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Possible Prediction for Near Future

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 01:41 AM
Well, this will be kind of weird but I'll do my best with this prediction...

Also a forewarning, no evidence to back up my claim just my words...sorry.

WITH that said and out of the way, here goes. Sometimes, I get incredibly odd feelings and I cannot regain control over my thoughts/feelings for a few minutes. In a bit more detail, and as an example, today I felt as though something very strange was going to happen or was happening. Strange as in: Something skyward, I kept feeding the urge to look up in the sky. Maybe for a UFO, maybe for a missile, or excessive amounts of aircraft. I don't know what it was but that seemed to be all I could concentrate on for a long time. Unfortunately it was while I was driving so I was probably creating a hazard to other drivers. I digress, though, so to continue...Usually when I get these feelings it stands out to me only later after something major has happened. Well, I felt these ones and didn't take notice until now. It IS before anything major happened (unless we weren't told) so I am taking this opportunity to share a prediction(s).

Basing the prediction off of my thoughts of something in the air, I will go ahead and say possibly a country will be bombed/nuked in the near future. Now I know that in the mid-east there are bombs dropping quite frequently, so this throws my attention to a nuclear event. Could it be nuking the gulf? Maybe Israel will nuke or be nuked? I don't know. Those thoughts could also be fueled by my recent reading of such articles.

Other predictions I had thought of (less related to the air part of it) -
-Another oil rig will collapse maybe somewhere on the west coast
-Possibly some sort of conflict in the states over the Arizona Immigration law

Just predictions, and again my apologies for no references.

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