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24 Experts Warn Of Meltdown 2010 : Martial Law : Economic Collapse

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posted on May, 20 2010 @ 04:39 AM

24 Experts Warn Of Meltdown 2010 : Martial Law : Economic Collapse

[color=gold]& LINK!
[color=gold]& LINK!!! Site also has some VERY interesting widgets. Worth a look.

It's my understanding that, unless you are tangled up in the stock market webs and have some vested interest there, watching the DOW (and assc. markets) is an absolute waste of time.
I know some on ATS are glued to the markets and actively trading...

Bet wisely & I hope that you win... Here's why...

The controlling interests will not let the DOW fall below 10,000 (except in extreme case; as on 05.06.10 plunge of 1000+ points.) That should be a huge RED flag that they are in control.

[color=gold]Gold & [color=grey]Silver, in my opinion, is worth watching closely (...and obtaining
.) I know many people could care less about my opinion, that's fine with me.

Anyhow, Here's a very "easy to skim" copy of an email that I've received AND apparently is found at ALL of the above links.

I've added pictures and relevant links that expand somewhat on the original quote or add informational sources backing and/or expanding their claims... Else, the quote is just verbatim, as sent to me.

Bob Chapman (ALSO: Germany Is Headed Towards Rioting)
First 6 months of 2010, Americans will continue to live in the 'unreality'…the period between July and October is when the financial fireworks will begin.
· The FED will act unilaterally for its own survival irrespective of any political implications …(source is from insider at FED meetings).
· In the last quarter of the year we could even see Martial Law, which is more likely for the first 6 months of 2011.
· The FDIC will collapse in September 2010.
· Commercial real estate is set to implode in 2010.
· Wall Street believes there is a 100% chance of crash in bond market, especially municipals sometime during 2010.
· The dollar will be devalued by the end of 2010.

I *think* that I've seen him interviewed by Alex Jones. Seems very sharp especially about the 1000 Point market loss (and 15 mins to recovery) on 05.06.10(?).

Gerald Celente Trends
Terrorist attacks and the "Crash of 2010". 40% devaluation at first = the greatest depression, worse than the Great Depression.

Mr Doom & Gloom... WTG. When it's rainbows & skittles he can feel free to predict that too; (if we ever come close to producing a trend with that probability.) Of course, a nickname like Mr Rainbows & Skittles doesn't have that ominous ring to it.

Igor Panarin
In the summer of 1998, based on classified data about the state of the U.S. economy and society supplied to him by fellow FAPSI analysts, Panarin forecast the probable disintegration of the USA into six parts in 2010 (June/July 2010, as he specified on December 10th 2000.)

Never heard of Igor, but his credentials seem adequate.

Neithercorps On Youtube? This maybe them IDC.
Have projected that the third and final stage of the economic collapse will begin sometime in 2010. Barring some kind of financial miracle, or the complete dissolution of the Federal Reserve, a snowballing implosion should become visible by the end of this year. The behavior of the Fed, along with that of the IMF seems to suggest that they are preparing for a focused collapse, peaking within weeks or months instead of years, and the most certain fall of the dollar.

Never heard of Neithercorps

July and onward things get very strange. Revolution. Dollar dead by November 2010.

I don't consider webbots accurate at all; I could kill a webbot with my pinky! They are wussy girly things! ... Just my opinion.

LEAP 20/20 LEAP20/20
2010 Outlook from a group of 25 European Economists with a 90% accuracy rating:
We anticipate a sudden intensification of the crisis in the second half of 2010, caused by a double effect of a catching up of events which were temporarily « frozen » in the second half of 2009 and the impossibility of maintaining the palliative remedies of past years. There is a perfect (economic) storm coming

Never heard of them... IDC.

Joseph Meyer
Forecasts on the economy. He sees the real estate market continuing to decline, and advised people to invest in precious metals and commodities, as well as keeping cash at home in a safe place in case of bank closures. The stock market, after peaking in March or April (around 10,850), will fall all the way down to somewhere between 2450 and 4125 during the next leg down.

Never heard of him ... His prediction is obviously wrong since we're ½ way through May already.
Can't go wrong with [color=gold]Gold & [color=grey]Silver.

Harry Dent (Investor)
A very likely second crash by late 2010. The coming depression (starts around the summer of 2010).
[color=gold]... the Dow to the 10,700-11,500 range [color=gold]... market decline [color=gold]... Dow later this year to 3,000-5,000.

