, seeing a matrix of yellow dust, seeing lines of energy everywhere, she saw a beam of yellow light coming from my head, and some lights on others were a slight difference in color, she was taken below the sphinx, she experienced a reflection of what her personal beliefs were creating for her (such as the blood sacrifice of Jesus belief), she saw her own life through a divine eye, and was not judged by a outer being, but by her own higher self which was her prime self (hard to explain), she saw loved ones and saw that reincarnation can be if needed here on Earth if we still need to learn from this life here. Her experience actually changed her belief of faith which she held strong of for over 38 years. This happened in 2008 on June 20th, summer solstice...and it again, occurred right after we offered ourselves for the will and purpose for others and not ourselves and our own purpose.

Going back in time now... before I was open to thinking anything about stuff like this. My son, at the age of 5 (he is 13 now) had a experience of a light being come to him while he was outsdie playing. Now I dont expect everyone to just belive what I say...for only I can know and he can know, what occured and how eventful that day was for him. In short, this is what he told me....he said that a yellow man was outside playing with him running all around the yard. To this day, Ive never seen the same reaction of glee on this was the happiest I think he has ever he was jolted with joy. I kinda rolled my eyes at him...and was like 'oh really' and starting asking him questions. He was absolutly sure he saw this being and that it was very real. He talked about trying to touch it after they played....(let me just say, all of this had to of happened within 5 mins because I only left him in the yard long enough to go in and check on his sister)...he said when he tried to touch it...that a yellow ball of light came out of it...and went into him (he was explaining this in such excitement, he was very very extactic about it all)...he said when the light went into him...'I think it gave me a new life mom!'....I said...why do you think that? He said...'In my mind, it just told me this was 'life'. He had no idea of how to spell words or what the word life would look like...but something in him connected this to life. Every year I ask him if he remembers the being of light. He still remembers it to this day, but the details are fuzzy for him. He has a journal I bought him when he was about 9....and the only thing he ever wrote in it, all on his own accord...what 'I saw a being of light when I was 5 years old, it played with me and gave me life'. Another thing he said that day this happened was 'Mom, I think it was Jesus'. I said...why do you think it was Jesus?' He said 'Well what else could it of been'. At the time, we went to church twice a week, every week. I was very faithful to the belief that I was raised in at that time in my life and this was all the children knew of things of Spirit as well.

Can I say I know what any of this all means? No, I cant. But for me, knowing my family the way I do, my inner self is alerted at these things, and I then really started a inner seeking of this world and my life.

My obsession started to study the ancient history of man. I went through several cleansing stages of physical cleaning such as fasting...and went through spiritual cleansing of forgiving myself and the world and every past man for every thing we have ever had to learn through hard lessons of trial and error. My mind and heart went through alot of shifting...and I felt very guided my a higher self, which I note as the Holy Spirit within life itself. To step forward with this guidance, I had to let go of some of the things in my beliefs of religion because they were not of spiritual nature. It took a while for me to be able to open my mind to the Holy Spirit and say....I know nothing with any certainty, and I invite you to show me and guide me.

I feel I was guided through many religions and past of man....and was shown, where the Spirit was there, in them well as ways of man and our primal paths were there also. Oh the things I discovered I could never show them is so massive and deep and personal. I would not ever want anyone to just believe me either...because I believe the reason I was shown, was the importance of seeking a personal path. I believe, anyone can do this and can see...there is a Holy Spirit and there is much much much more then this life here that we will experience. I feel that on everyone's personal path....they will be shown that their choices and actions and thoughts do imprint their creation...their being...the idea of us being co creators is very is not without purpose...we create through our nature, through our inner vibration. We can create hells or heavens.

So on mind opened more, dreams seemed to go hand in hand with my discoveries. I knew...a choice had to be made. Do I live for myself, self salvation....or do I live for others, and the will for the ALL? This itself was deep and spiritual and other worldly, but it is also very hard to share and explain. Short to the point....I made a choice, to live for others and offer my will for the Universe and those around me.

After my mothers experience, I had somewhat of a weird time shift. I forgot my age for 2 months. I just cant explain how much I seemed to be in another world, but in this world very much at the same time, for about 3 years. So many synchronicities, so many things that made me look around and question was so in my face...I had no choice but to test the God, Spirit, Universe. For my own personal thoughts on this, I very much believe in that something has happened.

The year after my mothers experience, others in my home commented well over 10 times that they swore up and down they were seeing 'another me'. They would be bedazzled and confused when they would find the real me, not where they saw the other me. The described it sometimes as a shimmering 'me'. Can I say for sure what this But I can say that the idea of a light body merging with a dimensional self could explain my experiences and my sons experience. I just keep a open mind now. I have a very strange picture that I took last summer...across the water...and it seems to be similar to like a light body figure. Do I know for sure it is? No....but like I said...toooooo many things happen that FORCE me to say....I DO NOT KNOW...and I must keep a open mind. After I took that picture, there has been no more sightings of 'another me' in my home.

To really go into all the little things along with these bigger moments, would be like writings a book. For me, it shows me something has happened.

Sorry for such a long reply...

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 11:37 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

Edit to add...wasnt meaning to talk to myself here, I ran out of space on my last post to LW and was finishing some thoughts off to that post.

There is a reason there are some here who already are sure footed, there is a reason there are some here that have no desire to seek anything but what they see with their real eyes, there are reasons for many different religions, there are reasons for every thing going on today.

There is a reason that truth can only be through the eyes of the beholder...for we are not to just follow anyone. Individual experiences are important...but what is more important with when the individual understands the value to share them and the humility that must come hand in hand with being given such a moment.

My best always to you!

I would also like to say...what this all has lead me to....which is going back to school to make my career in a place that helps others. Im now going into social work and making my footprint here worth while finally. This is a part of my path and choice of not being about my self...but for others and the offering of that will. Just finished my first 2 years...and start my next 2 years in August. ALl in all...I have became a more stable person and very much more a giver and empathetic to those around me.

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 09:07 AM
I think whats important here is not just the december solstice sun passing through the centre of the galactic equator. Its the procession of the equinoxes as the procession completes between sagitarius and scorpio the galaxy cross is aligned. Whats interesting is at this time the arrow of sagitarius points directly at the centre of the galaxy. Also our major planets align with the sun all on this supposedly unimportant date. On a personal note i beleive by this time next year nibiru will be clearly visible to all and whose tail shall rain on us with debri, hope im wrong!

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 09:19 AM
Hi LeoVirgo~

From all i have gathered over the years..
I am right with you!
Well done!

Im really happy you posted this, like this.

I often think about starting threads on this or that ,
that I feel i have a firm grasp on, and i never do.

And often, here at ATS~ I find someone does the exact thing I was thinking should be shared with people~ and they do it very well!
(and often far better than i would have i think.) lol

another fine example here mate.
nice to be amongst you.

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