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Why do you believe that aliens exist and that they are extraterrestrials?

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posted on May, 24 2010 @ 01:06 AM

Originally posted by l_e_cox
reply to post by The Shrike

Though your logic regarding what is required to make something qualify as "real" or "true" may be flawed, I find that when multiple and diverse sources of information all agree to certain basic facts, the chances that those facts are true are quite good:
1) Sacred writings from diverse cultures translated by multiple scholars all speak of visits to earth of beings with extraordinary powers who identify themselves as from some other planet or star.

No evidence.

2) Artifacts of ancient origin, per accepted archeological practice, that describe various astronomical events, scientific understandings, and similar knowledge supposedly only discovered in relatively modern times. It had to come from somewhere.

No evidence.

3) Persistent and widely varied personal accounts from people who have been willing to identify themselves and have their stories published that they have been in personal or mental contact with beings who identified themselves as from other planets or stars.

No evidence.

4) Persistent stories from government and ex-government persons that there have been ongoing programs in the U.S. and probably many other countries to deal with extraterrestrial contacts.

No evidence.

5) Discovery through modern techniques designed to recover ancient memories that extraterrestrial civilizations have existed and been active in this galaxy and elsewhere for millions of years.

No evidence and "Hah!"

Taken together, this is a phenomenon that we ignore at our peril. I accept, in broad terms, the facts of the situation as outlined by many different researchers in this field: That extraterrestrial civilizations have existed for long periods of time and have been involved with earth on and off for long periods of time. That they are currently involved with us to some extent. That we, as beings, have been involved with some of these same, or similar civilizations in our own pasts and that our own experience is part of a larger experience which includes a lot of things that happened in places and times far from now and far from earth.
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No evidence.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 02:46 AM
reply to post by The Shrike

Hi The Shrike,

Which brings us back to my question: "Why do you believe that aliens exist and that they are extraterrestrials?" What evidence do you base it on?

Personal experiences/near death experience. It doesn't make me anymore special or better for having such experiences than anyone else and there is no such thing as more special or better (technically) only from human perspective but not from the infinite/eternal perspective. We are all experiencing life on Earth for our own reason/purpose and the large majority experiencing were never intended to know about the existence of extraterrestrials and the many interactions/interventions that take place regularly.

The Family of Light/God/Deities/Gods/ET's/Aliens call them what you will are not going to hand out the answers to life's test. The disclosure/revelation of their existence and those interacting and visiting the planet even walking among humans is information/knowledge only to be obtained on a personal level. I had a choice to move on when I had a near death experience and chose to remain on Earth for my wife and children. Not everybody is ready to move on and the school/experience/test (call it what you will) is ongoing. My advice to anyone would be to question everything and that obviously includes everything I am writing along with everything else out there to be found. Use your own inner intuitive feelings, pray about it, ponder, meditate, follow your heart. Regardless of what you believe what's more important is how you live your life and it's the intent and actions in one's life that count. Make the remaining of your life a good and positive one as death is an inevitably for everyone and that is when the bubble will burst and everyone will see , know and remember for themselves.

To make it worse, the belief has been stretchead so that not only you believe that aliens exist but that they are from somewhere else in the galaxy.

There are billions of planets with life in the milky way galaxy alone but of course such information will never be fully revealed to the occupants on Earth as it's part of life's learning school/experience/test. There are planets in the solar system that have life on them in other densities/dimensions/channels/realms/layers/existences (call them what you will) that cannot be detected/perceived by the human eye. There is life on Earth in other channels/stations/dimensions/existences if humans could only tune into such stations/channels/existences and bend/wrap their minds around it.

they're up there!

They are not only up there but on Earth and much closer than most realize/think but when one refers to “They” who are they really referring to? There are many types of ET's out there that have been interacting with earth occupants. Who exactly are they? There are many “They” groups and the most common one's interacting on Earth have been labeled to be Angels and Demons throughout most religions but in reality are one and the same and Extraterrestrial in origin. The larger majority of ET's that have visited/interacted on Earth are multidimensional but (technically) they are different types of ET's existing on different levels.

tales of aliens, alien abductions, etc., all fall into the fantasy category for all that exists are tales devoid of evidence, regardless of the emotion imparted on them.

Mention that to the many religious institutions/belief systems out there that all believe in God/Gods/Deities and so on that are all of Extraterrestrial origin.
There are roughly 6.9 Billion people in the world.
Are religions nothing but fairy tales and fantasies?