Richard Russell (Market Expert)
On 02.03.10 said that the bear market rally is in the process of breaking up and panic is on the way.
He now sees the DOW falling to 7,286 and if that level does not hold, “I see it sinking to its 1980-82 area low of DOW 1,000.” The current action is the worst he has ever seen.

(Bob Chapman (noted above) says for Russell to make such a startling statement is unusual because he never cries wolf and is almost never wrong.)

Niño Becerra (Professor of Economics) Random Link
Predicted in July 2007 that what was going to happen was that by mid 2010 there is going to be a crisis only comparable to the one in 1929.
In May of 2010, the crisis starts with all its force and continues and strengthens throughout 2011. He accurately predicted the current recession and market crash to the month.

He seems to have put out many YouTube Videos and seems very popular in the Spanish speaking crowd.

Lyndon LaRouche
The crisis is accelerating and will become worse week by week until the whole system grinds into a collapse, likely sometime this year (2010). And when it does, it will be the greatest collapse since the fall of the Roman Empire.

As always ... Winning friends & influencing people.


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posted on May, 20 2010 @ 04:42 AM
... Continued

"You are witnessing a fundamental breakdown of the American dream, a systemic breakdown of our democracy and our capitalism, a breakdown driven by the blind insatiable greed of Wall Street: Dysfunctional government, insane markets, economy on the brink. Multiply that many times over and see a world in total disarray. Ignore it now, tomorrow will be too late."

Clever quote at the end of the statement.

Eric deCarbonnel His Website; Very Interesting
There is no precedence for the panic and chaos that will occur in 2010. The global food supply/demand picture has NEVER been so out of balance. The 2010 food crisis will rearrange economic, financial, and political order of the world, and those who aren’t prepared will suffer terrible losses [color=gold] ...
The US debt markets will freeze again, this time permanently. There will be no buyers except at the most drastic of firesale prices,
[color=gold] ...
The dollar's collapse will rob US consumers of all purchasing power,
[color=gold] ...

AHA! He's predicting the dollar will completely collapse before 2011. I almost wrote him off... However, he has an interesting website.

Alpha-Omega Report (Trends Forecast)
Going into 2010, the trends seemed to lead nowhere or towards oblivion.
Oil prices will skyrocket into the stratosphere and become so expensive that world’s economies will collapse (based on Iranian actions.)
2010 could be a meltdown year for the world’s economy, regardless of what goes on in the Middle East.

They have a wishy washy stance. Maybe true maybe not... Only God knows. So, why bother, homey.

Robin Landry (Market Expert)
I believe we are headed to new market highs between 10780-11241 over the next few months. The most likely time frame for the top is the April-May area. Remember the evidence IMHO still says we are in a bear market rally with a major decline to follow once this rally ends.

John P. Hussman, Ph.D.
In my estimation, there is still close to an 80% probability (Bayes' Rule) that a second market plunge and economic downturn will unfold during 2010.
Robert Prechter
Founder of Elliott Wave International, implores retail investors stay away from the markets… for now.
[color=gold] ...
“predicting another crash in 2010 that will bring stocks below the 2009 low. His word to the wise, “be patient, don’t rush it” keep your money in cash and cash equivalents.
Richard Mogey
Current Research Director at the Foundation for the Study of Cycles:
[color=gold] ... but will crash in 2010 and reach all-time lows late 2012. Mogey says that the 2008 crash was nothing compared to the coming crash. Gold may correct in 2009, but will go up in 2010 and peak in 2011. Silver will follow gold.
James Howard Kunstler (01.2010)
[color=gold] ... stimulus and bailouts will just compound the central problem with debt.[color=gold] ... Six Months to Live: The economy that is. [color=gold] ... the buzz I’ve gotten the first two weeks of 2010.

Don't know them; ain't going looking.

Peter Schiff 03.13.10
"In my opinion, the market is now perfectly positioned for a massive dollar sell-off.[color=gold] ... My gut is that the dollar sell-off will be sharp and swift."[color=gold] ... Schiff is famous for his accurate predictions of the economic events of 2008. (AND is running for soon to be Former Senator Dodds' Senate seat in CT.)

Reminds me of a Star Trek episode (or movie) when Kirk exclaims that he trusts a guess from Spock more than having final navigational calculations from a computer!

