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Recurring dream, spinning? Opinions

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 06:56 AM
When I was young I used to have a recurring dream, I've never known what it was about or where it came from so I figured I'd come here to see if I could find any answers or opinions.

It'd start with me sitting in the pitch black dark, of what I felt like was a smallish room, I'd feel unable to move, either through a sense of fear or just paralysis. I'd be able to hear myself breathe, then I'd hear a kind of gutteral voice in my ear, not saying anything, just almost kind of like a growl I suppose. Then a bright light would come on, though it wasn't constant, it was kind of flickery, at the same time I'd be picked up swiftly and start being spun headover heels, sideways, every way you can imagine, really really fast, the whole time hearing the gutteral voice which sounded to be going as fast as I was spinning. I remember always imagining that I was being picked up by ET from the film "E.T", because I remember feelings those skinny wrinkly arms which instantly reminded me of ET. Then I'd jump up in my bed, sweating and obviously pretty scared, but I got used to it

From what I can remember, I used to have this dream atleast once a week for years, I'm not sure when it stopped though.

Anyone have any opinions on it or want to enlighten me to the meaning? If it makes any difference to the paranormal fans, though I can't remember it too well, my parents say I used to see the odd ghost, matching descriptions of the people who had died living in the house before us.

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 07:08 AM
here's another example of my view that dreams are mostly about your brain trying to communicate to your cognitive self..

in this case a report on the inner-ear, where your sense of balance originates....
in the brains symbolic or metaphorical 'language' it is telling you that some sort of sensor indicates there is a flaw in your balance or inner-ear system.

go to a ear doctor & get tests, before the problem gets any worse.
the more you ignore the warning in the form of a dream sequence, the hartder it will become to fix or attend to the condition or problem having something to do with your inner ear region.

keep us informed even if it takes a few weeks to getting around to seeing the doctor.

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 07:10 AM
Certainly is a pretty logical explanation if your theory is right, I'll get it checked out sometime.

Anyone else?

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 08:08 AM
have you considered that it may be a birth memory.
dark room = womb
voices that you don,t understand = not learned language yet
being pulled into light = birth
spinning and being held = cleaned and dressed.
i am no expert but it is something to consider .

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 08:58 AM
Never thought of that but it does kinda make sense. From the darkness into the light, being handled, the noise.

I dont quite think thats what it is as that just doesn't "feel right" and I dont really believe in birth memories.

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 09:30 AM
Welcome to the world of Astral consciousness.

Classic signs/symptoms of Astral projection, in fact, I had similar "dreams" when I was very young. I would be at the school playground and the bully would push me off of the jungle-gym. I would spin head over heels, super fast while hearing disembodied voices and sounds as everything faded to white.

Let's examine your case.

You mention sleep paralysis (not being able to move while asleep, but suddenly awake). Sleep paralysis is not uncommon and is very often mentioned in accounts of Astral projection. This can also be present to an extent that you will experience dual consciousness. Being "paralyzed" (but still seeing your surroundings) when suddenly you see yourself enter the room and you and your doppelganger both freak out. This usually ends the experience. I recommend reading Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce as he mentions a story that directly addresses this from one of his experiences.

The voices and sounds you are hearing are dubbed "Astral noise" by the Astral projection collective community. Very common, sometimes downright terrifying. Especially the growls. What you may well be hearing is your intestines and bowels grumbling and moving. Sometimes you will pick up the sound of air moving over your ears, but it will sound totally different. In fact, you are hearing it remotely, because your consciousness has shifted to your Astral (or sometimes Etheral) body. You're hearing these body sounds because you are still laying in the same place, or very near to your body. A way to check this out at this point is to will these sounds to silence. Just say (in your head) that you want it to be quiet. Usually works. Try to relax.

The next thing you mentioned that tipped me off was that it was dark and then slowly it started to get bright and flickery. It sounds crazy, but you can't see with your eyes closed...neither can your Astral body. So you should just try to open your eyes. Simple as that. The lights being flickery could be anything, could be nothing. The Astral plane can be really similar to the Physical plane (on the middle and lower levels), but can also be quite different. I once found myself out and about in my Astral body in my old apartment. I walked to the front door and I can tell you it WAS my apartment. To the "t". Then when I opened the door it was another world all together. They were building an amusement park in my parking lot. A huge one. It's really quite amazing.

So, whether you believe it or not, you should do some research on Astral Projection and see if you can relate to any other bits. I found it, without question, to be in line with Astral Projection.

Make sure to check out Robert Bruce's Astral Dynamics. (The AP bible).

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