(ET) Extraterrestrial.

Understanding the word extraterrestrial so it’s better understood, Extraterrestrial means something ‘Not of this world’ according to dictionary definition:

Originating, existing, occurring, outside the earth or it’s atmosphere, extraterrestrial life.

Existing, taking place, or coming from outside the limits of the earth.

Originating, located, or occurring outside Earth or its atmosphere: intelligent extraterrestrial life. An extraterrestrial being or life form.

‘All things’ ‘Not of this World.’
In other words ‘Infinite’ within ‘Infinite'
Space/Times/Dimensions/Planets/Galaxies/Realms/Channels/Stations and ‘Endless Others.’

So there are infinite ET’s out there “Alien to Earth” and Entities/Beings/Angels/Demons even the Creators/Designers/God/Gods (Whatever you choose to label/call them) are technically Extraterrestrial according to human definition and “Alien” to planet Earth. If one believes in a “Heaven” where do they believe that “Heaven” resides/exists?

Of course it must exist somewhere outside of Earth being "Alien" to Earth in another place/dimension/universe/existence/channel/station (call it what you will) and it’s “Extraterrestrial” to planet Earth.

Make the connection - Demons/Angels, Alien/Aliens, ET’s, GOD/GODS and so on that “ALL” fall under one and the same category as being Extraterrestrial or Alien in origin or “Not Of This World.” Such entities/beings have merely been misinterpreted, labeled, defined by man according to their current level of intelligence/understanding/perception/knowledge/consciousness.

Everyone-1 on planet Earth is technically alien in origin coming from off planet before they were inserted into a human vehicle/body/vessel.

Some are inserted into the fetus prior to birth, some at birth, some after.

(Technically) everything originates from "Not of this world" origin including the very Earth itself.

Most who believe in a Creator or God with a Heaven and so on believe in an extraterrestrial God/Creator- Alien in source with an extraterrestrial planet/realm/existence/heaven (call it what you will.)

I am (technically) ET coming from off world origin prior to this existence and so are you. ET and MAN or ET MAN go hand in hand together and are (technically) one and the same if you discount birth and death.

Based on the fact that humans are living on a planet that is less than a grain of sand in comparison to what humanity currently knows/understands about the Universe based on current human understanding of space, time and the material world in which it presently perceives to be occupying/living in according to modern day human knowledge based on humanities current level of understanding, perception, awareness or state of consciousness of the material world and universe in which it views the probability of extraterrestrial life not only existing but some being millions of years ahead of humanity technologically wise is great. Something to think about at least.
A View From Earth!

The Earth travels approximately 595 million miles around the sun every year at a speed of roughly 66,600 miles per hour or 18 miles per second.

It takes Light roughly 8 minutes to reach Earth from the Sun.

When one looks up at the Sun they are viewing events
that occurred 8 minutes into the past.

The Sun converts around 600 million tons of hydrogen into approximately 596 million Tons of helium Every Second. 4 million tons is converted into energy per second, roughly 240 Million Tons per Minute.

Some of the biggest Stars yet discovered by science are 3,000 Kelvin/cool supergiants 2,600 times the size of the Sun.

There are roughly 100+ Billion Stars in the Milky Way galaxy. There are roughly 100+ Billion Brown Dwarfs (Failed Stars) in the Milky Way galaxy.The Milky Way galaxy is around 100,000 light years wide, it would take you approximately 100,000 years to travel the Milky Way galaxy at the speed of light going 186,000 miles per second or 11 MILLION+ miles per minute at 669+ MILLION miles per hour.

Andromeda galaxy approximately 2,500,000 Light years away. The Light that recorded this image left Andromeda roughly 2.5 Million years ago. Andromeda galaxy is approximately 200,000 light years wide, twice the size of the Milky Way galaxy.

The Infinite Universe that never ends, can one-1 bend/wrap their mind around it.

Infinity Visualizations!

Best Wishes!

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 03:03 AM
ET_MAN is on a copy/paste rampage again I see...

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 03:13 AM

Originally posted by cripmeister
ET_MAN is on a copy/paste rampage again I see...

Hi Cripmeister,

The message remains the same and has always remained the same so repetitiveness and consistency can be expected.

I answered many of the OP's questions, did you take notes?

Best Wishes!

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 05:37 AM
OF COURSE there are extraterrestrials. Life has to be throughout the universe including intelligent life.