Lindsey Williams
Dollar devalued 30-50% by end of year. It will become very difficult for the average American to afford to buy even food. This was revealed to him through an Illuminati insider.

Is he milking a 40 year old 'brush with eliteness'? Or is he the real deal.

Unnamed Economist At US Gov't (GLP)
What we have experienced the last two years is nothing to what we are going to experience this year.
If you have a job now…you may not have it in three to six months 08.31.10.
Stock market will fall = Great Depression.
Foreign investors stop financing debt = Collapse.
6.2 million are about to lose their unemployment.


Jimmy "Doomsday" (AKA Mr. TellUsExactlyWhatYouReallyThink)
· DOW will fall below 7,000 before mid summer 2010
· Dollar will rise above 95 on the dollar index before mid summer 2010
· Gold will bottom out below $800 before mid summer 2010
· Silver will bottom out below $10 before mid summer 2010
· California debt implosion will start its major downturn by mid summer and hit crisis mode before Q4 2010
· Dollar index will plunge below 65 between Q3 & Q4 2010
· Commercial real estate will hit crisis mode in Q4 2010
· Over 35 States will be bailed out by end of Q4 2010 by the US Tax Payer
· End of Q4 2010 gold will hit $1,600 & silver jump to $35 an oz.

AKA Mr. Jimmy "TellUsExactlyWhatYouReallyThink"

George Ure
Markets up until mid-to-late-summer. Then "all hell breaks lose" from then on through the rest of the year.

And if someone has already posted this elsewhere on ATS... This isn't really a duplicate since I've trimmed the quotes as much as could for easy < 5 minute skim. Adding links and comments to uniquely qualify what is appearing to be a widely quoted piece of source text. "24 Experts Agree..."

Hot Potato

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posted on May, 20 2010 @ 04:48 AM
Whenever I read threads like this I wanna run out and buy cases of water...

Well made thread!

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 04:54 AM

Why would they collapse the system? What is the point?

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posted on May, 20 2010 @ 04:57 AM

Originally posted by Kaytagg

Why would they collapse the system? What is the point?

Georgia Guide Stones immediately come to mind.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 04:57 AM
reply to post by DrMattMaddix


posted on May, 20 2010 @ 05:05 AM
reply to post by DrMattMaddix

That's wrong. Jim Rogers photo is in quote of Richard Russell (Market Expert).

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 05:26 AM
reply to post by wisdomnotemotion

Fixed... And thank you!

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 05:30 AM
reply to post by Kaytagg

Georgia Guidestones

Ultra Mini Primer :
The primary, and most alarming, inscription on the stones ...
"1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature."

There's a lot more to the stones.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 05:32 AM
Thanks for your work on this. It is clear from all the other things combined that the next 2 months are going to be a VERY LARGE SLAP, for the ignorant who continue to have their heads in the sand.

For those who have prepared, double your inventory.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 06:17 AM
some say they want it to crash to help the planet (environmental stuff)

some say it is a religious/satanic pursuit

that it's just the hyperbolization of the need for power manifested in age where global = local

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 06:21 AM
Awesome thread.

Anyone who questions this needs to spend a little more time researching things.
For all these people to predict similar events means something is on the horizon.
I still laugh at those that don't think something is a brewin'.
There is entirely too much distraction going on this day and age for normal citizens to pay attention.
I will not be swayed by naysayers... I will stay vigilant.

Definitely say its time to replenish goods and other necessities.

Great thread!


posted on May, 20 2010 @ 06:49 AM
reply to post by Kaytagg

Not sure if about the nefarious plot though I'll entertain all possibilities, but one reason to collapse the system is to clear all the unsustainable debt from the system. The big reset if you will. Then you can start all over again... wash rinse repeat.

Also US goal could be to be the last man standing, so the situation is bad, but the US would still be on "top" so to speak.

No evidence to back it up as they are just opinions.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 07:07 AM
I wonder if a lot of these guys are listening to each other...

Jimmy Doomsday really fell flat with his Aug 09 collapse prediction.
Maybe quietly sitting in his cave gave him some insight, though.

His latest posting is a lot more plausible if exaggerated(dollar index
25 in 2011?). His trend on Gold and Silver are very plausible if perhaps
extreme(gold $800 then to $1600 year end) The present flight to the $
is a repeat of 08. We will see a rocky summer no matter who's right.

