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The Impact of Future Hurricanes in the Gulf

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posted on May, 20 2010 @ 07:51 AM
So I was thinking about hurricanes and I couldn't help but wonder if this horrendous oil spill will have any effects on hurricanes in the region. I know that one of the key factors in the development of hurricanes is warm water temperature, around 80 degrees. I'm assuming that all this oil is going to have an effect on ocean's temperature in the gulf.

I also read on a few different websites the concerns of some environmentalists who believe that hurricanes in the region right now would toss and spew oil all over nearby land.

Anyone who thinks that this is not going to get MUCH worse is just naive. I mean, imagine the mess and cleanup costs if a hurricane hits the panhandle and causes oil to rain down all over the land.

Lets hope for a light hurricane season this year everyone, although I highly doubt it will be anything but light.

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