The question is, are there intelligent extraterrestrials with highly advanced technologies physically [or psychically?] visiting the locality of earth.

I am certain there are phenomenon going on.

I am certain the US government [others?] are & have been actively covering it up.

What exactly it is that people ARE seeing/hearing/experiencing i can't say.
But they are seeing something. ET? ED? Crypto-terrestrials? Do these things become virtually indistinguishable?

Mass Hallucination is a NON-scientific term designed for dismissive social conformity.

If there were any such phenomenon as 'mass hallucination' it would be an amazing phenomenon on its own.
But no one is researching it, because people instinctively know it is a BS term.
It would be telepathic, simultaneous communicated imagery/sounds.
It would be a highly strategically useful communication technique.

Mass Hallucination has NEVER been reproduced in a lab.
Never has there been any competent gathering of aggregate experience data to evidence or try to understand its parameters.

The only mass hallucination is to believe the term 'mass hallucination' has any valid meaning.

If you believe there is anything called 'mass hallucinations' there is something wrong with your brain.

The very definition of 'reality' is generally our shared observations/perceptions. But when multiple people see a UFO their shared experience/perception is rejected, which is intellectually dishonest/inconsistent/fraudulent.

I guess if things don't roll over & play completely dead, science will just ignore or deny it.

Certainly nothing willfully wanting to hide itself could be smarter than scientists.

We do that all the time, dismiss other people &/or their experiences.
It is very useful for wars, where we can dehumanize entire populations & cultures for completely BS reasons.

I guess what worries me is the relating of all the mind control technologies,
because if there is very advanced technology of that type, then [some] people [may] become completely unknown guileless pawns.
It could be that we are being lied to by people completely unaware that they are being used for lies.

I think the public needs to know about what are the techniques & known potentials of mind control/manipulation just for our own defensive safety.

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posted on May, 24 2010 @ 06:05 AM
Maybe we are being steered towards the notion that everything is banal? Dead? Unalive?

Political correctness is just the latest version of the notion that there is a single paradigm of [acceptable?] behavior & implied thinking.
That monotony & monoculture are the inevitable order of things.

Science presumes that its method is the only valid one & worse that its current conclusions are eternally lasting & certain.

Maybe method is the trap.

It could be what we are seeing is like raw life that doesn't require any fixed form whatsoever, but it plays with us/our-minds.
It does seem to have a mind(s). It may be we need a much more revolutionary re-think on how, what or even if we conceptualize things.

It is the notion that 'monothought' is the only & inevitable thinking & since it is deterministic, we don't even need to think at all. We can just relax & let our minds die.

Maybe the mind functions as a hope of that which now isn't or at least doesn't seem to be.

Keep your mind alive. Have real faith in your fantasies.
Don't be[come] a slave to your own or other people's expectations.

Don't give in to the tyranny of 'reality'.

Be a REAL rebel.

While i do say it somewhat tenuously, cautiously & prospectively that could actually be precisely correct.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 10:12 AM
reply to post by The Shrike

Show me evidence of an alien and do not quote someone else's claims. If you can't show me evidence, then by all rights you should also question claims.

Without quoting someone else's claim ...

Dna evidence. Though it is likely that you won't look deeply enough into this to realize the truth and implications, it is still offered.

There are also data offered by others of a similar nature.

Etharzi od Oma.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 11:37 AM

Originally posted by The Shrike

Originally posted by redrezo
I'd like to add there's no inherent stigma or whatever as far as UFO believers. Whatever you call yourself, there's really nothing wrong with having an open mind, it doesn't mean believing in all the weird stuff out there but not dismissing them out of hand due to subjective/confirmation bias.

By giving up questioning, a believer does not have an open mind. A believer is someone who is mentally conditioned to accept without evidence. As I said, religion is the best example of that mental state. Show me evidence of an alien and do not quote someone else's claims. If you can't show me evidence, then by all rights you should also question claims.

There is circumstantial evidence, there are tons of it actually. Memo's by wilbur smith, even testimony from high ranking government officials with high credibility such as Richard Sarbocher are one's that stand out, but none of that means anything.

If you ask me Skeptics are the true believers. Skeptics do not question their underlying assumptions and believe strongly that ET phenomena cannot possibly exist based wholly on subjective bias. How is that different from what you are accusing UFO Believers of?