I wonder if it is possible to find 25 intelligent people who would paint a
rosy picture?

You definitely get a star. There is a full blown crisis in Europe and ATSer's
are mostly playing with themselves...

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posted on May, 20 2010 @ 07:19 AM
Reading through all of those mini reports and watching the Bob Chapman video, I come to a slightly different conclusion on things.

What is becoming crystal clear is the extent to which the "bankster" moniker has been well deserved. The need to end that tyranny is at hand.

It ain't going to be easy or pleasant, but it will be necessary. The collapse of the economic system will be a good thing. We should not bemoan the destruction of that evil system.

Some of the reports spoke of a rebirth in "American" ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit to come up with a new and legitimate way of not only "surviving" but improving the way we live our lives.

We hate the current system; yet we fear its demise. We shouldn't. It has to to be torn apart. The banksters need to go down so the rest of us can begin to have a life.

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posted on May, 20 2010 @ 07:19 AM

Originally posted by guessing
Thanks for your work on this. It is clear from all the other things combined that the next 2 months are going to be a VERY LARGE SLAP, for the ignorant who continue to have their heads in the sand.

For those who have prepared, double your inventory.

And when it doesn't, lets try to remember this thread for those that get caught up in this type of anxiety addiction and are tempted to get drawn into the next slew of similar rantings from the world's modern oracles.

I mean really, isn't this just an add to buy precious metals (which themselves could actually lose 25% value near term IMO)??


posted on May, 20 2010 @ 07:19 AM

Originally posted by Kaytagg

Why would they collapse the system? What is the point?

My guess is they want to crash the entire world economy so they can rebuild it the way they want to. (TPTB) Will this work? It will either bring a one world economy, or do the opposite and fraction off countries even further. Kind of like what the Russian Economist predicts.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 07:50 AM
I think all the predictions are correct if the system was not being manipulated on all levels. Many have come true but in pieces here and there. A global economy is a dynamic one. For any one person to have a real grasp on the situation is impossible.

If the US, China, and the IMF did not step in over the last several years all of it would have been true!

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posted on May, 20 2010 @ 08:13 AM
You don't need to be an "Expert" or hold any special credentials to see that it is coming apart at the seams and that we are rapidly approaching the end of the line. The only REAL question is whether or not this is by design or has it spun completely out of "their" control?

My opinion, and I am by NO means a financial expert, is that the whole thing started out by design. There was clearly a desire for them to begin to merge markets and banks to solidify and centralize control as evidenced by the repeated calls from the UN to develop global banking regulations which, by default, would require a global governing body to oversee it. This would be the foundation for a global government. This would put the IMF as the sole monetary broker over all of the central banks. Whoever controls the money controls the world - at least that is how they see it.

Enter unforeseen market reactions from the previously zombified masses as they begin to awaken and realize what has been happening to them and begin reacting en masse. This is the unintended consequence of moving too quickly and too publicly - people become aware! I believe that this is now largely out of their control and we are witnessing the beginning of the end of centralized banking, fractional reserve banking and fiat currency. And predictably, those with the most to lose, the banksters, are pulling out all the stops to keep their system on life support. Additionally, as government has become beholden to the wrong masters, they are aiding these failing institutions in their own bid to retain power. However, this is going to end badly for all of them.

As a heroin addict experiences withdrawal from the needle, so too will people on social programs as the government teet dries up. The only TRUE capital in the world is human labor and the intrinsic value that said labor provides in benefitting the individual and society. Only the laborer can own that capital! The bankers seek to own and control that capital and use trickery in the form of "money" to achieve it. The people, however, possessing an innate desire for freedom will ultimately decide to shun their baubles and thus their chains.

Bring the whole system down so that we may begin anew under true common law principles!

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 08:26 AM
reply to post by kozmo

Bring the whole system down so that we may begin anew under true common law principles!

Agree 100%. I can see a huge mess during that "heroin withdrawl" phase. The banksters and IMF; etc are going to ante up the rhetoric full blast to try and continue to prop up the current system.

It will be confusing and stressful for ordinary folks loosing what they thought was their security via the old system. I think its a good thing tho; I don't see how we can get around it or just adjust things a little. Its going to take a whole meltdown -- like the proverbial "hitting rock bottom" before being able to rebuild something worthwhile.

I am 100% sure tho that there are many out there who will be able to capitalize on the new reality quickly, and rebuild America and the rest of the world they will.

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