Even a report issued by the RAND corporation a thinktank that gets commissioned by the government issued an 'internal' analysis of ufo phenomenon somewhere in the 60's. Had this quote from Gustav Naan in their report.

"Common sense is the quintessence of the experiences and prejudices of its time. It is a most unreliable advisor when one is confronted with a perfectly new situation. " Gustav Naan

And that is all i'm going to say, i'm not going waste my time doing research on your behalf.

If you don't believe there is evidence, list all the evidence that is pointed out about the subject along with a rebuttle of whatever, and post it elsewhere on the forum instead of asking us to do your homework. Asking us to do all the work for you is being rude.

Until you actually put forth the effort don't expect any of us to take you seriously.

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posted on May, 24 2010 @ 11:51 AM
Disregard the 1st paragraph, made a typo there because the Editing function for some reason strange reason is completely broke.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 11:57 AM

Originally posted by The Shrike

So that there is no perceived confursion coming from me, let me state that I've had 6 serious, high-quality daylight and nighttime sightings, and I also videotaped a daylight "orb" with a passenger jet for reference. To me, the reality of UFOs is solid.

Please don't lie.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Awesome post.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by The Shrike

The universe is vast and it is old. There are many civilizations that would have evolved technologies millions (even billions) of years ahead of us, making us look like insects to them. Space travel, faster than light, wormhole technologies would be as simple to them as commercial jet traveling is to us.

With the findings of so many extrasolar planets out there, we now know how common planets orbiting stars are now. Even stars thought to not be able to have planets have been found to have planets orbiting them.

There is much evidence to support the visitation, but no smoking gun. We have three possible sites of an actual extraterrestrial crash, but any thing found is kept by the government and hushed up for reverse engineering.

There are many very well documented cases of outstanding sightings by outstanding citizens, who had no purpose to lie or expand the truth.

Then again we are a very violent species that wages war constantly at one another and practices genocide all too often. Is it any wonder that an advanced race would not want to invite us to the neighborhood just yet?

So, yes, I do believe we are not alone, and they have visited us and still are.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by The Shrike

I dont BELIEVE Aliens and extra terra exists. Its a fact that they do. A persons belief cant change facts,thats impossible. A very unintelligent post to be honest.

It could have been, "Do you believe in CARS ? or are they just an object taken from a fairy tale?".

Both cars and aliens has nothing to do with belief,they simply exist even if we want it or not.

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 11:02 PM

Originally posted by ET_MAN

Originally posted by cripmeister
ET_MAN is on a copy/paste rampage again I see...

Hi Cripmeister,

The message remains the same and has always remained the same so repetitiveness and consistency can be expected.

I answered many of the OP's questions, did you take notes?

Best Wishes!

Don't be so proud of yourself, you didn't answer any questions, you are at a loss. You just raved on abusing forum privileges, bandwidth.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 01:43 AM

I stumbled on this thread a day or so ago and have wanted to add my response. I haven't had the time to do so really until now, so here it is. I present all of you with the Youtube video above as an opening salvo and as the basis for my entire argument.

Let's be realistic for a moment. Given the size of the Universe, and how many galaxies inhabit it, it would be idiotic to conclude that we are the only sentient life. To believe that our little planet is the only one capable of supporting intelligent life is, to me, a sign of ignorance.

So many people have claimed abductions, UFO sightings, and encounters with an alien species. Look how far and how quickly our technology progressed after Roswell. Stealth technology. We hit a period of advancement at a pace which defies logic.

So much information has been uncovered within the last 100 years. Do you recall the Majestic 12 files?

In the end, none of us have any *hard* proof that extraterrestrial life exists. But we're still so young as a species and have a lot to learn. Common sense though dictates though that, given the sheer size of the Universe, there are other intelligent lifeforms in existence. They're out there. And I think we've already met a few of them.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 01:55 AM
Personally I think that its ignorant to think that there couldn't be life out there in the vastness of the ever expanding space.
Also we may not the the most intelligent species out there and I think it makes people feel a little insecure.
So basically its not a matter of if but when we finally have proof of their existance.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 01:57 AM

Originally posted by The Shrike
Why do you believe that aliens exist and that they are extraterrestrials?

Psychic contact - I've received info & predictions that have turned out to be true. No proof other than that & not really trying to convince anyone, but I do know other people who have had similar experiences.

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 06:31 AM
I believe there is most likely life elsewhere in the universe, but I don't think they have visited Earth.

I'll keep this brief...but here is why. A few years ago I decided to believe everything is possible and not dismiss "fantastic" ideas or theories until or unless they are proven impossible. So...if you tell me you saw a unicorn, I will not dismiss your "sighting" as false. I will believe you saw something you believe was a unicorn. In is possible.

That thought process lead me to then contemplate a "solution to everything". Instead of looking at Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, etc. as separate "things"...I began looking at them as a group of "things" all related to a single possibility. In other words...I began trying to figure out what would allow all these things to be real or true.

This (so far) has lead to my deciding that the only thing that would encompass all these strange things, the Bible, etc. is other dimensions and/or parallel worlds that, at times, intersect with our world. Imagine for a moment that there could be many universes sharing the same space...but in different dimensions...and therefore, maybe multiple planets sharing the same space as ours...but in different dimensions. If these different dimensions can, at times, merge at some level, you may be able to experience or see what resides on the other world. Maybe strange creatures, maybe intelligent life with cool vehicles, and maybe...other races of creatures that know of, and maybe know how to travel between their world and ours at such times.

Beyond Bigfoot and other such creatures...beyond simple "aliens" and UFOs, this could also answer many biblical stories and...could account for 2012 and/or "Planet X". Since we haven't discovered a "Planet X", maybe that is because it exists in another dimension and at some point, will merge into our dimension. Especially if that merge is more complete at some point of time, like 2012, that would fulfill the theory.

Just another example...during Armageddon it is said that the "believers" of this world will be taken to another place and be saved. Following the dimensional idea, this could be when one planet from another dimension merges with ours...a person offers to take "believers" with them to the other planet...because they know of the end of our Earth. Then the ones who refuse to believe in this "Christ" will be left to burn.

If such merges happened long ago...ancient aliens or the creation of man. If this other dimension is where you go after you die...ghosts. If weird creatures exist there...Bigfoot, aliens, etc. If something from here can go there...the Bermuda triangle. get the idea. A "solution to everything".

I'm not saying this IS the answer, but it is the only single answer that I currently know of that appears to answer every question.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by Myuzik

Hi MYUZIK, you sound very interesting, i would like to talk to you more in depth! Please tell me about your abductions.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 07:03 PM
reply to post by The Shrike

The reason I believe that life exists on other planets is mathematical for the most part, but rather because of the huge huge huge amount of space in our galaxy alone.

I believe that it is improbable for extra-galactic life to be visiting us, but extra-solar life from stars that neighbour our own sun are likely because of the relatively shorter distance.

The matter and elements of Earth exists throughout space, and thus the elements required for life may be abundant in the universe. For one example, extra-terrestrial water may be good evidence to support the existence of alien aquatic life such as algae, bacteria, fungi, simple fish or trilobites, and plants. Whether that life is intelligent and can communicate and can understand mathematical expressions. is another debate.

I believe that Neptune may harbour life under it's frozen crust, if Neptune's core is molten as Earth's is. As far as extraterrestrial life Zeta Reticuli may be home to an ancient civilisation if an Earth-like planet exists or used to exist millions of years ago. I remember a Russia Today broadcast about the discovery of water around that star.

As far as I know these mother-ships were built at the peak of an alien empire to escape a major disaster such as a supernova or their sun losing fuel and extinguishing. The beings that visit here could be ancient species that were successful in evolution and attained eternal life.

Other reasons I believe in extraterrestrial life is because I find that aliens may be the missing link that the theory of evolution fails to explain. Earth is not natural in any way, and if these beings hadn't traded technology already, there are military personnel who are trying to replicate this technology. This is why I feel we have a space mission, religions about intelligent or divine intervention, and ancient anomalies such as laser-cut megaliths and the pyramids.

I do not believe that humans are the result of Earthly evolution, but rather of some kind of artificial evolution or possibly the evolutionary chain of another ancient planet. Human genetics have some DNA strains which do not appear on Earth.

There was a time that people thought that the universe rotated Earth, and we know that's bunk. Galileo among others were prosecuted for disproving this, so if only just a few hundred years ago they were trying to hide the nature of our orbit, why not hide the existence of the extraterrestrials who regularly visit and live here?

I feel that there is insufficient proof that we are alone in the universe, and those who know about extraterrestrial life keep it a secret. There are people like Phil Scheider though who I believe, but I don't base my opinion on what anyone has to say, only what I can prove myself.

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